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Welcome to the latest Spark Your Week New Earth Report!

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Hello Amazing Spirit!

It’s Olivia here with the latest Spark Your Week New Earth Report! with my guides, The Councils of Light, and myself for the new wave of energy coming from August 8th - 31st, 2020.

As always, Spark Your Week! is about your empowerment, connection to your True Self and learning to create this New Earth - helping you align to and activate your truth, no matter what's going on around you.

Most of the topics in this detailed report are in your PDF worksheet (link above) as shortened reminders. 

Remember...Spark Your Week! is geared to sparking your own insights and intuitive guidance.  

So be sure to take what resonates and download your worksheet, print it out and work with it as a daily reminder. 

Wishing you and yours a fantastic few weeks ahead, as we create this new earth together...

Enjoy the latest Spark Your Week New Earth Report!

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What's Inside this Report?

  • New Earth Message (what's happening behind the scenes with our Ascension)

  • Theme for the Week/s to Prioritize (to keep you aligned to the Truth of who you really are)

  • Artist Whose Work Embodies This Current Energy (get inspired by an artist, alive or dead, whose work touches upon our true timeline)

  • New Earth Energy Tools (energetic tools that will clear, reset and align you easily in this New Earth)

  • Creation Code Download (to bring you back to your Original/Organic Divine Blueprint)

  • Mission Activation for Specific Lightworkers (it's time to shine!)

  • Major Lightcodes (your Superpowers) activating this year within your body

  • The Councils of Light Message with Embedded Activation Codes (so you never forget who you truly are ever again)

  • New Earth Elemental Companion to Work With (the earth is embodying higher dimensional elements we can work with now)

  • Meditation (written version below, MP3 version in the links section above) to Align to True Creatorship & Empowerment (keeping your channel of True Self/Source aligned and empowered)



Let’s dive into what The Councils of Light told me...


New Earth Message:

(this section is where the Councils relay their thoughts and ideas about the activations happening and where we are currently in the ascension process)


It is with great honor and privilege that we come to tell you, you've made it out the other side! 

Complete, whole and inline with your amazing truth and dreams.

Able to finally manifest and create a life you truly LOVE!

You see before this pivotal marker of energy, you were creating through a muddied swamp of energies.

You found it hard to stay motivated, needed extra attention and sleep just to get through basic steps in your day...

Because you were immersed on the 3D earth plane of survival and fear.

To learn what the collective created.

To see what you couldn't see off the planet.

From a distance, the collective is hazy - a swirling spire of energy and dim light when you look down from the higher dimensions.

There's no way of helping or knowing what is needed, unless you come into this earth plane.

That's why you agreed to come down...

To be the eyes, ears and spirit of change!

The clarion call made from the collective, ushered in more and more Lightworkers like yourself...

Shifting, one person at a time, until this massive pivotal point - the 8/8/20...

What Lightworkers term, 'The Lion's Gate Portal'.

The major opening into exactly where you need to be and the finalization of what came before.

This year, the 8/8 portal also closes the doors to the 'Lightworker's struggle' of creating a life you truly LOVE.

You're mission takes precedence now.

Your ability to connect with and help with the transformation of others is amplified and all the resources you need to do it are now available to you 100%!

You are an amazing Empathic Lightworker Warrior, dropped onto earth, like a combat secret ops soldier during wartime.

You were left to flounder and figure things out, in what seemed like forever, on your own.

Your guides were always with you, you just couldn't see or feel them through the haze and fog of energies down here on earth.

That is until it all started to shift.

This major pivot point was always your desire to get rid of the chaos, trauma and confusion.

To stop, once and for all, from living in massive amounts of fear and pain.

And now, dear Empathic Lightworker...

Your dreams are now finally coming true.

Welcome to your BLISS!


Theme for the Week/s:

(this section outlines your Source priorities to work with now, which will keep you aligned to the Truth of who you really are)

Activating BLISS!

Now it's time to really step into living your life from your 5D BLISSed out state 100% of the time, no matter what or who is around you or what happens in the collective.

You've been learning how to do this throughout the year, and now it's time you graduated and stepped into really living it...

  • Without doubt and fear...
  • Without feeling crazy...
  • Without worrying if others will punish you because of it.

You're totally sovereign now.

Which means, when you LIVE in your truth - your 5D BLISS...

Others around you SHIFT up and expand.

Others around you STEP INTO their truth, present at all times:

The truth that you all have a choice how you want to walk your path...

How do you want to reach your destination - your goals and dreams?

Do you want to walk in fear or BLISS?

  • Do you want to face any 'challenge' (an opportunity to grow into more of your amazingness) with a sense of creativity and opportunity - an "anything is possible" attitude?
  • Or do you want to fade away and let the collective fear and other's doubts lead you into choices, which aren't aligned?

It's up to you.

And NOW is the time to make that choice, because when you do, the other choice easily releases and fades away from your life completely.

It's time to walk your True BLISS path...

'Go All In' with 100% of your being:

"YES! I fully embrace and step into my mastery of walking in 100% 5D BLISS throughout my life!"



Artist Whose Work Embodies This Current Energy...

(In each report you'll receive an artist (in all disciplines of that word) and one piece of their work The Councils of Light feel connects with the energy we're in currently.  Get inspired with this section, as each artist will open those dormant artist cells in your body.  You know, the ones you turned off because some schmuck said you weren't an artist.  Well your New Earth Artistic Self is alive and in full swing now!)


Beatriz Milhazes

(b. 1960) Brazilian-born collage artist and painter

She's known for her large scale ornamental and brightly colored works and installations influenced by the tropical climate and vegetation of her home country, as well as by the urban vibe of cities like Rio de Janeiro.

Her unique way of painting is a fascinatingly slow, but steady collage process. She starts with the painting of plastic sheets, which are left to dry so that the paint can be peeled off and glued to a canvas to create her pieces, like the one below.

I was trying to make art that my son could look on in the future and would realize I was thinking about him very much during these times... that he can look and see my dad's thinking about me, but to also embed in these things something that is bigger than all of us.
I was trying to make art that my son could look on in the future and would realize I was thinking about him very much during these times... that he can look and see my dad's thinking about me, but to also embed in these things something that is bigger than all of us.
I was trying to make art that my son could look on in the future and would realize I was thinking about him very much during these times... that he can look and see my dad's thinking about me, but to also embed in these things something that is bigger than all of us.
I am for an art that takes into account the direct effect of the elements as they exist from day to day
I am for an art that takes into account the direct effect of the elements as they exist from day to day
Read more at"


One of her pieces, which visualizes the frequency present now: 

Beatriz Milhazes, "Gamboa Seasons, Summer Love", 2010,
acrylic on canvas, part 1 of 4, 300 x 500 cm
To get a sense of the size & scale of this piece:


According to Milhazes:

"I think of my work as geometric, yet I can't put everything into a square or a circle."


Here's what the Council is saying about this piece and why it's significant to us now:

This is true bliss as seen in the vibrant higher dimensions of sound, color and light - although her works are limited by the materiality of paint chemistry and limited color on earth - if she were to paint with the materials of the higher dimensions of color and sound - her work would vibrate to the collective higher dimensional element of BLISS.



New Earth Energy Tools:

(this section gives the energetic tools that will clear, reset and align you easily now in this New Earth)


    Tool #1: Breathe to Succeed

    This is a new way of breathing that will be taking place and anchoring within your body over the coming weeks, which works with your new Diamond Light Body Chakra System that came in last month.

    Breathing is shifting and changing, as your body changes density by shifting its materiality and form.

    Your lungs and respiratory system are vastly different than they were in the past (from an energetic and quantum perspective).

    No longer do you need to struggle with breath or "getting enough" oxygen.

    It's not a coincidence that the Covid-19 virus pinpointed the lungs and respiratory system - with many people, struggling to breathe.

    This virus helped reset many people who survived into the new body system, which is quickly activating for many at this time.

    You no longer need outside influences to help shift and change your body.

    It's happening naturally on it's own, as long as you remember your 5D multi-dimensionality...

    Not getting sucked into 3D drama, fear and panic that will be ramping up in the collective over the years to come.

    This will become easier and easier to do.

    And the new way of breathing, which will be activating this month, will help you immensely.

    To help this new breathing process come into fruition for your body:

    1. Simple BE with your breath - take a moment each day and notice how your breathing is shifting and changing
    2. Notice all the ways you can breathe:
      1. Breath in different intervals
      2. Breath into different parts of your body
      3. Breath at different depths


      Tool #2: A Radically New Approach

      It's time to expand your horizons and really step into where you're headed with more consciousness and courageousness than you have ever had.

      To do this take a "radically new approach"...

      You'll know what this is for you by the inspiring energy behind it - the excitement and bliss that rises up from within you.

      Your job is to notice this and take action upon it.

      Say yes to it with all your being (listen to our group call, Your New Chakra System, and learn how to 'go all in').

      And notice how your world shifts to bring it to you with ease now.

      It's time to shift your way of thinking to flow with this new energy that's present - quantum creation at it's finest.

      And which you're now able to work with easily.

      Welcome to making your dreams a reality!


      Creation Code Download:

      (This section gives the frequencies of the specific light packets returning to you now to bring you back to your Original/Organic Divine Blueprint & Creator Self.  They contain parts of who you truly are that wish to come back to you now from your Source, so you can create more easily in your life.  Think of the number code sequences connected to them as pin #’s to access and open these Source Code Light Packets and call them in for yourself to activate within you.)

      Creation Matrix Code Number: 222222-1

      This is the code for creating true community and flowing all types of relationships with ease and from a higher dimensional perspective.

      There's nothing you can't do now...

      The sky's the limit!

      This creation code, brings in this quantum truth and instills it into all your relationships - past, present and future...

      Aligning you to True Community and high-level relationship contract, so you can magnetize easily to you the soul's you're meant to work with, interact with, create with and grow with.

      Those you're meant to LOVE and receive LOVE in return.

      These are your equal, healthy and reciprocal relationships.

      Welcome - you ARE meant to experience BLISS through your relationships!


      From Olivia: We've got six '2's in this code - not a coincidence...6 is the number of family and friends in numerology and 2 is the number of relationships...1 is the number of new beginnings and when it's at the end, it activates a powerful positive manifestation easily into your life.


      Steps to download:

      1. Connect with your True Self - the light within you.
      2. Tell your True Self/Light; “True Self, if this is for my highest good, activate and download creation code 222222-1 into my DNA and livelihood.  Thank you.”


      List of Past 2020 Creation Codes:

            • Matrix Code # 12345-54321 - This is the code for organizing the 'unknown' into a whole, which can be downloaded 'at will' for the upcoming transformation cycles. (see July 6th-17th, 2020 report for more details)
            • Matrix Code # 999-111-00 This is the code for activating the truth within you at this new level from your high heart/cosmic heart. (see June 1st - 21st, 2020 report for more details)
            • Matrix Code # 1-0-1-0-1234 This is the code for bringing the creative dimensions into new levels of wholeness so we can create upon this New Earth with ease and joy. (see April 21st-May 25th, 2020 report for more details)
            • Matrix Code # 2417-860 - This is the code for amplifying that which is already present. (see March 1st-10th, 2020 report for more details)
            • Matrix Code # 111111110 - This is the code for releasing the false programing, gaslighting, holographic false visioning and mind control matrices that have kept you from connecting to your Source, Sovereign BE-ing & True Freedom. (see February 7th-24th, 2020 report for more details)
            • Matrix Code # 12-24-78 - This is the code for activating immediate enlightenment for all (not just for one, but for the many).  (see January 23rd-Feb 4th, 2020 report for more details)
            • Matrix Code # 1-11-24 - This is the code for entering into the domain of the unknown with ease and grace. (see January 6th-20th, 2020 report for more details)

                  [Group] Mission Activation for Specific Lightworkers:

                  (this section describes the new soul missions activating and which group of lightworkers are receiving this mission)

                  Specific lightworkers are gathering in spiritual conference during dream states to undergo a soul mission re-evaluation period...

                  Finding out and examining what missions would be best suited to whom in order for this next evolutionary journey and ascension cycle in this New Earth.

                  The specific group of Lightworkers receiving this NEW mission activation are:

                  Those Wayshowers who are here to help those who just shifted into the 5D timeline.

                  The soul mission activating for this group...

                  Which you all decided to undertake, in alignment with your own soul is this:

                  Relay new Soul Missions to them, which you may never have heard before.


                  Special Message from the Council:

                  It's up in the air right now...regarding new Soul Missions coming online...

                  You're at a very important marker of energy and everything going forward is brand new...

                  Which means, Soul Missions are shifting and changing.

                  New Souls are activating and stepping into the 5D Timeline.

                  Coming from 3D, there is a massive shift and change they will go through.

                  We bring this to your attention because many of you Wayshowers who are reading this right now will be helping them assimilate and understand new Soul Missions, you've never dreamed of or heard of before.

                  Trust what comes to your for clients, friends and family.

                  Trust the bliss and inspiration energy you feel when you get the message for them that it's time to step into this new way of thinking or being in the world (their new soul mission).

                  Notice these moments, as they will be growing stronger and stronger for you going forward.

                  You are the receiver of new Soul Missions to pass onto others.

                  To find out if this is what you'll be doing for others:

                  1. Go into your True Self/light within your body.
                  2. Ask your True Self/light, "Will I be passing on new Soul Missions for those coming to me?"
                  3. You'll receive a visual sign, auditory message, knowingness, or feeling that you are and this is activating for you now.

                  If this is you..

                  Get ready for relaying intuitive inspiration to friends, family and clients so they may step into their true divine path.

                  Follow this inspiration and take aligned action, which will be easy to do because you can’t do anything else. :)


                  List of Past 2020 Soul Missions that Have Activated:

                    • Those who are allies of the 'force' (a cosmic collective of activists and personal motivators of collective societies). - Come together and decide to take the ways you know how and which inspire you to create. (see July 6th-17th, 2020 report for more details)
                    • Those who are the 'Telegraph Operators' of the New Divine Creation Template for this New Earth being birthed. - To bring in the 'Divine Source Creation Codes' which form and turn on the 'Divine Creation Templates' for New Earth. (see June 1st - 21st, 2020 report for more details)
                    • Those who are aligned to communications. Broadcast the LOVE signals needed to open new creative avenues upon this earth. (see April 21st-May 25th, 2020 report for more details)
                    • Those who are receiving individual and unique missions. - Your own special blend of skills and abilities that are needed now. (see March 19th-April 6th, 2020 report for more details)
                    • Those who assist the frequency codes coming in from the higher dimensions through the use of sound. - Bring in the specific frequencies of light and sound now to assist in the new forms of creation magnifying on this New Earth plane. (see March 1st-10th, 2020 report for more details)
                    • Those whose home base is in the 12th Dimension - To bring in the frequencies to support the Original Divine Blueprint, through clearing artificial and manipulated timelines based in fear and control. (see February 7th-24th, 2020 report for more details)
                    • Those who are here to carry and disseminate the light of creation through the playfulness and joy that is at its essence - To elevate and enliven the whole through excitement and authenticity in the form of dance, humor, theater, arts and "wisdom with joy".  (see January 23rd - February 4th, 2020 report for more details)

                    • Those who work with the Elohim - To search out the truth in all forms and ready it for the world to see.  (see January 6th-20th, 2020 report for more details)

                          Major Lightcodes Downloading:

                          (this section lets you know when and how the 11 major internal Lightcode Activations of your Superhero Abilities from your True Divine DNA will be happening for the year - from the 2020 Report - how to work with them and what they do)


                          No Lightcodes Activating at this Time...

                          This round, The Councils are saying, we don't have any. :)


                          Past 2020 Lightcode Activations:

                          • Lightcode #2: True Self Integration & Amplification* Your NEW "Seven Faceted Diamond Body" (the new terminology for your new chakra system) is activated fully now into this new decade. This Lightcode has been anchored and activated within you as of 7-15-20. (see July 6th-17th, 2020 report for more details)
                          • Lightcode #11: Mastery of Gifts at this Level* Remembering your true mastery in the physical is not tied to your thoughts about your mastery or your ego's perspective of mastery, but the mastery of being able to flow multi-dimensional energies and wisdom throughout time and space and all lower dimensions. This Lightcode has been anchored and activated within you as of 5-25-20. (see April 21st-May 25th, 2020 report for more details)
                          • Lightcode #10: Crowning of Your New Light* The pivotal moment of this 2020 where you are adorned with the multi-dimensional light field emanating from your crown chakra shining down around you and within you illuminating your true being-ness in the cosmos and signaling you've come home, finally anchored into your truth and ready to embark on the next journey, without leaving your body - signaling a whole new level of your life awaits. This Lightcode has been anchored and activated within you as of 5-25-20. (see April 21st-May 25th, 2020 report for more details)
                          • Lightcode #8: False Self Awareness* Turns on and amplifies your ability to understand when anything is created from the false self, which helps identify people who are motivated by their false self, opportunities that are illusionary and not in alignment and anything else born of the false self. This Lightcode has been anchored and activated within you as of 5-23-20. (see April 21st-May 25th, 2020 report for more details)
                          • Lightcode #6b: Rememberance of True Food* - Removal of the illusionary food programs you've inherited around survival patterns and eating, releasing the need to engage with false/illusionary food as a means to survive and moving into true foods as a means of pleasure and celebrating life. This Lightcode has been anchored and activated within you as of 4-6-20. (see March 19th-April 6th, 2020 report for more details)
                          • Lightcode #6a: Soul Gift Activation* - Higher dimensions of your gifts will be anchoring into your body and your life. This Lightcode has been anchored and activated within you as of 4-6-20. (see March 19th-April 6th, 2020 report for more details)
                            • Lightcode #3: Embodiment of Divinity* - Nothing is more powerful than yourself. This internal Lightcode releases all false illusionary power struggles and "power over you" energies, with the aha's to see through the veils others have put into place on this plane. This Lightcode has been anchored and activated within you as of 4-6-20. (see March 19th-April 6th, 2020 report for more details)
                            • Lightcode #4: Creation From a True Manifestation Space* - Brings in your alignment with your new creatorship abilities in Truth, not illusion, and the conviction/trust/confidence that you are truly this. This Lightcode has been anchored and activated within you as of 2-2-20. (see January 23rd - February 4th, 2020 report for more details)


                                The Councils of Light Message:

                                (The Councils of Light are now helping us remember what plans we’ve made in our dream state along with specific frequencies embedded within this message to help activate your own timeline and sense of knowing what is aligned to you now and what you need to do)

                                “Welcome dear ones, we are with you now and forever.

                                It is with great pleasure that we come to you today to remind you of how amazing you are and just how far you've come.
                                Be sure to take stock of what you've experienced up until this point, because everything is going to change (for the better).
                                There will be new openings, quick shifts into amazingness and abilities you've never experienced before - all at your fingertips.
                                You'll know how to spot these openings, because of the BLISS energy that accompanies them.
                                This BLISS energy is the calling card of higher dimensions.
                                This is why you feel really good when you connect with your higher level guides, higher dimensions of information and your True Self.
                                They all run on BLISS energy.  There are virtual BLISS refueling stations you can imagine using to recharge during your day.
                                Your new energy system is now upgrading to use this 'fuel' consistently.  Until then, enjoy the increasing amounts of True BLISS coming in  for you now!
                                With love in our hearts for you all.

                                -The Councils of Light”


                                Elemental Companion:

                                (this section describes the ‘new earth’ multi-dimensional elements we all have access to and which are coming online for us to work with now)


                                BLISS (collective higher dimensional energy form)

                                (if we could separate all the dimensions out into their specific BLISS frequency, this would come close to what they would each look like, according to the Councils of Light)


                                This visual may be the closest thing to visually understanding the universal truth of multi-dimensional BLISS.

                                3D does not do BLISS in a way that represents the fullest possible version of that energy in the universe.

                                It just can't - 3D is, and always was, meant to be a container for spirit to move about in the lower dimensions.

                                In this sense, you really can't truly experience BLISS unless you're in 5D energy and above...

                                Unless you're multi-dimensional.

                                You've reached a precipice where BLISS is now available to you to live from 100% of the time because you've anchored the majority of your beingness into 5D and above, while maintaining your container (body) in 3D at all times with LOVE.

                                This is why BLISS is here for you now to embody, fill up with and radiate out into the world as a calling card for others of the same path to find you easily.


                                To work with this element:

                                1. Tell your True Self, "Fill me up with my True Multi-Dimensional BLISS now."
                                2. Sit with this and let yourself be filled up.
                                3. Repeat throughout your day - this will refuel you and reboot your body to run this energy at all times.



                                *This is our New Earth Mediation (see MP3 recording and transcript below)


                                  Meditation to Align to Your True Creatorship & Empowerment:

                                  (this section takes one of the above tools/understandings and anchors it in/activates it for yourself through a guided meditation which helps you step into more of your truth and empowerment and aligns you to a life you LOVE)

                                  'BLISS' Meditation

                                  Hello Amazing Spirit, It's Olivia here with your New Earth Meditation to align you to your true creatorship and empowerment so you can create a life you LOVE in this New Earth.

                                  You've reached a precipice where BLISS is now available to you to live from 100% of the time.  You've anchored the majority of your beingness into 5D and above, while maintaining your body in 3D with LOVE.


                                  Now let's get your body rebooted to run True Mulit-Dimensional BLISS energy 100% of the time!

                                  When you're ready, sit back, relax and enjoy!:


                                  Take some deep breathes into your belly and close your eyes.

                                  Imagine the light within you - your True Self.

                                  Notice what it’s like for you - color, feel, sound, size.

                                  This light connects you to your Source, the infinite power within you to create universes.

                                  You are now sitting within your Source and True Self.

                                  It is enveloping you in such light and love, that it clears all darkness and illusion.

                                  Notice what this is like for you.


                                  As you relax in this light, your light brings you the True Multidimensional energy of BLISS.

                                  Notice what this is like for you.


                                  You notice that it separates out into 9 different types of energies connected to 9 different dimensions in the universe.

                                  Notice what these energies are like.


                                  Your True Self asks you if you would like to have your body run 100% on this energy of multi-dimensional BLISS.

                                  If you say yes, continue.

                                  If you say no, you don't want to have your body run on BLISS, stop the recording and come back when you feel called.


                                  Your True Self brings BLISS energy into a form your body can access and run.

                                  Moving each dimensional energy of BLISS into an area of your body that it can process, feel and be refueled by.

                                  Notice what this is like for you.


                                  Your body begins to fill up with this multi-dimensional BLISS energy.

                                  Notice what this is like for you and let yourself be filled up with BLISS.

                                  You'll know when it's been done.


                                  Once it's done, your True Self gives you a message on how to work with BLISS in your life.

                                  Notice what comes in.


                                  When you’re ready, come on back into your light within your body and your own space. 

                                  Tell your light to center and ground you.

                                  You can imagine energy moving from the top of your head, down into your body and out into the earth to help ground you.

                                  Take a big deep breath, open your eyes and move back into your beautiful body.


                                  Congratulations!  You’ve just attuned to your Creatorship in this New Earth and charged up with the energies you need to create a life you LOVE!


                                  All Past 2020 'New Earth Meditations'...

                                  1. Create Your New Earth Inner Sanctuary MP3
                                  2. Inspired Creation Heart Shield MP3
                                  3. Energy Body Alignment to Your Chosen Level of Creation MP3
                                  4. Reclaim Your Divine Creator BE-ing MP3
                                  5. Activate Your Unique Soul Mission MP3
                                  6. Your New Chakra System MP3
                                  7. Un-Tethering MP3
                                  8. Diamond Sun MP3


                                  Thank you so much for tuning in!

                                  This has been Olivia, with Spark Your Week!

                                  If you haven’t already, go ahead and download the PDF and print it out to use.

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                                  Be sure to tune in for our next report to help love the life you have and create a life you love in this new earth!

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