Reiki Charged Pyrite Specialty Self-Love Grid


These Reiki cleared and charged crystals came together to specifically help you love yourself, which is really the key to everything! 

Each of the 14 crystals are handpicked, cleared, charged to work together for your highest good and comes with instructions to set up your grid.

14 Crystals Attuned For Loving Yourself:

1 Octahedron Pyrite (Gold Stone): A unique form of Pyrite, this stone is very protective and amplifies abundant and positive thoughts.

3 Angel Aura (Reflective Stones): Clears your aura of negative thinking and connects you to the support of the Angelic Realm.

3 Charoite (Purple/black Stones): A stone of transformation, Charoite helps overcome fear and increase acceptance of yourself.

6 Blue Lace Agate (Light Blue Stones): A gentle clearer of the throat chakra, this stone helps overcome addictions and food cravings.

1 Flourite Wand: Grounds energy, clears negative energy from the enviroment and stabilizes emotions.

Olivia's Crystal Grids are magical, handpicked and specially designed by her guides and the crystals themselves to best support you in creating the joy filled life you are meant to have!

Olivia also makes custom grids too! Click to contact Olivia

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