Reiki Charged Manifesting Grid


These Reiki cleared and charged crystals came together to specifically help you manifest what you need easily to you.  Prehnite, Rose Quartz, Blue Lace Agate and Citrine all work together to strengthen your creations! 

Each unique 13 crystals set is handpicked, cleared, charged to work together for your highest good and comes with instructions to set up your grid.

13 crystals are aligned to help to strengthen your creations:

3, Prehnite (green stones):

Connects to the wisdom of the higher spisirtual planes, increasing calm durning times of stress aligning you with the best actions to take in the physical to acheive your goals.

3, Rose Quartz (pink stones):

The heart healer, Rose Quartz connects you to your divine truth allowing ou to relac and rease your worries in exchange for love, connecting you to your heart's desire and allowing you to gain clarity in your goals.

6, Blue Lace Agate (light blue stones):

A stone of communication, Blue Lace Agate helps you align your desires with your soul's highest-level intentions so you never need worry about whether you are manifesting correctly.

1, Citrine (yellow and white stones):

A powerful tool for attraction and manifesting your most basic of needs on this earth plane - security, approval, control and connection.  With the ability to manifest and connect you with the abundance, which is all around you, this stone is great to have in times of financial hardship.

1, Quartz Crystal Point - Used to activate and charge the grid.


Olivia's Crystal Grids are magical, handpicked and specially designed by her guides and the crystals themselves to best support you in creating the joy filled life you are meant to have!

Olivia also makes custom grids too! Click to contact Olivia

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