June 17th, 2019: MP3 Weekly Message & Tune Up With Olivia!


Expand into a life you LOVE by working with the creative cosmic energies hitting the planet each week!

Receive Olivia's channeled 15 minute message for the week, which includes a quick tune-up meditation to align to the energies present and LOVE your life!

In this week's Meditation Monday!my guides, The Councils of Light, shared with us we’ve got an interesting week, which started on Monday with a full moon and culminates on Friday with the Summer Solstice.
My guides are saying there’s a lot of varying frequency waves of energy converging and colliding together this week, which is super purposeful - you’re not a victim of this energy and it’s aligning everyone to their chosen outcomes.  
We've got some inspired energies as well and it's time to stay in your higher awareness.
Keywords this week: Uncertainty & Respite
Key Phrase this week: “Ride the Waves!"
Highlights from this week's MP3 recording:
  • Learn how to ride the "anything can happen" waves with ease and joy
  • Understand who's steering your ship this week and why that's super important
  • Work these key two tools this week to stay in the flow
  • And much more!
The MP3 recap always contains:
  • The week's recap of my guide's channeled message about the energies present and why you're not alone in feeling the way you do
  • Activities to choose this week to best work with the energies and up your manifesting game
  • A quick tune-up meditation to help you get into the zone this week and easily create a life you LOVE

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