'Birthing The New Human' Complete 7 Part Akashic MP3 Series


Receive the full DNA Activation Series; 'Birthing The New Human'...

Enjoy energetic support during this massive up-leveling into your 'New Human Form' on this New Earth, through this Coronavirus Event...from the Universal Akashic Records and my guides.

As your New Human Form Activates, you begin to anchor into the New Earth in a dynamic way, which allows you to create with ease as we embark upon creating the physical structure of this New Earth.

You are a Master Creator, a New Earther...come remember who you truly are and turn on your superpowers!


Receive the 7 part series of 20-30 minute recordings from the Universal Akashic Records of the Collective with the specific New Human Templates activating now, along with messages, clearings and DNA activations just for you to help you embody your True Human Form on this New Earth.

Receive these seven recordings in this series:

#1 - "The Right to LOVE" MP3 includes:

  • Message: "This last weekend (March 21st & 22nd) was a massive collective clearing of our 2nd chakra"
  • Tool: True Self Release for 2nd chakra clearing cycles
  • New Human Template Coming in: Brain restructuring & rewiring to connect to 9D Self wisdom, which holds True Divine Purpose
  • 1st Clearing: Confusion (which is normal through transition times)
  • Tool: 'Bridge of Nose Rub' & head/face massage
  • Message: "The Divine Purpose coming in is about 'The Right to LOVE' - a profound shift out of our illusion that we already have this in place, when in actuality we have been living with 'Power Over You Grid' restricting and governing who we love and why"
  • 2nd Clearing: 'Have To & Should' around love/loving
  • 1st Activation: 'The Right to LOVE' Divine Purpose
  • Message: "More true relationships are forming and relationships are restructuring through this event."
  • Tool: Be conscious of who you are choosing to consciously share connection and LOVE with today - make that choice with your True Empowered Self


#2 - "Creation Clarity" MP3 includes:

  • 1st Clearing: 'Confusion' - "This confusion is not my truth. I claim my clarity now."
  • 1st Activation: 'Law of Consent' - you have the power to claim and set your space
  • Message: "The anchoring of your New Human Form is ramping up today and into tonight."
  • New Human Template Coming in: 'Creation Clarity' - connected to DNA/Chromosomes; prioritizing your resources and energy in alignment with your True Purpose
  • 2nd Activation: 'Clarity of Creation' template anchoring
  • Message: "It's time to weed out the things that you're reading and seeing that are causing fear. Tap into messages that are down to earth and bring you peace in a realistic (not fantastical) way."
  • Message: "You're going to be riding waves (you won't be feeling 100% at peace through this), we're in more flow than ever before and communication is shifting into more hope and clarity now."
  • Tool: Stay in alignment as 'Creation Clarity' anchors - "Is reading/doing this right now bringing me back to my light/Source and leading me to a life I LOVE?"
  • 2nd Clearing: All hooks and actions not in alignment
  • 3rd Activation: Things that are in alignment will get clearer and easier to do


#3 - "True Sustenance" MP3 includes:

  • Message: "Today is a new day" - more light, peace and calm are in today
  • 1st Activation: 'All is Well' - all is going exactly to plan, there are no mistakes, our True Human Form radiates this
  • Tool: 'All is Well' - calms nervous system, relaxes adrenals, heals all 3rd chakra organs and issues (pancreas/diabetes and ego issues)
  • Message: "The major purpose of this Coronavirus Event is to clear the 3D ego identities and bring back True Source Creator Identity"
  • New Human Template Coming in: Your NEW 'Quantum Energy Body' - works with the true nature of creation/true flow and is non-linear (don't have to do anything to flow, it just IS)
  • 1st Clearing: 'Fear of not being worthy of having this new form/Quantum Energy Body' - 3rd, 4th & 5th chakra clearing as well
  • Tool: Regenerate & fill up 24/7 from Source with your new Quantum Energy Body


#4 - "100% True Self" MP3 includes:

  • 1st Activation: 'Release & Relax' - Adrenal Reboot
  • Tool: 'Refuel & Spirit Guide Aha'
  • 2nd Activation: 'Safe & Supported Always' - New Earth grid broadcast
  • Message: "'Survival Fears Broadcast' can't anchor on earth anymore, thanks to the Coronavirus Event"
  • New Human Template Coming in: '100% True Self' - from Source (Galactic Center)
  • 3rd Activation: '100% True Self Template' - Your 'New Human Guides' are helping bring this in for you over today and tomorrow
  • Tool: 'Grounding', feet connection, connect to New Earth Broadcast, jumping, self-care


#5 - "True Innovation" MP3 includes:

  • Message: "Today there's an 'Infusion of LOVE' from Source raining down upon the earth and all its inhabitants. Remember exhaustion is always a sign of deep integration, follow your inspired needs now."
  • New Human Template Coming in: 'Innovation & Creativity Through Limitation' - filled with inspired energy of LOVE - people are becoming more creative and innovative through this event, which is shifting our societies for the better.
  • 1st Activation: 'Innovation & Creativity Through Limitation' Template - going to keep growing, expanding and amplifying
  • 1st Clearing: 'Victim Programming' around limitation - these are the false beliefs and illusions that have kept you from this truth
  • Message: "We're allowed now to be fully creative and innovative as our True Self. We will feel safe safe & supported as we share this with others."
  • Tool: 'True Alignment' - generates the attraction energy to bring you what you need on your True Path.
  • Message: "Everyone's going at their own pace with working with & utilizing this New Human Template. Have compassion for everyone's journey - good mantra: 'Everyone's on their perfect path.'
  • Tool: Any of your tools that brings you into alignment today - posture is a big one, also yoga, grounding, etc.


#6 - "True Vision" MP3 includes:

  • Message: "Today your DNA is recoding and being rewritten to integrate the New Human form with ease - you're getting the icing in to connect the layers of your cake (the templates that have come in over the week) - today everything is being connected. You may feel less clear, more spacey and need more rest."
  • 1st Activation: 'True Trust' - using your New Quantum Energy Body
  • Tool: 'Strengthening Restructuring' and your special tool given to you by your guides
  • 1st Clearing: 'Anything hindering this restructuring process' happening today
  • 2nd Activation: 'True Restructuring/Recoding'
  • 2nd Clearing: 'False Timelines' that take you out of True Alignment/Path - ie. enslavement and draining timelines
  • New Human Template Coming in: 'True Vision' - you're New Human Form is so high vibe and transparent that lower energies are clearly seen and easily released
  • 3rd Activation: 'True Vision' Template
  • Tool: 'Inner Vision Scan & Release' of lower energies and non-aligned beings/energies
  • Message: "Follow inspired actions today to stay in flow."


#7 - "Your New Form" MP3 includes:

  • Message: "Today marks the final anchor point of your 'New Human Form'"
  • Tool: 'True Gratitude' - of all you've built and worked on over the years to have brought you to today, there are no 'coincidental creations'
  • Message: "From this point forward, your superpowers are coming online and the 'Neural Rewrites' begin"
  • 1st Activation: 'Neural Rewrite Flow' - to create this New Earth (animals and humans - your pets are healers activating this as well)
  • Tool: 'Guide Ahas of Neural Rewrites' - daily meditation & attunement
  • Message: "Today marks the beginning of the physical structure of the New Earth coming in"
  • Tool: 'Just BE'
  • 2nd Activation: 'Focus & Intention' - the New Earth way of Creating
  • Message: "Master Creators & New Earthers, do not overlay the past, try everything you're inspired to do, go explore and create your New Earth!"

As we move through this Coronavirus Event, we're evolving at a rapid rate...

A Collective Awakening is occurring and the 'New Human' Template is anchoring (March 19th - 29th, 2020).

This new template is your True Form, which activates your Divine DNA.

As we embark, New Human Traits will be coming into consciousness along with the energetic support to easily embody and BE-come your True Human Form on this New Earth.

Because we ARE moving into a life we LOVE - creating this life right now on this NEW Earth.

And whether you see it yet or not...

This Coronavirus event IS helping us all do just that. :)


NOTE: The Universal Akashic Records & The Councils of Light recommend listening to these in order - one recording at a time, giving it at least a full day before moving onto the next one.



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