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Hello Amazing Spirit!

It’s Olivia here with your Spark Your Week!  Channeled Message & Meditation with my guides, The Councils of Light, and myself to help you with the incoming energies for the week of November 26th, 2019.  

Remember, these messages don’t follow the traditional Monday through Sunday week.  These transmissions come in on a Tuesday and you receive them by Wednesday or Thursday because we’re working the cosmic week, which starts on a Tuesday and ends on a Monday.  

This is the fun detailed additional message and meditation that corresponds to your worksheet.  Most of the topics I’ll be talking about in the recording are in your worksheet as shortened reminders. 

Spark Your Week! is geared to sparking your own insights and intuitive guidance through giving you an abundance of tools that align to this week’s energies so you can choose the ones that are right for you and work them in the amazing and unique ways you are meant to.  

So be sure to choose the ones that resonate and download your worksheet, print it out and work with it as a reminder this week. 

Let’s dive into what The Councils of Light told me about this week and what will help you stay aligned to a life you LOVE...

This week the keywords are:

 Enjoyment & Fun

And the affirmations to use this week are:

"Preparation can be fun and enjoyable.  I'm being this now."

"Inspiration comes in many forms.  I can't wait to try them all out."


Opening Message:

This week my guides are saying...

Welcome to the week of 'hazy commitments'. 

The strings that pull at your heart and yet keep you from doing much of anything, are here this week to afford you the opportunity to clear the last remaining vestiges of lost hope within your being and most importantly your heart.

You see, you all have a new energy system this week and your heart is up and running at full force. 

Like a spinning wheel, it's spinning faster and faster, spinning out from it's center all which cannot hold the high vibration and frequency it's now resonating with.

It's up to you this week to ask your heart to release that which is not aligned and recognize it within your life - so you may now take away that which does not belong.

It's a time of easy purging, if you let it be.

It's a time of gratitude with the remaining last 'hangers on' of things which are not in integrity anymore.

Thank those people, things and experiences which you're recognizing as leaving now.

They are on their own journey and your parting with them takes them to new lands where they will expand in ways you could never have witnessed if they stayed by your side.

Even those items in your home, which do not serve you, are letting go to new hands and new admirers who breathe new life into them... 

Allowing them to be loved fully again.

Even the things you throw in the dumpster takes them back to the earth and into the hands of the cycle of decay, transforming them into new substances.

There is no such thing as destruction. 

Energy takes on various infinite forms throughout eternity. 

As do you. 

The act of releasing, reminds you of this truth and flows that which you release out into another form.

It's your true 'creator-ship' at the helm releasing.

This is now fully active for you.

It's also preparing for the last remaining two portals of the year - 12/12 and 12/21.

With these portals comes change... 

  • Anchoring of your gifts in new ways
  • Coming into new gifts you've never known you had before
  • Entering your life in full force

In order for these portals to fully activate the last remaining light codes of your creator body/ship and new abilities in this new higher dimension of yourself, you must release the lower dimensions around you in the form of material items, relationships, and energy drains.

When you set the intention this week to release these easily, light floods in in brand new ways, creating more enjoyment, ease and flow within your life. 


This preparation CAN and will be fun. 

This is not a hardship. 

You know what needs to be done.

And doing so in your True Creator Body, is creatively fun. 

Just set the intention that it be and it IS so.




To work with these energies in a general way to manifest this week, here’s a tool given to me by my guides that will fast track you, it’s super simple...

How to Spark your Week! - Manifesting Tool:

Joy Joy Tool

In pre-holiday spirit, we lovingly give you this tool to bring in more light for you and your body during this period of darkness and diminishing light. 

It's important your body be fed light codes throughout the day.  While these are naturally happening for you, you can give yourself a boost, like a 'light vitamin', which will help you:

  • maintain equilibrium
  • process incoming energies in a more balanced way
  • stay on track with more joy throughout your day

Here's how to do it...

  1. Spread your arms wide out and swing them/move them in circles around you, like two wheels spinning.  Go as fast or slow as you feel you need to.  This action gets the frequencies spinning and energy centers primed to receive.
  2. As they spin, go ahead and imagine light filtering in and like magic, your arms call to you more and more light.  The light grows stronger and you're literally creating light with your arms.  Use all your senses to imagine this happening.  You will notice energy increasing, which is your sign it is happening as well.
  3. As you create light, imagine your heart opening to receive it.  Your heart is the great purifier, healer and creator/generator of your body and being - it is the intermediary between dimensions/planes/worlds.  It knows what to do.
  4. Enjoy the somewhat intoxicating feeling you get as your whole body and system is ramped up.  This is how your plasma body processes light now - it fully activates every cell and becomes (not stores as you did in the past) the light you take in. 
NOTE: No longer are you filling containers with energy within your body (as you did with your light body) - you're a plasma body now, which becomes the light.  Your body is no longer a container - it becomes whatever you intend it to BE.  We'll be using this in the meditation below.


    Channeled Message: Check it out...

    “Welcome dear ones, we are with you now and forever.

    It is with great honor that we great you this week.  You've stepped up into your truth so much, you are now truly equals with all of us.  You always were, but now your whole body and every aspect of your 3D form knows this to be true.  You truly radiate this now.

    And with this comes more faith and trust in the universe to provide.  For you see, you cannot be equals with 'all that is', without becoming all that is.  Which means all you need, is already here with you. 

    This knowingness, although your conscious mind may not be aware, is creating what you need very quickly.  There are no longer the energy and material blocks to receiving now.  Which is why you may be having more moments of joy, ease or love, in between intense upgrades. 

    All that you've been working on releasing is now allowing you to get out of your own way and just BE.  In this state of BEing, you're allowing things to manifest in record time.  It's getting stronger dear ones.  It's getting stronger.  2020 will be a year in which you will be shocked how quickly things manifest for you. 

    It's time to set your intentions throughout the end of the year for what you want in 2020.  Get clear, decide what exactly you want and set it in stone.

    With love in our hearts for you all, -The Councils of Light”


    This week our element to work with is:


    • Life giving water fills your system now with alive mutable cells of creation. 
    • It's time to get in contact with the water in your body and in the world and set an intention with it to bring to you what you want in terms of your health, your well being and your livelihood. 
    • Tell it what you want it to become/to radiate out for you. It will become the vibration of that which you are manifesting.  This is the key to manifesting quickly now.  Enjoy!


    And now onto the 3 manifesting tools section of Spark Your Week!, which you can find on the second page of your worksheet as quick reminders.  

    In this section, I tap into specific cosmic rays hitting the planet that are here to up-level specific areas of your life.  There are three main cosmic rays you’ll be getting messages from - Manifesting a Soul Aligned Relationship cosmic ray, Bringing in more love to your existing relationship/s cosmic ray and Creating more Prosperity and abundance cosmic ray.

    Let’s hear what these specific rays have to say and how they’re helping you this week...

    Manifesting a new Soul aligned Relationship Message cosmic ray:

    (I see a bright white light and a distant energy or long wavelength of energy signifying this bright light has traveled throughout the universe to get here - many light years away and now it has finally arrived - this is what we've all been waiting for - true relationship)

    "We have journeyed long and far to reach you today.  We are pleased we have finally met your human form, for you see we have come from your soul and other dimensions of you in the universe - we bring you messages from all of the you's we've encountered along the way. 

    They all have messages for you in regards to true relationship and reconnecting with the lost aspects of yourself, your gifts and most importantly your true aligned loves, which are coming to you now.  There is a magnetic resonance building, which has been building for quite some time, and now has reached a tipping point, no longer working hard, but now, like a bicycle, it is coasting, building momentum without doing much at all. 

    Just like you and your magnetic resonance to one another.  Those who are aligned to true self and make love a priority, are building in resonance and magnetism with you.  There is nothing you need to do to find one another.  It is happening all the time now and something your other aspects of you are enjoying witnessing.  Enjoy."


    Manifesting more LOVE Message cosmic ray:

    (I see warm yellow light - a steady and true light)

    "Steady as she goes...steady now...anchors away...the metaphors are endless here, the point now is you're off and it's becoming increasingly important now to ground the light and the love you've been cultivating throughout your being and body over the last few weeks and really quite honestly the entire month of November. 

    You may not have felt the love anchored yet, for you have been receiving a new root chakra.  There have been a few weeks without any root chakra for a lot of you, as your new root chakra and energy system was being built behind the scenes. 

    This lack of a root chakra did not phase your plasma body, it was quite capable of running on its own.  But your mind and your understanding of safety, security and grounding (root chakra issues) was uncomfortable.  You became distrusting of the peace and joy you've cultivated.  This distrust was important, as all that came to the surface because of this was needing to be released, felt and understood. 

    For these were the last remnants of the survival programs you've been working so diligently to release over the last few months.  Now is the time for you to know your root chakra is new, up-leveled and back in full form.  It's able to fully ground the new frequencies of love throughout your body.  Invite the love in."


    Manifesting more Prosperity Message cosmic ray:

      (I see a very focused energy coming right up to me very close and ready to have a one-on-one conversation)

      "We are here to guide you this week into the best possible actions to illuminate the abundance that is all around you now and always has been. Now you are truly able to see it and feel it.  We are here to open your eyes. For your eyes have been closed half-way and now they are fully opened. 

      It is time to see the bounty around you as you say adieu to the beautiful year of 2019 and step into the bounty that awaits as you create the timeline of 2020.  Step into the 2020 timelines this week and dream big, allow yourself to see the bounty and claim it now.  Set those intentions. We can help you do just that.  Just asks us."


        It’s that time of the recording - your weekly healing and activating 10 min meditation tune-up just for you to help you attune to your “best self” and “highest good path” this week and stay in alignment to a life you LOVE. So sit back, relax and enjoy!:


        Take some deep breathes into your belly and close your eyes.

        Imagine a bubble of light around you. This is your light, love and truth holding you as you walk your path.

        Notice what it’s like for you - color, feel, sound, size.

        Notice the light within you as well.

        Notice how it feels to sit inside your light, no matter what’s going on around you.

        Notice how much love it contains for you.


        Your light brings you whatever you need. Go ahead and tell your light to bring you the energy of water within your body.

        Notice what this is like for you.


        When you’re ready go ahead and ask your light to clear anything that isn't your truth residing in your water molecules.

        Notice how this is for you.

        You'll know when it's been done.


        When you’re ready go ahead and imagine one thing you'd like more of in your life.  See it in front of you.

        Now tell your water to become this vibration within you.

        And as it does the image of it out in front of you, merges with you, becoming one with it.

        Notice how this is for you.

        You'll know when it's been done.


        You've just aligned to having it.  A simple way to manifest what you desire.


        When you're ready, ask your water for a message that will help you this week.

        Notice what comes to you.


        Have your water become your light.


        When you’re ready, come on back into your bubble and your own space. 

        Tell your bubble to center and ground you.

        You can imagine energy moving from the top of your head, down into your body and out into the earth to help ground you.

        Take a big deep breath, open your eyes and move back into your beautiful body.


        Congratulations!  You’ve just attuned to your best self this week and charged up with the energies you need to create a life you LOVE!


        Thank you so much for tuning in!

        This has been Olivia, with this week’s Spark Your Week! Channeled message and meditation.

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