Winter Solstice Pine Essence


This handmade vibrational essence was lovingly made by Olivia specifically for those who want to use their talents to help others and need some help with the motivation and courage to make their dreams a reality.

This essence was made by infusing the energy of pine needles, the divine masculine and feminine energies and the sun on the day of the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year and the beginning of the gradual increase in daylight. 

According to the Mayan calendar, the day it was made (12-22-12) also marked the end of the “Long Cycle,” which spanned 26,000 years and the beginning of the “New Era” which supercharges our planet and our lives with the ability to manifest our dreams. This day opened a door for us to recognize our true power and individual gifts, use them creatively to better our community and planet and create a more holistic approach to living, moving away from our previous ego-based approach.

This essence contains the vibrations of this first day of our new era and asks you, what do you want to birth in the world? What gifts do you want to bring to the collective table and offer creatively to the planet?

Instructions come with each Reiki With Olivia Vibrational Essence. Most people notice a difference within 7 days. Taking multiple small doses over a longer period of time (like a month) is recommended.

Please feel free to email Olivia with any questions you may have.

Here are some of the effects people have noticed when using the Winter Solstice Pine Essence regularly:

  • Understanding what your abilities/gifts actually are and how they can be best offered in the world
  • Less procrastination and more strength and determination to tackle the things that need to get done
  • Confidence to move forward
  • Less hesitation and doubt
  • New and creative ways to use your abilities/gifts in the world
  • Increased ability to flow gracefully between action, receptivity and intuition in your life
  • More understanding of how to work smarter, not harder

*This essence works great in tandem with Olivia's Abundance & Prosperity Essence to help supercharge your talents with prosperity and abundance. A great combo indeed!

About Vibrational Essences:

Vibrational essences are energy medicines made with water and preserved with a small portion of alcohol. They contain the vital life force and energy vibrations of plants and other substances and work by balancing our whole being, setting up a healing vibration in our bodies and energy system, which helps:

  • Create new awareness
  • Create physiological balance
  • Balance our emotional, mental and spiritual states
  • Bring new understandings and open intuition
  • Act as catalysts for transformation
  • Connect us back to the earth and feel the importance of nature


Essences do not interfere with western medicine and can do no harm. The warning label is for legal purposes only and used for retail sale.

Please note: There is a tiny bit of brandy in the bottles, therefore this is something to be aware of for recovering alcoholics. Diluting it in water takes the taste away.

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