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Welcome to the latest Spark Your Week! Come join us and step into your True Creatorship this year and remember who you truly are on this NEW Earth with my guides, The Councils of Light!

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Hello Amazing Spirit!

It’s Olivia here with Spark Your Week!  Channeled Message & Meditation with my guides, The Councils of Light, and myself for February 7th - 24th, 2020.

Spark Your Week! contains the specific activations and information you need to step into your Authentic True Creatorship and Source Directed, Sovereign life of Freedom this year.

Spark Your Week! is all about empowerment and creating in this new earth and contains the following sections below:

  • New Earth Message (what's happening behind the scenes with our Ascension)

  • Theme for the Week/s to Prioritize (to keep you aligned to the Truth of who you really are)

  • New Earth Energy Tools (energetic tools that will clear, reset and align you easily in this New Earth)

  • Creation Code Download (to bring you back to your Original/Organic Divine Blueprint)

  • Mission Activation for Specific Lightworkers (it's time to shine!)

  • Major Lightcodes (your Superpowers) activating this year within your body

  • The Councils of Light Message with Embedded Activation Codes (so you never forget who you truly are ever again)

  • New Earth Elemental Companion to Work With (the earth is embodying higher dimensional elements we can work with now)

  • Meditation to Align to True Creatorship & Empowerment (keeping your channel of True Self/Source aligned and empowered)

Below is the detailed message that corresponds to your worksheet and an outline of the MP3 meditation.  Most of the topics below are in your worksheet as shortened reminders. 

Spark Your Week! is geared to sparking your own insights and intuitive guidance.  

So be sure to take what resonates and download your worksheet, print it out and work with it as a daily reminder. 

Let’s dive into what The Councils of Light told me...

New Earth Message:

(this section is where the Councils relay their thoughts and ideas about the activations happening and where we are currently in the ascension process)

It is time to be aware of what darker motives have been playing out for eons on your planet, so you can choose wisely the new aligned Source Timelines for your True Empowerment that are activating en masse at the moment.

We do not wish to bring in any fear. 

We simply mean to say you are at a pivotal point on this New Earth, where these lower consciousness motives do not have a hold on you anymore.

Congratulations!  You are not hooked anymore and they're not able to bring in fear to your planet, as they once did.

Which means, you're now able to be easily release them as a Sovereign BE-ing of Source.

In order to do this, it is important to recognize your power in every moment...

  • Where is your consciousness being led?

  • Are you the one leading it?

  • Are you being dragged into consciousness traps by others that lead to dead ends and circular arguments?

Notice, release and regain your consciousness from experiences (artificial timelines) that do not have your best interest or 'Equal/Unity/Source' energy as their prime motivation.

Release yourself from being led without your conscious consent.

And step into your sovereignty and true freedom to create your life as truly your own.

There are many negative motivations on this earth plane that you are being made aware of now as a collective Empathic Lightworker Soul Group.

Once such motivation is to gain access to your consciousness.

To keep you hooked into lower levels of egoic fears and desires.

To keep your brain's antennae receiving low level frequency transmissions through devices, various technologies, ego distractions and collective/bureaucratic drama...

All of which are being used to detract you from your inner sanctum/center and your true sovereign power...

This is not to say that all of the above are inherently 'bad'...

We are saying though, when these tools above are used without a connection to your inner source power, they have the ability to connect you to ego based survival and fear programs in artificial timelines.

Which is a way of living you're now being asked to leave behind, as you enter this new age.

These motivations have been fueled by many agendas on this earth plane and beyond that wish to keep you submissive...

Easily controlled and lacking the remembrance and connection to who you truly are.

When you are in your truth that you are absolutely a true and powerful being of light, who is sovereign and free to create in the universe...

All other modes of low level (out of alignment with Source) thoughts and control vanish.

And True Freedom, Innovation and Creation reign.

It has been the nature of your earth plane reality over the last 26,000 years or so that these lower level negatively motivated agendas have been building and growing.

And it is over the last four centuries in western society, that souls, like yourself, have incarnated en masse (before this just a small handful came down at various times) on this earth to help shift the collective out of the unconsciousness and disassociation from their Source Self that these agendas have created.

Over the past two months, you have hit the mass shift point/zero point in the field of consciousness...

Where shifting into True Source, Sovereign, [Organic] Timelines are now possible.

This is a big milestone, as this hasn't been possible at this level and in this amount of awakened mass soul groups for eons.

Over the next two weeks, we are here reminding you of this important fact...

It is primed and aligned with the evolution of consciousness on this planet and the ascension journey you're on, to easily release these low level communications, fear based agendas and artificial timelines now and forever.

Collectively you've come to this point and we are so proud of you for your efforts to clear and release that which doesn't align and bring in the truth of who you really are.

We recognize this process of 'ascending out of the veil' is not easy on this earth plane...

As many of you Lightworkers reading this message have had to descend into the 'hell planes' in order for the collective to reach this point.

This descent was a soul contract you agreed to long before you arrived in body.

Because you are warriors of light, who cannot be destroyed and have specific internal codes within you to never lose your connection to your light and your divine empathy, no matter what you go through.

And by bringing yourself and your amazing superpowers into this world in this way, you've implanted specific lightcodes within these dark shadows of collective fear you've traversed...

Which have become stepping stones for the collective to make their way back to their true Source and the truth of who they really are. 

And now, at this point on your journey, you have truly succeeded!

You ARE amazing! 


A NOTE FROM OLIVIA: After receiving this transmission earlier this week around releasing the false timelines, The Councils of Light stressed to me the importance that all Lightworkers release the 'enslavement' programs at this time - to become more aware of the subtleties around what is truly confining our consciousness. 

As I spoke with them, my own fears arose around relaying this message, as it felt heavy and intense (my own stuff was clearing at the time). 

Later that day, I received the following poem in a newsletter from Richard Rhodus (sound healer who offers gong baths across the US) which confirmed to me the validity of this big message and signaled that this is a major theme for all of us Lightworkers now. 

Enjoy this amazing poem from one of the early Lightworkers who incarnated in order to plant the seeds for today's rebirth and ascension...

We Have Not Come To Take Prisoners, by the 14th century Sufi Mystic, Hafiz...

We have not come here to take prisoners,
But to surrender ever more deeply
To freedom and joy.
We have not come to this exquisite world
To hold ourselves hostage from love.

Run my dear,
From anything
That may not strengthen
Your precious budding wings.

Run like hell my dear,
From anyone likely
To put a sharp knife
Into the sacred, tender vision
Of your beautiful heart.

We have a duty to befriend
Those aspects of obedience
That stand outside of our house
And shout to our reason
O please, O please,
Come out to play.

For we have not come here to take prisoners
Or to confine our wondrous spirits,
But to experience ever and ever more deeply
Our divine courage, freedom and


Theme for the Week/s:

(this section outlines your Source priorities to work with now, which will keep you aligned to the Truth of who you really are)

True Freedom & Empowerment

With freedom comes choice...what path will you choose throughout your day?

  • Organic 'Source Connected' Timelines - that keep you in freedom and expansion to unlimited possibilities and true sovereignty to create your life as you see fit.
  • or Artificial 'Fear & Separation Based' Timelines - that limit and fill you with dread, lack and failure - shrinking your realm of possibility down to zero.

As the collective earth is releasing these subtle false timelines, they will come up for you to review and release. 

You really do have the freedom to choose organic timelines holding your True Creator path and to discern which are which, as your awareness is heightened now.

Keep choosing expansion and freedom through:
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Saying yes to things that are TOTALLY aligned
  • Taking care of your multi-dimensional NEW Earth body in ways that align to you

You're also now able to clearly see who is and who is not aligned...

Notice when others step over your boundaries (passively or directly), which gives you a clear sign this person (path) is not aligned.

No longer do you need to say yes to things that are halfway aligned and then craft together components to make them more aligned. 

This is the time to ONLY agree to that which fulfills you FULLY. 


New Earth Energy Tools:

(this section gives the energetic tools that will clear, reset and align you easily in this New Earth)

    Tool #1: Grace & Ease

    Your Original Divine Blueprint (which is based upon 12 strands of DNA, allowing you to inter-dimensionally travel and exist without the deterioration of your biological form) is coming back online now and your body is upgrading to hold this original form. 

    Employing the tool below throughout your day in this new energy is a game changer.  It has the power to significantly shift your inner physical reality to such a degree, your whole BE-ing gets a reboot and recharges to True Peace '12D energy' (where your Original Divine Blueprint is held). 

    This visual helps bring back your Original Blueprint, by creating a space for it to thrive and anchor - a space of true grace and ease, where it anchors.

        1. Connect with your True Self (your light) within your body.
        2. Tell your True Self to show you your 12D Original Blueprint of what life is really supposed to be like - there is no pressure, time is non-existent, there are no deadlines and no overwhelm.  There is only grace and ease.  Things flow to you easily and you meet them with grace, peace and joy. 
        3. Notice what you receive.
        4. Be in this state, feeling the truth of this experience as best you can.
        5. Repeat this process at least once a day. 


        Tool #2: Discernment in All Forms

        Follow the lead of your emotional body.  As an Empath, this is your superpower; although you were falsely taught that it is your weakness. 

        Your emotional body is a powerful tool of discernment and is meant to help you experience all forms of emotions without taking them into your physical body and storing them - so you can fully experience and flow the gift of life through all forms on this earth. 

        Things are being heightened now - people are not aware of why they are feeling ascension symptoms and they are stepping more into their ego than ever before in order to put up their defenses to gain some semblance of control. 

        It is now time for Empaths to step out of the way of these types of experiences/people and let your inner emotional compass be your guide.

        1. This tool is all about noticing the moment when you feel a negative emotion and if it stays with you. 
        2. If the emotion stays with you, no matter how much you examine or do your inner work to clear it, then this is your sign that whatever is bringing up this emotion is not aligned to you.  It is not a truly empowered action, experience and/or person.  This is your sign to employ and state your boundaries and remove yourself from the situation. 
        3. Do you inner work to release the triggers and wounding inside of you that may be coming up, but know that if a negative emotion doesn't leave, then the situation is not aligned.


        Tool #3: Energy Body Alignment to Your Chosen Dimension of Creation*

        You're now at a point in this New Earth, where you're being given the opportunity to align to the dimension your True Self (the spiritual aspect of you aligned to your Original Blueprint that knows exactly how to live, create and flow throughout the universe) resides in, in order to create from this dimension and flow the energy you need from your Source to thrive. 

        You are now finding your 'True Homes', dimensionally speaking, upon this New Earth, which is now able to house all 15 Dimensions upon it. 

        This tool helps you find your 'Home Dimension', align to it and set up a  "True Self Shield" to help you stay clear and vibrationally aware throughout your day by connecting you to your 6 directions (North, West, East, South, Sky and Earth) in your specific home dimension, anchoring you into your cosmic heart and activating your True Self Shield to keep you centered throughout your day. 

        *The detailed steps are in the meditation at the end.


            Creation Code Download:

            (This section gives the frequencies of the specific light packets returning to you now to bring you back to your Original/Organic Divine Blueprint.  They contain parts of who you truly are that wish to come back to you now from your Source, so you can create more easily in your life from the higher dimensions of yourself in the world.  Think of the number code sequences connected to them as pin #’s to access and open these Source Code Light Packets and call them in for yourself to activate within you.)

            Creation Matrix Code Number: 111111110

            This is the code for releasing the false programing, gaslighting, holographic false visioning and mind control matrices that have kept you from connecting to your Source, Sovereign BE-ing & True Freedom. 

            This is an interesting creation code number sequence as it looks a lot like binary code.  When I looked it up, it translates to 510 (not a coincidence).

            This connection to binary is not lost on the Council, as the major issue we've undergone in the past is a separation or fragmenting of our True Selves in such a way that we are separated from other dimensions of us.

            Keeping us from the wholeness that we truly are.

            Mathematical subversion tactics have been employed to keep us believing in a limited world - for example, when we moved to a base 10 structure (1-10) from a Divine base 12 structure (think our year, day/night) we removed the 11th and 12th dimensions from our consciousness where our Original Blueprint for our human form resides. 

            You may think this is a simple switch, but in the process of this shift, it has omitted the 12D energy that holds our Divine Original Blueprint and kept if from entering and anchoring into our earth plane (12D has now anchored through this ascension journey and has been re-gridded on this earth plane as of 2013).

            In working with this reprogramming binary creation code above, you in essence re-seed and replace the separation of all other number sequences down to its most basic 2D level (as binary only uses 2 numbers 1's and 0's).

            This separation from all other numbers besides 1's and 0's, which was amplified with binary code, connects easily to all false programing inside and releases it easily from you, reprogramming you to your original true light in all dimensions and bringing you back from your fragmentation and into your wholeness.

            Your True "510 template" is activated completely in the process. :)

            In other words, this code releases easily anything that binds you to enslavement, and brings you to your True Freedom (5), Sovereignty (1) and Source (0) BE-ingness in the world (the '510 template').

            It also reprograms your brain to its Original Blueprint and purpose.  Your brain was originally intended to pick up high-frequency transmissions from your Higher Self/True Self/Source and make sense of them (translate them) for you.

            With the advent of the false "power over" programming and "separation matrix" on this earth grid, your brain has lost this original ability and purpose, getting stuck in low frequency waves of communication such as fear, pain and hardship thought forms. 

            Your brain has literally been attuned, like an antennae, to receive the messages from your tribe, family, society and collective, which have been broadcasting these separation and power over programs for the last 26,000 years or so.

            This creation code re-tunes your brain's antenna to pick up high-level frequency communications from your Source/True Self/Higher Selves in higher dimensions.

            And with this your clarity and focus drastically improve.


            Steps to download:

            1. Connect with your True Self - the light within you.
            2. Tell your True Self/Light; “True Self, if this is for my highest good, activate and download creation code 111111110 into my DNA and livelihood.  Thank you.”


            List of Past Creation Codes:

                  • Matrix Code # 1-11-24 - This is the code for entering into the domain of the unknown with ease and grace. (see January 6th-20th, 2020 report for more details)
                  • Matrix Code # 12-24-78 - This is the code for activating immediate enlightenment for all (not just for one, but for the many).  (see January 23rd-Feb 4th, 2020 report for more details)

                        Mission Activation for Specific Lightworkers:

                        (this section describes the new soul missions activating and which group of lightworkers are receiving this mission)

                        Specific lightworkers are gathering in spiritual conference during dream states to undergo a soul mission re-evaluation period...

                        Finding out and examining what missions would be best suited to whom in order for this next evolutionary journey and ascension cycle in this New Earth.

                        The specific group of lightworkers receiving this NEW mission activation are:

                        Those whose home base is in the 12th Dimension.

                        The soul mission activating for this group...

                        Which you all decided to undertake, in alignment with your own soul is this:

                        Bring in the frequencies to support the Original Divine Blueprint, through clearing artificial and manipulated timelines based in fear and control.

                        If you recall, in the last report we spoke about the Soul Groups who are here to release/destroy the non-beneficial false (artificial), collective timelines.

                        Those of you who do this soul work are now coming online (you may have noticed this over the past few weeks) to carry out this original contract of creation.

                        Which is to bring in the Free, Sovereign and Creator Birthrights of all souls to align to organic (true) timelines fed by Source energy.

                        Artificial timelines are not fed by Source, are parasitic in nature and rely upon the steady stream of fears and intense emotional energies to sustain them. 

                        They are not able to connect to Source energy and instead receive energy from being layered between organic Source fed Timelines. 

                        This layering makes it easy for humans to "slip" into these fear based and ego driven timelines, looping what seems like never ending streams of karmic cycles and fear into their lives.

                        These artificial (holographic) timelines have been created on this earth to keep you in worry, fear, panic and disconnection from feeling truly present.

                        Keeping you from the connection to your Universal Source and LOVE, which is truly YOU.

                        Those of you in this soul group work specifically with the Law of Correspondence (as within, so without).  You have a gift of easily discerning the patterns inherent within to create the worlds around you.

                        You understand, at some level, the core programs and false selves which have created and aligned to the outer world artificial timelines and help others respond differently to their external stimuli, so as not to "slip" into these paths.

                        You're the natural healers who clear imprints, negative programs and any other false patterning with ease from the energetic and physical bodies.

                        In your dream state you naturally and easily clear these artificial timelines, as you become aware of them in your waking life.

                        Over the next two weeks, as this mission activates, you will be led to information regarding this 12D Soul Mission...

                        Which is bringing back the dimensional frequencies of our Divine Original Blueprint (the true template for the original Source Aligned Human housed in the 12th dimension, which allows inter-dimensional travel and regeneration of the human biology) through releasing the timelines and timestamps that have been blocking this Original Blueprint from being received on this earth plane.

                        To find out if this is you:

                        1. Go into your True Self/light within your body.
                        2. Ask your True Self/light, "Am I in this group of lightworkers?"
                        3. You'll receive a visual sign, auditory message, knowingness, or feeling that you are and this soul mission is activating for you now.

                        If this is you..

                        Get ready for some divine soul mission inspiration coming in during these next two weeks and beyond. 

                        Follow this inspiration and take aligned action, which will be easy to do because you can’t do anything else. :)


                        List of Past Soul Missions that Have Activated:

                          • Those who work with the Elohim - To search out the truth in all forms and ready it for the world to see.  (see January 6th-20th, 2020 report for more details)
                          • Those who are here to carry and disseminate the light of creation through the playfulness and joy that is at its essence. - To elevate and enliven the whole through excitement and authenticity in the form of dance, humor, theater, arts and "wisdom with joy".  (see January 23rd - February 4th, 2020 report for more details)

                                Major Lightcodes Downloading:

                                (this section lets you know when and how the 11 major Lightcode Activations for the year - from the 2020 Report - are happening, how to work with them and what they do)


                                Past Lightcode Activations:

                                  • Lightcode #4: Creation From a True Manifestation Space* - Brings in your alignment with your new creatorship abilities in Truth, not illusion, and the conviction/trust/confidence that you are truly this. This Lightcode has been anchored and activated within you as of 2-2-20. (see January 23rd - February 4th, 2020 report for more details)


                                      *A NOTE ON THIS LIGHTCODE ACTIVATION...which occurred over the last few weeks for everyone and culminated on the 2-2-20 to integrate en masse, has allowed you to activate your commitment and connection to your Original Divine Blueprint.

                                      This activation is a shift point wehre everyone is now able to come back to their Divine Original Blueprint at this time.

                                      It now has an anchor point within your physical vessel and cannot be taken away or separated from ever again.

                                      This Original Blueprint holds the truth that you are now and always has been a Divine Sovereign BE-ing of Universal Light.

                                      Not owned by anyone, fed by Source energy to create with compassion, connect to the original blueprint of empathy, unite through the wisdom of dimensions and manifest through the True Universal Laws of Creation (your True Creatorship).


                                      The Councils of Light Message:

                                      (The Councils of Light are now helping us remember what plans we’ve made in our dream state along with specific frequencies embedded within this message to help activate your own timeline and sense of knowing what is aligned to you now and what you need to do)

                                      “Welcome dear ones, we are with you now and forever.

                                      Each member of the collective has been given free-will to choose, if they so desire, the path out of darkness, illusion and enslavement to a false egoic template designed to keep you playing small, so a select few can be big.

                                      These non-empathic templates of 'enslavement' are releasing from your earth grid at this time, as this is all happening in harmony and being led/facilitated by Lightworkers and Wayshowers now.

                                      The True Empathic Templates of Humanity are finally being seeded on this earth plane, as Empathic Lightworkers, like yourself, step out of their disillusionment and release, once and for all, the false beliefs of "weakness" and "non worth" they believed themselves to be at their core because of their heightened ability to feel.

                                      The good news is 'True Worth as Source' programs and templates have come online and are ingrained within each one of you now.

                                      To highlight this transformation, we would like to envelope you in your own True Light and open the gates to your remembering of who you truly are, so you can finally feel, at the truest level your emotional body can process, the true connection to your God Source, which you've been kept from all these years.

                                      If you would like to be reconnected and able to finally feel your True God/Source Connection as a Sovereign Source BE-ing (this is in our meditation), simply tell yourself:

                                      'Activate the True God Source Connection and remove the veils, illusions, gaslighting and manipulations that have kept me from this true state of BE-ing.  I AM now able to fully feel this true connection now and forever.  I AM so aligned and will never alter.  It is so.'

                                      You may feel a resonance at the moment you speak these words, or you may notice this connection grows stronger in your emotional body over the course of hours or days.

                                      Whichever one happens to you, know this...you can never be separated from yourself, your Source or your Truth ever again.

                                      This is your Divine Birthright.

                                      With love in our hearts for you all...enjoy the new resonance fields anchoring into the earth, carrying the truth of who you really are within them.

                                      -The Councils of Light”


                                      Elemental Companion:

                                      (this section describes the ‘new earth’ multi-dimensional elements we all have access to and which are coming online for us to work with now)


                                      Tetragonal Crystal Systems of Light

                                      • This is one of the 7 basic building blocks of crystal formations that produces an 8th dimensional frequency band and light field that interacts with your physical body in such a way to produce "tears of joy" - freeing your emotional body from restraints and constrictions and allowing your feelings to be felt with joy and ease.
                                      • Common crystals in this system include: Apophyllite, Chalcopyrite, Zircon, Wulfenite, Vesuvianite and Rutile.
                                      • To work with this system, charge up your tetragonal crystals (or if you don't have them, find a photo online and use as a visual aid) with the intent to 'elevate your 8th Dimensional Spiritual Self within your life'.  This will bring in your high-level  8th dimensional Soul Group wisdom and character.


                                      Meditation to Align to Your True Creatorship & Empowerment:

                                      (this section takes one of the above tools/understandings and anchors it in/activates it for yourself through a guided meditation which helps you step into more of your truth and empowerment and aligns you to a life you LOVE)

                                      'Energy Body Alignment to Your Chosen Dimension of Creation' Meditation

                                      Hello Amazing Spirit, It's Olivia here with your New Earth Meditation to align you to your true creatorship and empowerment so you can create a life you LOVE in this New Earth.

                                      It's time to truly step out of the lower artificial timelines releasing now and anchor into your calm and peaceful Home Dimension, where you're creating from, by attuning your energy body to this frequency and shielding yourself from lower thought forms. 

                                      Sit back, relax and enjoy!:


                                      Take some deep breathes into your belly and close your eyes.

                                      Imagine the light within you - your True Self.

                                      Notice what it’s like for you - color, feel, sound, size.

                                      This light connects you to your Source, the power within you to create universes.

                                      And you are now sitting within your Source and True Self.

                                      It is enveloping you in such light and love, that it clears all darkness and illusion.

                                      Notice what this is like for you.


                                      Your Source brings you whatever you need. Go ahead and tell this light to bring you to your Home Dimension - the dimension your True Self naturally resides and loves to create from.

                                      Notice what this is like for you.

                                      When you're ready ask your True Self to relay what number dimension this is.

                                      Notice what number you receive.


                                      When you're ready, go ahead and ask your True Self to attune you to this dimension and ground you into this frequency.

                                      Notice what this is like for you.


                                      Now that you're attuned to your Home Dimension, it's time to attune your energy field to this place within your physical body and on this earth.

                                      Let's call in the 6 directions.

                                      First, tell your True Self, "Bring me into alignment with [# of your Home Dimension]D True North."

                                      Notice what that is like for you.

                                      When you're ready tell your True Self, "Bring me into alignment with [# of your Home Dimension]D True East."

                                      Notice what that is like for you.

                                      When you're ready tell your True Self, "Bring me into alignment with [# of your Home Dimension]D True South."

                                      Notice what that is like for you.

                                      When you're ready tell your True Self, "Bring me into alignment with [# of your Home Dimension]D True West."

                                      Notice what that is like for you.

                                      When you're ready tell your True Self, "Bring me into alignment with [# of your Home Dimension]D True Sky."

                                      Notice what that is like for you.

                                      When you're ready tell your True Self, "Bring me into alignment with [# of your Home Dimension]D True Earth."

                                      Notice what that is like for you.


                                      When you’re ready go ahead and tell your True Self, "Center me into my cosmic heart." 

                                      Notice what this is like for you.


                                      Next, go ahead and tell your True Self, "Activate my True Self Shield around me. Only the energy aligned to my True Self may enter, all others may not."

                                      Notice what this is like for you.


                                      It is time to open the portal to your True God/Source Connection as a Sovereign Source BE-ing.

                                      When you're ready, go ahead and tell your True Self:

                                      'Activate the True God Source Connection and remove the veils, illusions, gaslighting and manipulations that have kept me from this true state of BE-ing.  I AM now able to fully feel this true connection now and forever.  I AM so aligned and will never alter.  It is so.'

                                      Notice how this is for you.

                                      You may feel a resonance or you may notice this connection grows stronger over the course the day.

                                      Whichever one happens to you, know this...you can never be separated from yourself, your Source or your Truth ever again.

                                      Take a moment and BE with this truth.


                                      You're all set.  Your energy body and space is now set.

                                      This is an alignment tool for you to use on a daily basis as the energies on this planet increase, this set space you've created allows you to freely be you and stay in true discernment and creation.


                                      When you're ready, ask your True Self, "What message do I need to receive now?"

                                      Notice what comes to you.


                                      When you’re ready, come on back into your light within your body and your own space. 

                                      Tell your light to center and ground you.

                                      You can imagine energy moving from the top of your head, down into your body and out into the earth to help ground you.

                                      Take a big deep breath, open your eyes and move back into your beautiful body.


                                      Congratulations!  You’ve just attuned to your creatorship in this new earth and charged up with the energies you need to create a life you LOVE!


                                      Thank you so much for tuning in!

                                      This has been Olivia, with Spark Your Week! Channeled message and meditation.

                                      If you haven’t already, go ahead and download the PDF and print it out to use.

                                      And head on over to our private Facebook Group just for our community!  Share your insights, respond to our daily topics and let us know what's been working and what energies you've noticed!

                                      Head on over and join the discussions!  I'm excited to connect with you!

                                      Be sure to tune in for our next report to help love the life you have and create a life you love in this new earth!

                                      With lots of love for you and a big hug, Thank you so much for becoming a member and joining me in this New Earth!  Enjoy!  


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                                      Spark Your Week always contains:

                                      • PDF worksheet recap embedded with light codes and a very special detailed message from my guides, The Councils of Light

                                      • MP3 of a unique New Earth Meditation to keep you in alignment to the life you LOVE

                                      • New Earth Message - thoughts and ideas about the activations happening and where we are currently

                                      • Theme for the week/s to prioritize

                                      • Creation Code download

                                      • Mission activation for specific lightworkers

                                      • Major Lightcodes activating this year within your bodies

                                      • The Councils of Light message with embedded activation codes

                                      • New Earth Elemental Companion to work with

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