Step Into Your 5D Life! - MP3 Meditations & PDF


Come join me and my guides for a 3 part meditation experience stepping you into your 5D life by activating your 5D energy system to work with Divine Timing, flow, ease and LOVE.

The earth is shifting.  You're now able to consciously live a multi-dimensional life; stepping fully into the 5th dimension and living from a place of unity, wholeness and LOVE, instead of karmic "cause and effect" and repeating cycles of drama. 

This 3 part meditation has been lovingly created by my guides and myself to release your remaining 3D overlays of limiting beliefs, fear and restrictive templates so you can:   

  • Fully activate your new 5D Light Body
  • Move out of drama
  • Live from a place of deep peace, LOVE and co-creating with the universe, no matter what's going on around you, wherever you are

Aligning to your 5D life and creating a life you truly LOVE has never been easier!


What you'll receive:

  • A downloadable PDF of the Step Into Your 5D Life; Companion To The Meditations with information about the meditations Olivia has channeled from her guides.
  • 3 downloadable 5D Meditations as MP3 files to activate and work with your 5D life:
    • Meditation #1 - Align To Your 5D Energy System (9 min. 30 sec.)
    • Meditation #2 - Step Into Quantum No-Time (5 min. 33 sec.)
    • Meditation #3 - Step Out of The 3D Matrix & Into The 5D Grid (9 min. 03 sec.)

PLEASE NOTE: These meditations have been purposefully recorded without background music, as they hold 5D energy activations within them.


    Steps to retreive your purchased files:

    1. Once you make your payment, you'll be given a link to download your Zip file.  
    2. Click on the link to download the file.  
    3. Once downloaded, when you select the Zip file it will uncompress.  
    4. You'll end up with 4 files to work with and use at your convenience - 3 MP3's of meditations to activate and work with your 5D life and a companion PDF with information about each meditation.
    5. Enjoy!


    Step Into Your 5D Life: 3 Part Meditations MP3: Copyright © 2018 by Olivia Lundberg | All Rights Reserved

    Step Into Your 5D Life: Companion To Meditations PDF: Copyright © 2018 by Olivia Lundberg | All Rights Reserved



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