Black Moonstone Palm Stone


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Black Moonstone, has mini rainbows in it and silver shimmers.  Rainbows in any stone activate the healing potential of the stone even more.  All Moonstone Crystals are connected to the divine feminine, intuition, water, dreams and fertility. 

Black Moonstone is a very grounding stone, helping to release negative emotions before it grounds your energy. Its black color also corresponds to the new moon and the start of new things.

  • Set an intention with Black Moonstone, thanking it for keeping you from taking on the negative energy of others and the environment.
  • Carry with you and imagine the black moonstone enveloping and filling your aura with its silver shimmer light.
  • It’s a helpful stone to have with you if you have a busy day, as it helps you remain calm under pressure and protects you from negative influences of people and environments.

*The photo you see is the stone you receive.

All crystals purchased are cleared of manufacturing and transportation processes and charged with high frequency Reiki energy, with the intention that when held or used in your home/environment, they will help in whatever way you need for your highest good
All Reiki With Olivia Crystals come with detailed instructions for care, programming and basic use that Olivia teaches to her students.

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