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Here is the detailed channeled message from my guides, The Councils of Light...enjoy!

Opening Message:

This week, my guides are saying, it’s time to up level! It’s here and ready for you to step into if you desire.

You’re here and on the fast track at present, which means you’re on the people mover of the universe.  It’s like no other place you all of the collective have been before on this earth plane.

So enjoy it, as you’re in the last cosmic week of September, moving you all into the "manifesting magnificence" of October. All the work you’ve been doing is paying off and it’s getting easier and easier to align to yourself, no matter what’s going on around you.

This last week of September will be a catapult into October. And you all need a catapult at the moment, because October is like a ship sailing beside you slowing down to become parallel to yours so you can jump aboard, but the ship is 100’s of yards away.  

It’s on a parallel trajectory and timeline and one you can’t see into quite yet, which is why October feels so supercharged and alive for some of you when you check in.

This catapult energy will feel monumentous and monumental, but it’s not intense and the swing upwards as you go may feel a bit abrupt at times, but it will pass quickly.

You’ve done this one before, but it was much slower in pace, and the pressure was agonizing. This is not like those others you’ve been through and the "wishing you were there..." energy you felt in months pass, is no longer present with this swing and momentum.

Now it’s, “Finally it’s here!” energy, not wanting to go backwards anymore.  You all have come so far to get to the point where you no longer wish for the past to hang onto.

You’re getting quite good at releasing and clearing the past so you can stay in the present and flow with time - quantum time - letting it unfold in whatever way you create.  

Yes, that’s right, you create your quantum timeline.  And everyone has their own quantum timeline they’re creating in. You're no longer tied down to a collective timeline you share with everyone. You’re free, totally free now!  And that’s the big difference.  

For those of you in relationship, you may wonder how your timeline and your partner’s timeline co-exist and how you come together or not. That is a very good question. 

As you’re the creators of your timeline, you get to do it however you choose. Before, you were at the mercy of your partner’s timeline and if they were on a different type of vibrational timeline than yours, one of you had to come up or come down to align.

This was tiring. There were so many ways in which you had to mesh with your partner to even have a conversation. This was something in the higher realms we did not enjoy witnessing, as it became so convoluted at times.

Even the most aligned partners were doing this pretty crazy dance of meshing and hooking and trying to create and control all at the same time.  Kind of like watching a newbie surfer on the waves, it’s tiresome and draining and that’s just watching it!  

We would see how many energies and collective programs created those merging of timelines for partnerships in this way and we wondered how you all collectively were going to unloosen those ties and programs because let’s just say, there were a lot!  

And now on the other side, where we can without a doubt say, you all have your very own timelines now, apart from your partners!

You don’t have to merge/mesh in the same ways you did before.  There is so much freedom energy now in relationships.  People are more and more able to see what’s aligned and what’s not.  More able to step out of creations with their partners, which aren’t aligned.  

There’s no way anymore to convince or manipulate others into doing what you want.  It’s harder and harder because of this timeline separation and individuality you have now.  

This will grow stronger and stronger. As well as the ability to connect with others, which means glimpsing into their timeline (in past present or future) and finding the common points along those paths where you wish to merge or share those experiences.

It’s you creating contracts in the physical now.  In your own consciousness.  

No longer are higher dimensions of your self creating contracts with others and you looking at them in your dream state.  Now you’re doing it in real time and this is something we’re super excited about because you’ve stepped in (in a big way) to being conscious creators on this earth plane at this time.

This will serve you well into the coming months and years. Especially as you enter a very super charged and creative time on your planet - the 2020’s.

Enjoy your independence!

How to Spark your Week! - Manifesting Tool:

Stay Aligned - Vibrational Tool:

This is a simple tool designed to keep you squarely in the present and in your body, where your vibration aligns and is able to flow out to create easily.  
It’s simple…
  1. Imagine yourself and the energy around you.
  2. Notice a light that is inside of you, which represents your core and center, where you need to be to be present and in the flow.
  3. Then ask yourself, "Where is my consciousness?"
  4. Notice where your awareness is pulled to.  Anywhere outside of your body, is a place you are not aligned and in present moment flow.  
  5. Bring your awareness back to the light inside of yourself and say, “I am now aligned and in the flow of time, space and all of creation."

Keywords: Flow & Ease


"I am here now present in this moment in my power and create easily in this space whatever I need.”

"I am Source. All my needs are met and I create with joy no matter what’s going on around me, as this is the natural state of the universe."


Message from the Manifesting a New Soul Aligned Relationship Cosmic Ray:

          (I see this as raining gentle loving light down)

          "We are here today to mention a tiny word that gets overlooked when you’re manifesting a genuine love into your life, whether consciously or subconsciously - time.  

          Time is such a tiny thing, but such a big thing to you down on this earth plane.  It is always like that with tiny words down here - go, stop, no, yes, please, etc. Such supercharged words in such a tiny form.

          Just like you, you are so much more than you think and that’s what we’re here to bring to you now. And here to bust through the intensity of the word time, so you can relax and flow with ease, not putting a time limit on your manifestations.  

          Because when you do, you bring in pressure and start condensing the expansive potential of the creation.

          When you’re creating an aligned partnership, this is something you don’t want to box in.  You want to let it breath. It’s alive and it’s breathing and growing and forming.  

          This is much like the 9 months of growth before birth.  You can’t bypass it.

          When you put a limit on the time, you end up becoming more dense and your vibration becomes more obsessive. You then tend to attract a 'cellmate', more than a soulmate.

          So, we say to you this week, enjoy the expansiveness of the outcome and release the need to know the time."


                Message from the Manifesting More Love Cosmic Ray:

                        (I see as a wall of light, which feels denser, stronger, more of it and more powerful than previous weeks)

                        "It’s time to start putting away the boxes of what is acceptable and what is not. Stop the judgment and start the allowing.  

                        We do not mean to put away your values and let others stomp on you, we simply mean, it’s time to stop the self-judgement inside of you and the projections of it on the outside.  

                        You don’t need to worry as much, as you’re aligned to more of your core and who you really are now. This alignment will serve you well and help you steer in the right direction.

                        Your mind doesn’t need to lead to keep you safe.  It is no longer steering your ship.  It can put away the maps."

                                      Message from the Manifesting More Prosperity Cosmic Ray:

                                          (I see this as twinkles/dots of light and then a wall of light)

                                          "It’s time to merge with your True Self and become one with creation and we’re here to help you do just that this week.  To help you embody the Source energy you truly are and become one with your Creator Self.

                                          It’s time to put away the rules of creating and just go with the flow of it in the present moment. Our energy right now is aligning you to do just that.  So sit back and relax, there’s nothing "to do” this week to align. It is happening all on it’s own.

                                          We’re here to bring to you whatever you need to look at and take action upon as it arises. There is no pre-planning this week.  Actually, the less you project out into the future of what you need to do (why yes, you need to have an idea, but then let it go) the more will get done, for the stress and pressure has lifted.

                                          In the moment, notice what arises to do and check in and do it.

                                          There may be resistance, but we promise you, when you start, it will inspire and become easier and easier to do.  Any fears or resistance that arise through the process, imagine them leaving your body and going to the light."

                                                  Channeled Message:

                                                  “Welcome dear ones, we are with you now and forever.

                                                  It’s time to break free and form your own identity apart from the one you had. You’re brand new at the moment and instantly in the state of creating, so why not create yourself anew.

                                                  What do you want to become?

                                                  All the past is lifted now. You can see clearly the future and where you’re headed. But, do you want to go there?

                                                  It is in your power now to course correct and dream bigger.  Become something you’ve always wanted to be and then step in. For now is the time and the power and the alignment to make those dreams a reality.

                                                  Become the person you always were meant to be and we promise you the universe will step in and meet you to provide all you need for your endeavors. 

                                                  Be big dear ones. It’s your birthright.

                                                  With love in our hearts for you all, -The Councils of Light”

                                                  Special Object:


                                                  • Bear is protective, kind, gentle and powerful all at the same time.
                                                  • They are mighty animals, with a gentle grace and wavering instincts - the waddle of a bear indicates they are adept at feeling all sides of things with their bodies.  This trait helps you feel with your body and know your place in time and space - understanding your new timeline and creating at every juncture. 
                                                  • You’re also more able to feel others and see who is aligned.
                                                  • Bear’s energy is with you to help you discern truth from fiction.

                                                  I hope you enjoyed tuning in this week.  Take only what resonates and remember to choose a tool and work it to see what happens. 

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                                                  And be sure to tune in next week to help LOVE the life you have and create a life you LOVE!

                                                  With lots of love for you and a big hug, Thank you so much for becoming a member and joining me each week!  Enjoy your week! 



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