Vibrational Essences

Vibrational essences are energy medicines made with water and preserved with a small portion of alcohol.  They contain the vital life force and energy vibrations of plants and other substances.

Unlike tinctures, vibrational essences do not contain any physical material of the plants or substances.  Instead the energy is imbued into water by means of intent and the help of nature.

Essences work by setting up an internal healing vibration in ourselves, which helps:

  • Affect our subtle energy system
  • Create new awareness
  • Create physiological balance
  • Balance our emotional, mental and spiritual states
  • Bring new understandings and the ability to feel more of our more subtle energies
  • Allow us to understand how our subtle energy system reflects our physical life
  • Act as catalysts for transformation
  • Connect us back to the earth and feel the importance of nature (because they are made with the help of nature)

They do not interfere with medications or western medicine and can do no harm.  The warning label is for legal purposes only and used for retail sale.  There is a tiny bit of brandy in the tinctures, therefore this is something to be aware of for recovering alcoholics.  Diluting it in water takes the taste away.

Most people notice a difference within 7 days.  Taking multiple small doses over a longer period of time (a month) is recommended.



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