'Coronavirus Collective Clearings' Complete 5 Part Akashic MP3 Series


Enjoy a beautiful way to stay centered and aligned to your Truth through this purposeful Coronavirus Event...from the Universal Akashic Records and my guides.

Learn about the higher purpose of this event through the eyes of Universal Source...

Understand what the Universal Akashic Records of the Collective have to say with messages, clearings and activations, just for you, to help you move through this event with ease and joy.


Receive five recordings in this series:

#1 - "Truth of Chaos" MP3 includes:

  • 1st Clearing: Old Ancient Denial/Escape/Addiction Program
  • 2nd Clearing: Lies, Manipulation, Confusion, Gaslighting Programs from the beginning of our Universe Creation
  • Tool: Ego Release when you're feeling confused
  • 1st Activation: True Creatorship for the Collective
  • Messages: "Stay in your Truth"
  • 2nd Activation: Divine Birthright of Being Easily in Your Truth


#2 - "I AM" MP3 includes:

  • Message: Higher purpose of the Coronavirus Event
  • 1st Clearing: Transmuting the fear layer of the earth
  • 1st Activation: Everything is on its evolutionary journey back to Source/Truth, even this virus
  • 2nd Activation: Starseed Activation of the Nirvanic State
  • 3rd Activation: Source Activation
  • Message: Timeline of where we are currently - the power moment, that's going to grow
  • Tool: Release easily & set intentions with your "I AM" presence & your mantra for abundance, affluence & ease through this event & beyond


#3 - "I AM LOVE" MP3 includes:

  • Message: "We're stair stepping up: Chaos -> Calm -> Chaos -> Calm, etc..."

  • 1st Clearing: Fear around 'Preparing for the Worst'

  • 1st Activation: Ability to 'Ride the Wave' easily

  • 2nd Activation: Ability to dismantle fear broadcasts

  • Message: "This is a huge pivot into 'global family' and connectedness."

  • 3rd Activation: 'LOVE & Higher Purpose' energies

  • Tool: Feel the LOVE vibe radiating from everything

  • Mantra: "I AM LOVE, I AM loved, we are whole, we are loved. Everything has purpose."

  • Message: "Spring Equinox tomorrow brings in rebirth - we're all being rebirthed through this."


#4 - "Slow & Steady" MP3 includes:

  • 1st Clearing: 'Dormant Winter Energies' stuck throughout lifetimes

  • Message: "'Collective Birth' begins today."

  • Tool: "The New Human is Born!"

  • 1st Activation: 'Slow & Steady'

  • 2nd Activation: 'New Source Guides' coming in we've never before known or heard of on this earth

  • 2nd Clearing: 'Perfectionism & Fear Programs'

  • 3rd Activation: 'Bubble of Sanctuary'

  • Message: "All Lightworkers have all the support we need for this event."

  • Tool: Receive the abundance and LOVE


#5 - "Gratitude" MP3 includes:

  • 1st Activation: 'Heart Listening'
  • 1st Clearing: 'Fear & Abuse Programs/Patterns from the 1st & 2nd chakras' - "I can't do this. I'm not worthy."
  • Message: "This event has created a 'unified mind' focusing us all collectively on a common goal, which makes it easier for our gifts to truly shine."
  • 2nd Activation: 'True Heart Light Earth Grid' - the New Earth Magnetic Grid has been birthed
  • 2nd Clearing: 'Super Secret Covert Lightworker Mission'
  • 3rd Activation: 'True Body'
  • Message: "True Health is coming online now, the simple basics of life are vibrating at high levels now."
  • 4th Activation: 'True Health Contract'
  • Tool: Gratitude


Each time you listen to these MP3's, they have the collective effect of:

  • Opening new aligned doors in our collective societies
  • Releasing more and more of what has been holding us all back, so we can step into our collective True Empowerment

The Council of Light suggests listening to them repeatedly as you're inspired. 

These recordings connect you to your own Records and the Collective Akashic Records of this event, so each time you re-listen to them you:

  • Clear a new layer
  • Activate and anchor in more joy-filled ways
  • Bring in new aha's

As the collective releases, it becomes easier and easier to anchor into knowing this as a purposeful collective event...

Giving us all an opportunity to reroute our lives into our True Gratitude, True Priorities & True Discernment.

Because we ARE moving into a life we LOVE - creating this life right now on this NEW Earth.

And whether you see it yet or not...

This Coronavirus event IS helping us all do just that. :)


What you'll receive:

All 5 downloadable MP3 files channeled by Olivia from the Universal Records & her guides

Steps to retrieve your purchased file:

  1. Once you make your payment, you'll be given a link to download your Zip file.
  2. Click on the link to download the file.  
  3. Once downloaded, when you select the Zip file it will uncompress.  
  4. You'll end up with 5 MP3 files & 1 image file to listen to at your convenience.
  5. Enjoy!

*If you have any issues with the download, please contact me: reikiwitholivia@gmail.com

All of Olivia's Akashic Collective Coronavirus Clearing MP3's: Copyright © 2020 by Olivia Lundberg | All Rights Reserved

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