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Here is the detailed channeled message from my guides, The Councils of Light...enjoy!

Opening Message:

(It’s a very simple opening message this week and powerful,  this week’s message was interesting as I was put into situations where I had to channel this outside in public while waiting for things that needed to get done.  And I wasn’t able to get this out to you until 10-10 the portal - which was very aligned.  It a message for us all) -  as my guides are saying:

We’re here with you now and always. you can do this no matter what or who is around you because you’re accessing through your True Self channel. It’s not going to matter anymore. That’s the beauty of this channel from your source to any source. Now keeping your attention, that is a different matter. LOL!

So here we go…

This week the energies are primed for you all to ramp up! It’s going to feel wild!  Like the wind picking up.. like the horses stampeding, like the lions roaring. That’s the energy this week and it’s purpose is to get you into gear. To rev your engines so to speak.  Because from here on out you’re all riding the big wave coming in and taking you into 2020! 

We’re so excited for you all. Watch out for cool things on the horizon coming your way. Dreams manifesting in a blink of an eye, quicker than you could ever imagine.  There are things on your horizon no one else will pick up on besides you. So trust yourself, as no one around you will give you this or tell you it’s coming. You need to trust yourself to receive and not discount now.  

Stay open to the amazing possibilities that are coming your way, because now and here on out is magical.


How to Spark your Week! - Manifesting Tool:
Shapeshifting Alignment Tool:

It’s another stay in alignment tool, but this week it’s taking on the energy of an animal that comes to you. Shapeshifting to become that quality. That’s what’s going to align you to what you’ve been desiring and manifesting.  

  1. So pick an animal you’re interested in or go to your light within and ask yourself what animal is needed now and notice what comes to you. 
  2. Then imagine this animal merging with you and the best qualities and energies of this animal are within you because you represent those qualities yourself. 
  3. Then go about and enjoy your day.  
  4. It would be a great practice to do when you wake up - to become the animal.

Keywords: Stay in Flow & Allow


"I am completely my True Self always."

"I am balanced and aligned to my loving self care at all times, no matter what’s going on around me."


Message from the:
Manifesting a New Soul Aligned Relationship Cosmic Ray:

              (I see as beautiful golden light atmosphere)

              "We’re creating with you now as a calm energy of trust. Trusting that all is well, no matter if you have the relationship or not. That is key this week and we are bringing you calm and the ability to smile.  Enjoy."

              Manifesting more love Message cosmic ray:

              (I see raining white light)

              "Stay with me and enjoy the light - get out into the light this week as the light is encoded with uploaded frequencies of love - let the light shine and activate your ability to absorb love in your life."

              Manifesting more Prosperity Message cosmic ray:

              (I see diagonal rays of light)

              "Activation is happening now whether you know it or not. It’s time to enjoy and allow.  Allow the abundance to flow and receive - you have prepped these last few weeks and throughout the year for this time/moment - now it’s about allowing.  Open to allowing this week and enjoy."


              (Allowing opens when you practice loving self-care)

                        Channeled Message:

                        “Welcome dear ones, we are with you now and forever.

                        It is the time of acceptance. All that you’ve worked hard thus far is coming to fruition. It is the year of creation for everyone and while the beginning of the year was hard and filled with lessons and challenges needed on your path to grow you, to release the outdated beliefs you were creating with and fill you with new aligned beliefs to work and create from, the purging wasn’t pleasant for anyone. 

                        No matter how in alignment you tried to be, it was to no avail.  The birthing pains needed to be felt and feel them you did. It is now time to move and release the pain, the painful memories, the pain, wounding and trauma from your body. 

                        Your body is now up-leveling and releasing them all on their own and it is up to you whether you fill with fear during this transition or joy. We hope you choose joy, as it is a joyful experience to come into the new again, the light from the cave of the womb you were living in. It is time to rebirth anew and do so with joy in your heart, for when you birth yourself through the release of the pain and the wounding and trauma and you do so with joy in your heart, it is a much easier journey to endure and the birth is celebrated with ease.  

                        It is coming soon, the completion of this level of rebirth of your body into more of your light. Take each day in stride and when old thoughts about yourself crop up, remember they are only leaving.  Give thanks for that which is happening naturally. Go in peace within your hearts this week and bless yourself and your experience.  Accept this is purposeful.

                        With love in our hearts for you all, -The Councils of Light”

                        Special Element:


                        • Ocean is full of possibilities, as is your life right now. Allow ocean to fill you up and take you where you need to go, ride the wave and see what possibilities await you.  Enjoy the ride.  
                        • The ocean holds all of life within it and is a protective energy that creates. It is mother natures womb and can manifest what you need in a blink of an eye.  
                        • Call in ocean when you are feeling depleted and notice how much gets put into the waters of your life.  
                        • Become and meditate with ocean this week and let it replenish you.


                        I hope you enjoyed tuning in this week.  Take only what resonates and remember to choose a tool and work it to see what happens. 

                        If you haven’t already, go ahead and download this week’s PDF and print it out to use and this week's MP3 as there's more commentary on the above messages along with this week's special meditation.

                        And be sure to tune in next week to help LOVE the life you have and create a life you LOVE!

                        With lots of love for you and a big hug, Thank you so much for becoming a member and joining me each week!  Enjoy your week! 



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