Spark Your Week! Starts July 2nd, 2019, but here's last week's message.... June 24 2019, 0 Comments

Stay tuned...the first detailed channeled message for Spark Your Week! begins Tuesday, July 2nd.

Until then, please enjoy the most recent week's Meditation Monday, shortened recap of my guide's messages, tools and meditation from my Meditation Mondays:


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This week my guides, The Councils of Light, shared with us to get ready for an interesting week where anything goes and the cosmic winds will pick up and take you wherever you want to go!  

Which means you can ride these energies and cosmic winds to your destination, granted you take yourself up on the offer.

Only you hold yourself back from your dreams this week.  

Be sure to give yourself permission to go for it!  

Keywords this week: Clearing & Rest

Key Phrase this week: “If You've Gotta Go, You've Gotta Go!"

Highlights from this week's MP3 re-cap recording:

  • Understand what those weird dreams and lack of sleep you're having mean

  • Find out what one thing releases and clears energy more than anything else this week

  • Learn how to keep the energy flowing and not get stuck

  • Align to this most important path to create a life you love and stay on track - there is a keyword to use, that will change the game and make it easy this week

  • And much more!

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