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Here is the detailed channeled message from my guides, The Councils of Light...enjoy!

Opening Message:

This week, my guides are saying, it is time to step up and in!  It's the week of "miracles unfolding, excitement that unfolds into ease, flow and transformation like no other.  It’s not the week of hardships and ease through doing." 

So sit back, relax and take care of business in easy well defined and self-contained ways, that respect your needs, boundaries, time and energy.

It's not the week to deplete or overdo.  Enjoy the fruits of your labor and in the enjoyment, my guides are saying, you receive tenfold.

So enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

Gratitude is key this week as well as enjoying the simple things, releasing the stressors and giving your worries to the universe to handle  - this is the recipe to that's going to shift things in miraculous ways this week.  

It’s not the time to hold on for dear life or expect that focusing on something will change the outcome.

It’s let go and go with the flow time. Which, in an nutshell means surrendering to the present moment, which creates the most beneficial outcomes for yourself and others.  This week teaches you how to do this.  Let go and learn.

This is also the week that begins the new earth timelines - 9/9/19 was the portal into living and creating within the new earth templates that have been anchoring on this planet for the past 12 years - the divine templates of how to create in higher dimensions that we can use now on earth. 

9/10/19 was the first day of the new earth and we've got a lot of 1's and 9's this month, a lot of beginnings and endings that are propelling us into 2020.  This week we celebrate the new timelines coming in and the ease in which we can flow and create, if we allow ourselves.

Now that the timelines are here, it's going to get easier and easier to manifest, so keep up the inner work to release the old outdated programs that keep you manifesting pain, struggle and hardships, so you can enjoy the full potential of this quantum and creative time.


How to Spark your Week! - Manifesting Tool:
Letting Go Tool:
  1. Imagine yourself floating into the sky holding onto a balloon that takes you up into the beautiful clouds.
  2. Feel the weightlessness up in the sky.  See the beautiful colors and light that greet you and meet you here.  Listen to the gentle hum of the wind and breeze.  Notice how free it is up here.  Greet this space with pleasure.
  3. It is here that all is created for you. This is your TRUE SELF your point of creation.  
  4. Enjoy this space this week.  The more you are here, the more your life flows. Go here when you are stressed.


It IS so


“I enjoy being alive."

“I am cared for, loved and appreciated."

Message from the Manifesting a New Soul Aligned Relationship Cosmic Ray:

        (Pattern of light zigging down and bouncing up in a rhythm like the beating of a drum)

        "It is with pleasure that we come to you this week.  We beat the drum of pleasure in all forms. Indulge in the simple pleasures of your life this week, as these pleasures are your allies in creating a life you LOVE and genuine love with another.  

        This energy you cultivate through pleasure this week is shared with the universe and your life tenfold. Anything you do this week to relax and find pleasure is amplified this week into creative life force energy as that is the medium you now create with in this new earth - find the pleasure and find your self and your love."

        (I see this pleasure being cultivated like an energy life force radiating out and creating a magnetic beam of energy manifesting your people and experiences of LOVE to you. It’s your calling card to that which you desire)


            Message from the Manifesting More Love Cosmic Ray:

              (Twinkly infinite energy of light gently raining down like snow)

              "It is time to comply with your hearts desire. Don’t give up your dreams this week. Enjoy the anticipation of all that is on it’s way to you. Get excited about the possibilities.

              Don’t lose hope. Enjoy the outcomes in the future from this present moment. Dream about the possibilities. Be in childlike wonder at the earth and all of creation.  This is the power point of LOVE - that which creates."


                      Message from the Manifesting More Prosperity Cosmic Ray:

                          (Here now in your face, moving any way or being anything you need it to be for you)

                          "We say to you this - give a man a flower and he receives the garden - it is all in how you look at the object you’re receiving.  Another man may only see a flower, but the man who receives the garden, ultimately and eventually receives the garden, the man who only sees a flower, will always only receive a flower.

                          This week, treat all money as the highest denomination you can imagine - when someone gives you a dollar, believe it is a million.  When someone gives you a bite of their meal, imagine it as a whole five course dinner.  

                          It is only in how you perceive that you ultimately receive. Practice the act of dreaming into creation the prosperity you desire. And it will be so in this new earth energy - quicker than you imagine it will be."

                                    Channeled Message:

                                    "Welcome dear ones, we are with you now and forever.

                                    There is a light shining bright now for all to see and this light is beckoning you home to yourself now more than ever, which means soul missions are shifting and being rewritten now.

                                    Expect major pleasant changes for you Way Showers out there. things will get a much needed boost for you all as you get out there into the world over the coming months in bigger and better and more enlightened ways. Your life will be shifting into more wholeness as well, so you can take those big leaps of faith easily and without much fear holding you back from the inevitable. It’s an exciting time and getting more and more as the year ends and 2020 begins.

                                    For those of you who are here to observe the planet, while holding light - we call you the Facilitators, we say to you this, it is time for you to hold and facilitate in a way you’ve never done before - not from the sidelines, but much more in the mix and in the flow with all of creation. Take care of yourself and
                                    embark into the unknown. It is not time to stand holding space in the sidelines, as those times of facilitation have passed. It’s time to walk without holding hands, into your unknowns within yourself.

                                    As doing this, allows others to easily walk into theirs and the whole of existence begins to take a second look into themselves, which reveals a new path to creation and up-levels the universe.

                                    Do you see how it is to create when your creations always begin with yourself? Do you see how easy it is to shift the world when you focus on shifting yourself? This is the new earth energy that is here for all. To walk with yourself, is to go deeper within the universe and come out the other side into more light and epiphanies than ever imagined or ever could be imagined.

                                    Enjoy, dear ones, as you step into more of your up-leveled soul missions this week!

                                    With love in our hearts for you all, -The Councils of Light"

                                    Special Object:


                                    A symbol of optimism, when all else seems hopeless.  Its light shines stronger in the darkness - it reminds you to not give up your dreams no matter what you’re seeing in front of you.

                                    It's the promise of good things coming on the horizon - you’re just one step away from your dreams manifesting themselves.  Don’t lose hope.

                                    Bring lilies into your home, screensaver, desktop, meditate by imagining them around you, wrap yourself in a lily decorated blanket or tapestry or imagine your blanket having lilies on it and then wrap yourself up in it.


                                    I hope you enjoyed tuning in this week.  Take only what resonates and remember to choose a tool and work it to see what happens. 

                                    If you haven’t already, go ahead and download this week’s PDF and print it out to use.  And be sure to tune in next week to help LOVE the life you have and create a life you LOVE!

                                    With lots of love for you and a big hug, Thank you so much for becoming a member and joining me each week!  Enjoy your week! 



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