July 23rd, 2019 - Spark Your Week With Olivia! July 24 2019, 0 Comments

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This week my guides, The Councils of Light, shared it’s the week of openings, a time of energies colliding in magnificent ways and an upgrading of your body to process more and varied frequencies of energy. 

You've reached the climax and pivot.

No more uphill climbing.  

And the cool thing is, everyone will receive the new openings this week...even the most stubborn of people. 

That’s the beauty of this week - it’s all about grace - you don’t have to be perfect or whatever you think you need to be to receive this now.  

So enjoy!


Keywords this week: Ease & Grace

Affirmations:  “I receive unlimited abundance, not because I did anything to deserve it, but because I am me.”

“I am exactly where I should be."  



    • Learn a simple way to activate the miracles in your life this week

    • Why you may be feeling dizzy or physically uncomfortable outside and what to do about it

    • What nature element you can use to activate your abundance and unlimited flow

    • How to activate more ease and grace and trust in the universe to provide

    • And much more!


    Spark Your Week always contains:

    • PDF worksheet embedded with light codes from my guides

    • MP3 detailed message and unique meditation to keep you in alignment to the life you LOVE

    • A simple way to manifest this week

    • Keywords to use

    • Affirmations to use that will be most effective

    • Tools to stay in flow and up your manifesting game

    • Channeled message from my guides, The Councils of Light

    • Best crystal to use this week that's aligned to this week's energies


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