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    Hello Amazing Spirit!

    It’s Olivia here with your Spark Your Week!  Channeled Message & Meditation with my guides, The Councils of Light, and myself to help you with the incoming energies for the week of December 3rd, 2019.  

    Remember, these messages don’t follow the traditional Monday through Sunday week.  These transmissions come in on a Tuesday and you receive them by Wednesday or Thursday because we’re working the cosmic week, which starts on a Tuesday and ends on a Monday.  

    This is the fun detailed additional message and meditation that corresponds to your worksheet.  Most of the topics I’ll be talking about in the recording are in your worksheet as shortened reminders. 

    Spark Your Week! is geared to sparking your own insights and intuitive guidance through giving you an abundance of tools that align to this week’s energies so you can choose the ones that are right for you and work them in the amazing and unique ways you are meant to.  

    So be sure to choose the ones that resonate and download your worksheet, print it out and work with it as a reminder this week. 

    Let’s dive into what The Councils of Light told me about this week and what will help you stay aligned to a life you LOVE...

    This week the keywords are:

     Empathy & Awareness

    And the affirmations to use this week are:

    "Autonomy, connection and support are my birthright."

    "I'm not alone in this world."


    Opening Message:

    This week my guides are saying...

    Hello amazing humans on this earth and path to consciousness. 

    We're here to interrupt the regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you the news that the planet has shifted.

    You've all been reborn and we're here to say it's pretty darn miraculous from our perspective!

    You see you've been preparing for this day for a long while, lining up to come down here at this time to see if this shift was going to actually happen. 

    You've been surfing the timelines and jumping through disintegrating timelines at warp speed like skateboarders on a rampage.

    Jumping through and over timelines as they collapse, which brings you here to this current timeline of success. 

    Congratulations you've navigated some rough waters and survived and thrived!

    We're so proud of you!

    And now this week you reap the rewards of time well spent. 

    Ride this energetic wave toward the new shore that awaits.

    Prepare for paradise. 

    And in doing so, you will receive the bounty. 

    It is not required of you to do much, but to get out of the way. 

    Allow this week. 

    Allow the rebirth to anchor. 

    Allow the birthday celebrations in your heart. 

    Allow the feelings of newness to enter and the timelines to materialize that which has been there all along, but has been waiting for the day when you can allow it to enter.

    That day is now.

    Now is the power point, the point of your power.

    This 'now' timeline is the present moment awareness of:

    • Your gifts
    • Your strengths
    • Your heart felt union with the universe

    There is no other. 

    No other present moment has afforded you with such a magnificent view. 

    You're now able, in this now moment, to capture and understand more data and vibrational resonance than ever before.

    Your now moment is jam packed with love and interesting components.

    So much so, that going onto social media doesn't allure or draw you to escape anymore.

    The means of escape you used in the past, because your now moment was so boring, are no longer options. 

    Are no longer entertaining.

    This is the beginning of releasing addictions, one after the other, that have been holding you back as a form of escaping your now moment. 

    They just don't hold the same allure as in the past. 

    Because your now moment is:

    • More entertaining
    • More exhilarating
    • More enjoyable than ever before

    Enjoy your now moment this week and know that it will be growing and growing into more and more joy as you approach the 12/12 portal. 

    Some of you are feeling this as excitement, mania, insomnia, energy rushes...

    And some of you are feeling it as a drain. 

    Whichever you're feeling, know that time is shifting...

    It's both standing still and approaching very quickly.

    You see, this 12/12 portal is like no other as it marks the zero point in the timeline field of consciousness. 

    Which means that from 12/12 forward you are very much creating totally anew...

    Creating timelines instead of walking through the destruction of them and/or releasing them. 

    It's the zero point...

    Which marks the beginning of true and legitimate new earth creation for all. 

    This is a monumentous point! 

    And one we celebrate today - seeing you all come into and get to this point. 

    A lot of us and your collective didn't think you would get here in one piece.

    And some of you thought you were not either. 

    But you did and you did it well! 

    Celebrate your birthday dear one! 

    Celebrate your spirit! 

    And celebrate the beginning of your new life!


    And without hesitation!



    To work with these energies in a general way to manifest this week, here’s a tool given to me by my guides that will fast track you, it’s super simple...

    How to Spark your Week! - Manifesting Tool:

    The Good News Tool

    It's time to get in contact with your new crew in spirit and check in with them more often this week, to stay on track with positivity and get the news that all your hard work is paying off.

    Here's how to do it...

    1. Sit with your eyes closed, go into your light and imagine the lights around you of your spirit guides.
    2. Ask them for "good news"  - "What is the good news I need to receive right now?" 
    3. Notice what comes to you.
    4. It's important this week to check in and receive good news, versus thinking about what you need to heal or old painful memories to clear...there is true celebration in the air and the good news you receive each day awakens a new and true aspect of yourself and your energy, which in turn prepares you for the 12/12 portal to come.


      Channeled Message: Check it out...

      “Welcome dear ones, we are with you now and forever.

      It is time for you to cry. To cry for yourself. To truly love yourself the way the universe and your Source and your True Self love you. For you see, when you tap into this space, you cannot help but cry. Crying now is not a release, it is a punctuation.

      For those of you who have been told you should not cry, could not cry or why are you crying? we say to you that there is no other expression anywhere else in this galaxy or universe where there is the feeling state of true bliss where crying marks this deep resonance inside.

      No other peoples on any other planet cry when they are in a resonant state of truth/bliss/happiness/soul alignment. This is very unique to you and the earth plane. We want you to recognize this this week.

      Some of you have been noticing a tendency towards tearing up lately over the last week and a half. This is because the trueness of your being has come in more fully now than ever before and the resonance of truth, love and bliss is being felt at a much deeper level.

      Crying is symbolically creating a truth or showing you the truth of this experience. Embrace your tears. They are a true marker of how far you've actually come. And a true state of the universe.

      With love in our hearts for you all, -The Councils of Light”


      This week our element to work with is:

      The Basic Rock

      • The most basic abundant rocks you see on a daily basis are the rocks we will be working more closely with this week...the abundance of these basic forms of life are giving you a resonance to your building blocks of creation this week.
      • They are helping you collect all of your foundational aspects of your True Self as you move closer and closer to the 12/12 portal.
      • It's important to stay grounded and what better way to to do this than with the common rock you can easily find wherever you are.
      • Do not underestimate these powerhouses of grounding.  You don't need a "fancy" rock/crystal/mineral to do this. It's important now to connect to all of life and the common rock is one energy which helps you align to your most basic of truths - you're not alone and never were.


      And now onto the 3 manifesting tools section of Spark Your Week!, which you can find on the second page of your worksheet as quick reminders.  

      In this section, I tap into specific cosmic rays hitting the planet that are here to up-level specific areas of your life.  There are three main cosmic rays you’ll be getting messages from - Manifesting a Soul Aligned Relationship cosmic ray, Bringing in more love to your existing relationship/s cosmic ray and Creating more Prosperity and abundance cosmic ray.

      Let’s hear what these specific rays have to say and how they’re helping you this week...

      Manifesting a new Soul aligned Relationship Message cosmic ray:

      (I see pink light)

      "Why do you cry?  Why do you feel saddened when you do not have the perfect partner with you?  Because you're saddened by the fact that you have not truly connected with yourself at a level that is beyond other.  That is beyond what another can give you.

      Go within this week and find yourself.  Your true self is more able to be found now and at a much deeper level than ever before. You'll be amazed at how much it has shifted because you have shifted. Never underestimate the power of the now and the power of your truth to set you free from loneliness and the pain of 'not having it' yet."


      Manifesting more LOVE Message cosmic ray:

      (I see light yellow energy)

      "We bring you the sign that it is now for you to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  It is now to embark on the unknown journey that awaits.  To take chances this week is to open into a whole new level of love within yourself that is truly supporting you in this new endevour.

      It's time to reach out and step into the stars, without a road map. Love will light the way and give you ground beneath your feet. It will light up the steps to take, but it can't do that without you taking the first step.  Courageously talk yourself off the ledge and just do it this week."


      Manifesting more Prosperity Message cosmic ray:

        (I see a light green energy)

        "It is time to awaken the dormant parts of you which are true creators of your happiness and prosperity this's time for a true self prosperity activation. 

        Repeat these words, 'It is time to embark on my journey to fully activating my prosperous life.  I give full permission to activate this for me for my highest good and the highest good of all connected to me. It is time for true prosperity to awaken here on earth for all.'"


          It’s that time of the recording - your weekly healing and activating 10 min meditation tune-up just for you to help you attune to your “best self” and “highest good path” this week and stay in alignment to a life you LOVE. So sit back, relax and enjoy!:


          Take some deep breathes into your belly and close your eyes.

          Imagine a bubble of light around you. This is your light, love and truth holding you as you walk your path.

          Notice what it’s like for you - color, feel, sound, size.

          Notice the light within you as well.

          Notice how it feels to sit inside your light, no matter what’s going on around you.

          Notice how much love it contains for you.


          Your light brings you whatever you need. Go ahead and tell your light to bring you the energy of rocks.

          Notice what this is like for you.


          When you’re ready go ahead and ask these rocks to amplify their vibration, which is your true vibration you need this week.

          Notice how this is for you.


          When you’re ready go ahead and bring in this vibration.

          Your plasma body within will easily become this natural and true state for you.

          Notice how this is for you.

          You'll know when it's been done.


          When you're ready, tell your light, "What good news do I need to receive now?"

          Notice what comes to you.


          When you’re ready, come on back into your bubble and your own space. 

          Tell your bubble to center and ground you.

          You can imagine energy moving from the top of your head, down into your body and out into the earth to help ground you.

          Take a big deep breath, open your eyes and move back into your beautiful body.


          Congratulations!  You’ve just attuned to your best self this week and charged up with the energies you need to create a life you LOVE!


          Thank you so much for tuning in!

          This has been Olivia, with this week’s Spark Your Week! Channeled message and meditation.

          If you haven’t already, go ahead and download this week’s PDF and print it out to use this week.  

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          Be sure to tune in next week to help love the life you have and create a life you love!

          With lots of love for you and a big hug, Thank you so much for becoming a member and joining me each week!  Enjoy your week!  


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