Orgonite & Amethyst Swirl Chakra Candles


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Each Orgonite Chakra Candle is handmade by Professional Artist and Healer, Rob Clement in Colorado. They have amazing healing energy radiating 24/7 and make great additions to your healing tools. Just place on your chakras or around your body when meditating or during a healing session.  

They also make great paper weights for desks and next to electronic devices to clear unwanted EMF's and non-beneficial energies.

Please Note: Making Orgonite is an artform, and each piece is 100% handmade, and hence, surface irregularities are common.


*For colors that are not in stock, please contact me and specify the color/s and amounts you prefer and allow a week for processing/making before shipment.... 


Why is Orgonite so great?

  • Orgonite is a generator of positive energy, mitigates EMF radiation, promotes health and healing, aids better sleep, awakens intuition and works continuously without electricity or the conscious intention for it to work.
What is Rob's Orgonite Rounds made of?
  • Rob's Orgonite Rounds are made of a mixture of resin, copper, Moss Agate Crystals and Crystal Points.
How was Orgonite discovered?
  • Orgonite is based upon Dr. Wilheim Reich's research into universal energy.  Reich discovered that universal energy seems to be attracted to organic materials while metal seems to simultaneously attract and repel energy.  When he alternated layers of organic materials and metal, the resulting form magnified energy in the environment. 
  • The contemporary formula for Orgonite is believed to be far more effective than Reich's original layering of metal and organic material, as the addition of crystals cleans the environment and brings the energy into a higher state and vibration.


Sold Out