July 30th, 2019 - Spark Your Week With Olivia! July 29 2019, 0 Comments

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This week my guides, The Councils of Light, shared it’s the week of no fear! 

That’s right, no fear...

So get out there and make some waves and have fun doing it.

There’s nothing you can’t do because you’ve been clearing boat loads of fear, karmic imprints and old timelines since January to get to this place - so go for it!  

No fear means no possibilities of failure, because you know what failure implies?

That you’ve been doing it all wrong.

And that’s not even a possibility in this vast universe where anything goes.

So if anything goes...

There’s no right or wrong way to do something or walk your path or live your life.

It’s only a question of how do you want to feel doing it?  

How do you want to create?  

How do you want to experience life?



This week also marks the beginning of a new segment in Spark Your Week! where I tap into specific cosmic rays hitting the planet here to up-level major areas of your life.

Each week you'll receive three messages about how to manifest a soul-aligned relationship, bring more love into your existing relationship/s and create more prosperity and abundance.

So enjoy!

Keywords this week: Confidence & Magnitude

Affirmations: “I can change my life and do things differently - it’s easy!”

“It’s so much fun to be creative and passionate!"



      • What's going on with the merging of timelines that's happening now and how to jump through

      • How to jump out of the repetitive past

      • Why Mercury Retrograde going direct means liberation

      • How to get out there and do things differently this week and why creativity is the key now

      • We've got a new section in Spark Your Week - learn how to manifest the relationship you desire, bring more love into your life and create more prosperity

      • And much more!


      Spark Your Week always contains:

      • PDF worksheet embedded with light codes from my guides

      • MP3 detailed message and unique meditation to keep you in alignment to the life you LOVE

      • A simple way to manifest this week

      • Keywords to use

      • Affirmations to use that will be most effective

      • Tools to stay in flow and up your manifesting game

      • Channeled message from my guides, The Councils of Light

      • Best crystal to use this week that's aligned to this week's energies


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