July 16th, 2019 - Spark Your Week with Olivia! July 17 2019, 0 Comments

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This week my guides, The Councils of Light, shared we have two extraordinary events in the sky that will be transforming your week into something magical - although at the beginning (and remember the cosmic week begins on Tuesday), you may not think so.  

We’ve got a full moon and a partial lunar eclipse all happening at the start of our week on Tuesday, July 16th.  Jumping the gun and emotional interactions may be running high this week around you, but there's a higher purpose to this - we’re clearing out old outdated and abusive cycles.
Yay!! :D  Because it's going to shift quickly into aha's and open the door to magical moon manifestations this week...
So happy, happy week to you!


Keywords this week: Abundance & Happiness (the kind of happiness you get from clarity)

Affirmations: “It is safe for me to follow and live my dreams.”

“Love is in the air. All I have to do is follow it’s lead."



    • Some of you may be doing deep work with others this week, which leads to joy - learn how and when that happens

    • Sit back, relax and let the week unfold in exactly the way it needs to

    • This magical color will help clear your subconscious of any manifesting blocks you may have
    • Use the moon to up your manifesting game in a fun visualization
    • How to enhance your water to manifest a life you LOVE this week
    • Work with this flower in simple ways to help you stay in balance
    • And much more!


    Spark Your Week always contains:

    • PDF worksheet embedded with light codes from my guides

    • MP3 detailed message and unique meditation to keep you in alignment to the life you LOVE

    • A simple way to manifest this week

    • Keywords to use

    • Affirmations to use that will be most effective

    • Tools to stay in flow and up your manifesting game

    • Channeled message from my guides, The Councils of Light

    • Best crystal to use this week that's aligned to this week's energies


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