June 10th, 2019: MP3 Weekly Message & Tune Up With Olivia!


Expand into a life you LOVE by working with the creative cosmic energies hitting the planet each week!

Receive Olivia's channeled 15 minute message for the week, which includes a quick tune-up meditation to align to the energies present and LOVE your life!

In this week's Meditation Monday!my guides, The Councils of Light, shared with us this week is about aligning to the highest good possibilities.  How do you want your life to play out? It’s time to say yes to your dreams and dream big!
You are moving towards the final rebirth that is marked by the summer solstice on June 21st.  So make the most of this energy and say goodbye to the old! 
Keywords this week: Happiness and Refreshing
Key Phrase this week: “Step Into The New!"
Highlights from this week's MP3 recording:
  • You're shedding paths, learn how to align to the best possible outcome
  • Don't get caught in the emotions of others, learn how to float on the emotional waves this week
  • Recalibrate your desires and dream big in the four major areas of your life and say yes, by doing this one simple thing
  • The energies are aligned for you to step onto your fastracked superhighway of manifesting, but you need to ride this specific vehicle to receive what you desire
  • And much more!
The MP3 recap always contains:
  • The week's recap of my guide's channeled message about the energies present and why you're not alone in feeling the way you do
  • Activities to choose this week to best work with the energies and up your manifesting game
  • A quick tune-up meditation to help you get into the zone this week and easily create a life you LOVE

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