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Welcome to the latest Spark Your Week! Come join us and step into your True Creatorship this year and remember who you truly are on this NEW Earth with my guides, The Councils of Light!

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Hello Amazing Spirit!

It’s Olivia here with Spark Your Week!  Channeled Message & Meditation with my guides, The Councils of Light, and myself for March 19th - April 6th, 2020.


**NOTE: Daily Akashic Collective Coronavirus Clearings MP3's Available...

I've been recording daily Clearings for this Coronavirus Event channeled from the Universal Akashic Records of the Collective.

They're being posted in our member's Facebook Group to listen to so you can receive the clearings, activations and messages you need to move through this collective event with ease and joy.

Head on over to our member's FB group and take a listen...



As always, Spark Your Week! is all about empowerment and creating in this new earth and contains the following sections below to help you align and activate your truth, no matter what's going on around you:

  • New Earth Message (what's happening behind the scenes with our Ascension)

  • Theme for the Week/s to Prioritize (to keep you aligned to the Truth of who you really are)

  • Artist Whose Work Embodies This Current Energy (get inspired by an artist, alive or dead, whose work touches upon our true timeline)

  • New Earth Energy Tools (energetic tools that will clear, reset and align you easily in this New Earth)

  • Creation Code Download (to bring you back to your Original/Organic Divine Blueprint)

  • Mission Activation for Specific Lightworkers (it's time to shine!)

  • Major Lightcodes (your Superpowers) activating this year within your body

  • The Councils of Light Message with Embedded Activation Codes (so you never forget who you truly are ever again)

  • New Earth Elemental Companion to Work With (the earth is embodying higher dimensional elements we can work with now)

  • Meditation to Align to True Creatorship & Empowerment (keeping your channel of True Self/Source aligned and empowered)

Below is the detailed message that corresponds to your worksheet and an outline of the MP3 meditation.  Most of the topics below are in your worksheet as shortened reminders. 

Spark Your Week! is geared to sparking your own insights and intuitive guidance.  

So be sure to take what resonates and download your worksheet, print it out and work with it as a daily reminder. 

Let’s dive into what The Councils of Light told me...

New Earth Message:

(this section is where the Councils relay their thoughts and ideas about the activations happening and where we are currently in the ascension process)

We're here with you all through this collective event...

Here to share our thoughts about the incoming energies present at this time and where you're heading as spring unfolds...

It's interesting to note that the official verdict of this event is that it is of 'pandemic proportions'.

And while yes, you've seen the normal swing from hoarding supplies to resisting taking action...

You're all doing much better than what is being portrayed in the media and what you're seeing in the grocery stores.

We do not wish to diminish the severity of this event or imply that this has been easy.

Nor do we wish you to ignore the important health and safety restrictions in place.

You Lightworkers and those who are staying in their truth, are holding a level ground through this and we're here to congratulate you.

And remind you again how far you've come...

As much as you've had to navigate through this, based upon the actions of the collective...

You're not tied anymore to the fear trying to anchor now through this event.

For the fear is now 'floating'.

The areas/geographies where fear could anchor before...

  • Are not aligned to the LOVE that is being brought in now in mass waves via the mass shutdowns and limited travel.

These shutdowns, social distancing and quarantines have had the effect of letting the earth reboot itself.

Fear can only flourish where people have consistently stood in fear.

Which means...

  • People who fear their employers or hate their jobs cannot anchor it anymore  into the locations of the businesses and companies they work for.

Think about that one for a moment...

Each day, when stressed out people, worried about their jobs, went to work, they anchored that fear in the location of the businesses they worked for.

Now, as people work from home, they are in their own resonances. 

They are truly free to be themselves as they work.

Dictating their own schedule...

And sharing moments of love with their family, friends, pets or just the space they are in.

This is truly allowing the planet to release the fear layers:

  • Release the anchor points to fear and control.
  • Release the imprisonment.
  • And release the "power over you" energies from buildings/geographies/companies/industries, which has been a thumb holding people down for quite some time.

We see this energy of LOVE and freedom growing throughout this event and beyond.

There is no turning back...

Once companies see how much overhead they actually save from employees working from home...

Working from home will become the norm.

We tell you this in this report, to focus upon the energies that are sacred and true that are being embodied now in each and every one of your homes.

Your homes are you sanctuaries.

You don't have the upheaval and stress of 'going to work', which keeps you distracted from knowing and feeling your truth within your life.

This movement and shift to anchoring into your homes is so powerful and purposeful now.

It is what has been discussed in the Council for quite some time and it is what you all have agreed to implement (during discussions in spirit) through creating this Coronavirus Experience together.

You have connected back to your True Self within.

Now, you are seeing the truth of your inner world even more...

In your homes.

  • You're reclaiming your lives...
  • Taking back your power...
  • Transforming your priorities...
  • Anchoring LOVE...

All in your sacred spaces.

And all in the event of a 'pandemic'.

We are so proud of you.

This is a moment to make sure you remember.

For this is the pivot point and marker for the whole world's evolution.

Which allowed you all to become a 'global family'.

A family that is connected through LOVE, while walking your own path of Truth for yourself.

It is a uniting time.

In more ways than you can see now.

Which be revealed in the coming weeks and months.

If you've been feeling the waves of the collective emotional body as they awaken, purge and integrate through this, you're not alone.

This was the plan all along.

For it is your hearts that have opened to feel this connection.

And it is with your hearts that you will move through this event...


For it is 'together' that you are moving towards True Connection, which is being anchored now.

Your children will remember this moment, for their children...

"Momma, tell me about the day the earth stood still...

And we were reborn."


Theme for the Week/s:

(this section outlines your Source priorities to work with now, which will keep you aligned to the Truth of who you really are)

True Bliss

This may sound 'blasphemous' coming in at a time that seems limiting and fear ridden, but we say that this time of rebirth is holding the theme of True Bliss.

Just as you cam into the world during the birthing process, there was pressure, there was fear and there was True Bliss being felt by your infant human form.

This is how all transitions and up-levelings occur.

In the past you were not able to tap into this state, as the fear layers were strong, dense and hard to see beyond.

But now, with the amount of LOVE and joy anchoring upon your planet through this collective event, you're able to tap into this space more and more over the next few weeks.

And we have decided to keep this theme alive through this time.

No matter if you feel it or not.

Let's take a moment to speak about the nature of 'True Bliss'...

True bliss isn't instant gratification, as you've been led to believe.

Instant gratification is a construct made up of distraction and enslavement energies, meant to keep you controlled.

True Bliss is:

  • An internal state
  • Felt no matter what or who is around you - or what is going on in the collective

It is your Truth...

Your pleasure...

Your one else's.

You can cultivate and tap into True Bliss through:

  • Self-sexual pleasure
  • Pleasurable self-care practices
  • Soothing self talk
  • True Self-LOVE

This is between you and you.

No one else can give this to you.

It does require an understanding and alignment with in the True Nature of who you are as a Sovereign, Free, God BE-ing.

Without this understanding and alignment, you cannot really truly tap into True Bliss.

The tools and messages within this report are intended to bring you into alignment with your Sovereign, Free, God Self and BE-ing so you can truly feel the True Bliss within you now.



Artist Whose Work Embodies This Current Energy...

(In each report you'll receive an artist (in all disciplines of that word) and one piece of their work The Councils of Light feel connects with the energy we're in currently.  Get inspired with this section, as each artist you read about and see their work, will open those dormant artist cells in your body.  You know, the ones you turned off because some schmuck said you weren't an artist.  Well your New Earth Artistic Self is live and in full swing now!)

Robert Smithson

(January 2, 1938 – July 20, 1973) was an American artist known for sculpture and site-specific pieces created permanently on the earth.  He was one of the founders of the Land Art movement of the 1970's.

According to Smithson,

"I am for an art that takes into account the direct effect of the elements as they exist from day to day..."

I am for an art that takes into account the direct effect of the elements as they exist from day to day
I am for an art that takes into account the direct effect of the elements as they exist from day to day
Read more at"


One of his site-specific pieces, which visualizes the frequency present now: 

Spiral Jetty, 6500 tons of basalt, earth and salt, Great Salt Lake, near Rozel Point in Utah, 1970...



Here's what the Council is saying about this piece and why it's significant to us now:

we are the harmony with the ebbs and flows of life around us...

crystalline salt deposits cling to our form, like our crystalline light body once did...

as the lake dries in the summer, we are still present...

as the lake fills in the rainy seasons, we are still present...

we can never be destroyed and the power we carry with our 6,500 tons of basalt, earth and salt ground us through any storm.


New Earth Energy Tools:

(this section gives the energetic tools that will clear, reset and align you easily now in this New Earth)


    Tool #1: Download & Listen to the Collective Clearings MP3's on our Facebook Page

    It's time to clear, reset, activate and stay high-vibe through this collective event now.

    Listen to these MP3's for alignment, centering and activations of messages unique to you and your Records. 

    Each time you listen to these MP3's, they have the collective effect of:

    • Opening new aligned doors in our collective societies
    • Releasing more and more of what has been holding us all back, so we can step into our collective True Empowerment

    We suggest listening to them repeatedly as you're inspired. 

    These recordings connect you to your own Records and the Collective Akashic Records of this event, so each time you re-listen to them you:

    • Clear a new layer
    • Activate and anchor in more joy-filled ways
    • Bring in new aha's

    Click to listen through our Facebook Group...

    (they are all located in the "Announcements" section pinned to the top of our group page and also can be found in the "popular tags" section of our FB Group in the right hand column.)


        Creation Code Download:

        (This section gives the frequencies of the specific light packets returning to you now to bring you back to your Original/Organic Divine Blueprint & Creator Self.  They contain parts of who you truly are that wish to come back to you now from your Source, so you can create more easily in your life.  Think of the number code sequences connected to them as pin #’s to access and open these Source Code Light Packets and call them in for yourself to activate within you.)

        *There are no creation codes downloading at this time


        List of Past Creation Codes:

              • Matrix Code # 2417-860 - This is the code for amplifying that which is already present. (see March 1st-10th, 2020 report for more details)
              • Matrix Code # 111111110 - This is the code for releasing the false programing, gaslighting, holographic false visioning and mind control matrices that have kept you from connecting to your Source, Sovereign BE-ing & True Freedom. (see February 7th-24th, 2020 report for more details)
              • Matrix Code # 12-24-78 - This is the code for activating immediate enlightenment for all (not just for one, but for the many).  (see January 23rd-Feb 4th, 2020 report for more details)
              • Matrix Code # 1-11-24 - This is the code for entering into the domain of the unknown with ease and grace. (see January 6th-20th, 2020 report for more details)

                    Mission Activation for Specific Lightworkers:

                    (this section describes the new soul missions activating and which group of lightworkers are receiving this mission)

                    Specific lightworkers are gathering in spiritual conference during dream states to undergo a soul mission re-evaluation period...

                    Finding out and examining what missions would be best suited to whom in order for this next evolutionary journey and ascension cycle in this New Earth.

                    The specific group of Lightworkers receiving this NEW mission activation are:

                    Those who are receiving individual and unique missions.

                    The soul mission activating for this group...

                    Which you all decided to undertake, in alignment with your own soul is this:

                    Your own special blend of skills and abilities that are needed now.

                    This is a time of everyone of you coming into your own specialized missions.  This means you won't be sharing the same group mission as before in past reports.


                    It's imperative you go within to your True Self and find out what specific and unique Soul Mission is activating for you now, by asking:

                    • What is it I'm here to create now? 
                    • What skills will I be using and activating that are most important to this True Creation?
                    • How will is positively affect the whole?
                    • What is the most important thing I need to remember as this Soul Mission activates for myself?



                    (see the MP3 or the transcript of the meditation at the end of the report)


                    To find out if this is you:

                    1. Go into your True Self/light within your body.
                    2. Ask your True Self/light, "Am I in this group of lightworkers?"
                    3. You'll receive a visual sign, auditory message, knowingness, or feeling that you are and this soul mission is activating for you now.

                    If this is you..

                    Get ready for some divine soul mission inspiration coming in during these next two weeks and beyond. 

                    Follow this inspiration and take aligned action, which will be easy to do because you can’t do anything else. :)


                    List of Past Soul Missions that Have Activated:

                      • Those who assist the frequency codes coming in from the higher dimensions through the use of sound. - Bring in the specific frequencies of light and sound now to assist in the new forms of creation magnifying on this New Earth plane. (see March 1st-10th, 2020 report for more details)
                      • Those who's home base is in the 12th Dimension - To bring in the frequencies to support the Original Divine Blueprint, through clearing artificial and manipulated timelines based in fear and control. (see February 7th-24th, 2020 report for more details)
                      • Those who are here to carry and disseminate the light of creation through the playfulness and joy that is at its essence - To elevate and enliven the whole through excitement and authenticity in the form of dance, humor, theater, arts and "wisdom with joy".  (see January 23rd - February 4th, 2020 report for more details)

                      • Those who work with the Elohim - To search out the truth in all forms and ready it for the world to see.  (see January 6th-20th, 2020 report for more details)

                            Major Lightcodes Downloading:

                            (this section lets you know when and how the 11 major internal Lightcode Activations of your Superhero Abilities from your True Divine DNA will be happening for the year - from the 2020 Report - how to work with them and what they do)

                            !!!! We have three Lightcodes activating over the next month... !!!!


                            1st - Lightcode #3: Embodiment of Divinity

                            Nothing is more powerful than yourself. This internal Lightcode releases all false illusionary power struggles and "power over you" energies, with the aha's to see through the veils others have put into place on this plane.

                            *This Lightcode will be activating over the next month and overlapping with the other Lightcodes, which are set to occur as well. 

                            This Lightcode is the Truest form of your Divine Body in action. 

                            It is here to activate your cells into forming new bonds, connections and truths within them.

                            They will be purging and releasing all that is untrue they've been holding from traumas, woundings and past life issues.

                            This release will activate a literal purging.  There may be days or weeks where you will be feeling "unwell" but not sick.  This will be coinciding with this Collective Coronavirus Event and will go somewhat unnoticed as your normal waves of anxiety release through each new stage of the event will help to release the old energies purging from your cells.

                            It will all work in harmony and through the events as they unfold.

                            We do not see this inner activation of your True Divine Form that is occuring with this Lightcode to feel scary or uncertain.  It is here to ground in the truth...and when it finishes anchoring, you will be at a whole new level, ready to release from the cocoon (limitations/social distancing/isolation) you've lived in - stepping out finally.


                            2nd - Lightcode #6a: Soul Gifts Activation

                            Higher dimensions of your gifts will be anchoring into your body and your life.

                            *This Lightcode will be activating over the next month and overlapping with the other Lightcodes, which are set to occur as well. 

                            This Lightcode is meant to upgrade your intuition, your True Creator Skillset and Abilities. 

                            Get ready for your manifestations and ability to really create magic, LOVE, harmony and joy on this earth plane to expontentially increase into higher planes of truth for yourself.

                            During this time of this Lightcode activating, you may notice you're more tired.  We suggest taking more down time when needed and more naps if necessary. 

                            Your body is going through three upgrades (Lightcode Activations) in a span of one month.  That's a powerful quickening, which you and your body are able to handle now, but requires some extra LOVE and attention.

                            Go easy on yourself.

                            And as we said above, these Lightcodes are working in tandem with the Coronavirus things slow down and rest, you have more opportunities to rest, relax and go easy on yourself.

                            Which is why you all agreed that this was a great time to bring in 3 Lightcodes now...

                            The reset of the earth and collective is opening to more LOVE, gentleness and compassion, and especially Self-Care.



                            3rd - Lightcode #6b: Remembrance of True Food

                            Removal of the illusionary food programs you've inherited around survival patterns and eating, releasing the need to engage with false/illusionary food as a means to survive and moving into true foods as a means of pleasure and celebrating life.

                            *This Lightcode will be activating over the next month and overlapping with the other Lightcodes, which are set to occur as well. 

                            This Lightcode is part of the Lightcode above and they both work in Lightcode #6a (Soul Gift Activation above) activates, is works in tandem to activate this Lightcode. 

                            Which means as your intuition and abilities turn on and up-level, you'll naturally be drawn to True Foods. 

                            Your Divine Body (Lightcode #3 above) turns on and helps with this as well.

                            Everything is working harmoniously now and these Lightcodes are in a beautiful tapestry or packet of light, which is shifting your life joyfully and easily into your True state of health.

                            So if you've struggled with food, self-care or emotional self-punishment around your body, welcome to a brand new time of ease!

                            Welcome to your True Physical Form! :D


                            What to do to help these Lightcodes activate...

                            Go easy on yourself, take time, slow down, be gentle and keep following your intuition for your body:

                            "What does my True Body need right now?"

                            "What does my True Divine Form want to eat?"


                            You can also use the Lightcode Support Tool below...


                            2020 Tool: Lightcode Support (from the 2020 Report)

                            There are 11 Lightcodes coming in for you this year which require you to create as you receive them.  If you ignore their promptings and inspirations, they will build up within you and like a grand amount of light and energy, to contain it, will cause pain.

                            Light wants to travel and expand out, that is the true nature of light.  It must move and dance and have true freedom.

                            This is what we suggest for you, when the Lightcodes arrive...

                            1. You may feel antsy, depleted or drained when the Lightcodes activate within you from your True DNA.  This is your sign you're holding onto the light because you're being pulled out of your body a little to make room. 
                            2. When you feel this way, it is your sign to go within.  Imagine your light of your True Self within your body, go into this light and sit inside of it (no other being can come into this space, it is completely yours, it's your truth).
                            3. In this space, tell your True Self/your light, "Show me how to best work with this new amount of light right now?"
                            4. Notice what comes to you and chances are you will receive a message to create with it.
                            5. Follow the promptings from your True self and take aligned and inspired action.


                            Past Lightcode Activations:

                              • Lightcode #4: Creation From a True Manifestation Space* - Brings in your alignment with your new creatorship abilities in Truth, not illusion, and the conviction/trust/confidence that you are truly this. This Lightcode has been anchored and activated within you as of 2-2-20. (see January 23rd - February 4th, 2020 report for more details)


                                  The Councils of Light Message:

                                  (The Councils of Light are now helping us remember what plans we’ve made in our dream state along with specific frequencies embedded within this message to help activate your own timeline and sense of knowing what is aligned to you now and what you need to do)

                                  “Welcome dear ones, we are with you now and forever.

                                  It is an unprecedented time on your planet and one that will unfold itself and have positive repercussions for eons to come.

                                  Remember this moment as it will be remembered...

                                  A sacred time of transformation out in public and for all.

                                  This is the resonance your future self is holding for you as you walk through this event.

                                  You can connect to your future self that is out the other side connected to the highest path of your Truth and LOVE.  Just throw your fishing line out and hook into your future self.

                                  They will grow as you grow, evolve as you evolve and maintain the highest path through this for you with ease.

                                  With love in our hearts for you all.

                                  -The Councils of Light”


                                  Elemental Companion:

                                  (this section describes the ‘new earth’ multi-dimensional elements we all have access to and which are coming online for us to work with now)



                                  (all forms of time, rolled into one - made whole)



                                  Time, as we know it on this earth, consists of at least 100 different forms, which is hard to wrap our head around and is why we've created linear time as one 'form' for this 3D earth plane.

                                  Now time is able to be expanded into its truth:

                                  True Time is a non-linear concept derived from the universal energy of creation and form.

                                  You see form was and always has been created in layers happening all at once.

                                  This elemental companion of 'Time' is here to bring:

                                  • You into this wholeness
                                  • Back your manifesting abilities where you have worked with the wholeness of creation
                                  • All of time to utilize for your own creations

                                  You will be creating in this way more consciously in the future.

                                  And over the next few weeks, this ability and understanding will be turning on more and more, due to Lightcodes #3 & #6a activating now for you.

                                  We suggest, over the next month, to think about time as a whole of at least 100 parts. 

                                  • One easy way to do this by imagining the true nature of time as a constellation of stars - each star is a type of form time takes.


                                  Meditation to Align to Your True Creatorship & Empowerment:

                                  (this section takes one of the above tools/understandings and anchors it in/activates it for yourself through a guided meditation which helps you step into more of your truth and empowerment and aligns you to a life you LOVE)

                                  'Activate Your Unique Soul Mission' Meditation

                                  Hello Amazing Spirit, It's Olivia here with your New Earth Meditation to align you to your true creatorship and empowerment so you can create a life you LOVE in this New Earth.

                                  It's time to truly uncover and activate your unique Soul Mission that's coming online now, so you can utilize your skillsets to positively affect the whole.

                                  Your own special blend of skills and abilities that are needed now. :)

                                  I recommend pausing this meditation and grabbing a pen and paper to take notes through this meditation.

                                  When you're ready, sit back, relax and enjoy!:


                                  Take some deep breathes into your belly and close your eyes.

                                  Imagine the light within you - your True Self.

                                  Notice what it’s like for you - color, feel, sound, size.

                                  This light connects you to your Source, the infinite power within you to create universes.

                                  And you are now sitting within your Source and True Self.

                                  It is enveloping you in such light and love, that it clears all darkness and illusion.

                                  Notice what this is like for you.


                                  As you relax in this light, your light brings you to your True Heart.

                                  Notice what this is like for you.


                                  Your True/Cosmic Heart holds all this information you need to know about your current Soul Mission unfolding and activating now.


                                  Go ahead and ask your heart:


                                  "What is it I'm here to create now?"

                                  Notice what comes to you, pause this recording and write it down.  When you're ready unpause and come back to this recording.


                                  "What skills will I be using and activating that are most important to this True Creation?"

                                  Notice what comes to you, pause this recording and write it down.  When you're ready unpause and come back to this recording.


                                  "How will is positively affect the whole?"

                                  Notice what comes to you, pause this recording and write it down.  When you're ready unpause and come back to this recording.


                                  "What is the most important thing I need to remember as this Soul Mission activates for myself?"

                                  Notice what comes to you, pause this recording and write it down.  When you're ready unpause and come back to this recording.


                                  Now that you understand your unique Soul Mission, your True Cosmic Heart will ask you if you'd like to activate this mission now.

                                  Notice the answer you give.

                                  If you said yes, you would like to activate it now, go ahead and imagine your True Cosmic Heart filling up with this Soul Mission.

                                  Notice what that's like for you.


                                  When it is fully filled with the light of your Soul Mission, go ahead and press it like a button, which will send out a pulsar of light into the earth and beyond, throughout the universe.

                                  This pulsar fully activates your Soul Mission and brings all the assistance and energies you need to successfully create it now on this earth.


                                  Take a moment and BE with this.


                                  When you’re ready, come on back into your light within your body and your own space. 

                                  Tell your light to center and ground you, which grounds your Soul Mission into your life.

                                  You can imagine energy moving from the top of your head, down into your body and out into the earth to help ground you.

                                  Take a big deep breath, open your eyes and move back into your beautiful body.


                                  Congratulations!  You’ve just attuned to your Creatorship in this New Earth and charged up with the energies you need to create a life you LOVE!


                                  All Past 'New Earth Meditations'...

                                  1. Create Your New Earth Inner Sanctuary MP3
                                  2. Inspired Creation Heart Shield MP3
                                  3. Energy Body Alignment to Your Chosen Level of Creation MP3
                                  4. Reclaim Your Divine Creator BE-ing MP3




                                  Thank you so much for tuning in!

                                  This has been Olivia, with Spark Your Week! Channeled message and meditation.

                                  If you haven’t already, go ahead and download the PDF and print it out to use.

                                  And head on over to our private Facebook Group just for our community!  Share your insights, respond to our daily topics and let us know what's been working and what energies you've noticed!

                                  Head on over and join the discussions!  I'm excited to connect with you!

                                  Be sure to tune in for our next report to help love the life you have and create a life you love in this new earth!

                                  With lots of love for you and a big hug, Thank you so much for becoming a member and joining me in this New Earth!  Enjoy!  


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                                  • Mission activation for specific lightworkers

                                  • Major Lightcodes activating this year within your bodies

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