Shiva Lingam Palm Stone


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The Shiva Lingam is shaped from stones found in the Narada River in India.  The elongated egg form is a symbol of the Hindu God,  Lord Shiva (Lingam  means "sign" or "symbol", so these stones are symbols of the Lord Shiva).  They are used to represent the endless power of the Universe.  

Symbolizing the Hindu god Shiva's union with his consort Kali and activating the base and sacral chakras, a Shiva Lingam raises and controls kundalini energy.  A symbol of sexuality and sacred male energy, this stone has been sacred for thousands of years.  

It facilitate the union of opposites, such as masculine and feminine or body and soul and is excellent for sexual healing and trauma healing by placing it onto any of your lower root and sacral chakras to help balance, clear and activate their energy.

They are also used to represent the infinite Universe and to bring a sense of place and acceptance of one's place in it.  

*The photo you see contains two different Shiva Lingam stones in my inventory.  Please indicate which stone you would like.

All crystals purchased are cleared of manufacturing and transportation processes and charged with high frequency Reiki energy, with the intention that when held or used in your home/environment, they will help in whatever way you need for your highest good
All Reiki With Olivia Crystals come with detailed instructions for care, programming and basic use that Olivia teaches to her students.

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