Reiki Charged Yellow Calcite Specialty Self-Love Grid


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These Reiki cleared and charged crystals came together to specifically help you love yourself, which is really the key to everything! 

Each of the 14 crystals are handpicked, cleared, charged to work together for your highest good and comes with instructions to set up your grid.

14 Crystals Attuned For Loving Yourself:

1 Orange Calcite (Orange Stone): A highly energizing stone, it cleanses and balances emotions, removes fears, overcomes self-sabatoge and helps get to the bottom of weight issues and dissolves them.

3 Crystalline Kyanite (Blue Stones): A high vibrational stone, it brings in the high frequency energies and connects to the purpose and gifts of the body.

3 Apophyllite (Clear Point Stones): A powerful vibrational transmitter, it connects to the Akashic Records and lifts the energy of a room. It helps understand why the body is the way it is.

6 Peridot (Green Stones): A very protective stone, it keeps out self-punishing energies and negative self talk. It releases old baggage that is counterproductive.

1 Aqua Aura Point Wand: A high vibrational stone that frees you from limitation. Olivia's Crystal Grids are magical, handpicked and specially designed by her guides and the crystals themselves to best support you in creating the joy filled life you are meant to have!

Olivia also makes custom grids too! Click to contact Olivia

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