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This week my guides, The Councils of Light, shared this is the week of dissolving the illusions - those things and beliefs that you've come to believe over and over again and just are not true. 

If it doesn’t feel right or peaceful or calming, then chances are they are not your truths.  

Even your higher self gives you a scary message with love and calm, not fear and failure.

So trust in those calming message and remind yourself the ones that are filled with fear are not your truths.

This week you are also moving into a core collective healing to regain trust so you can fully embrace the new world and energies that are around us all now - so trust in yourself, your soul-aligned inner voice and your intuition this week.

This past year, you’ve been learning how to create as the powerful creator you really are, learning a lot of lessons about the world around you and your creative part in the whole experience. 

You’ve been courageously releasing the tools and energies that are not in true alignment with your creator self and learning the new and improved ways of creating with your multi-dimensional selves.

This is deep rebirth and transformational stuff you’re experiencing. 

So it’s totally normal to feel like one minute you’re up and the other minute you’re down - or down is up and up is down. 

The highs and lows you’re navigating at the moment are just your body and mind trying to find equilibrium in this new world.

It will get better as you come into alignment with this new way of creating.

So trust yourself this week and the intuitive hits you’re receiving about your life.

You’re amazing and you’re in the new!


Keywords this week: Trust & New

Affirmations:  “I accept that my inner voice will always guide me correctly.”

“I have never been abandoned. I am never alone.”

  • Why intuitively checking in right now is super important

  • How trust and loss go hand in hand and how to move into the new without fear

  • Why this energy gives you "dimensional vertigo" and how to handle it

  • A special message to you "way showers" out there to choose which path you’d like to take and create in your power

  • How to reignite your truth that you are light in this time of forgetting

  • Manifest the relationship you desire, bring more love into your life and create more prosperity using this week's energies

  • And much more!


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  • A simple tool to manifest this week

  • Keywords to use

  • Affirmations to use that will be most effective

  • Tools to stay in flow and up your manifesting game - receive messages around three areas of manifesting: Attracting a Soul-Aligned Relationship, Bringing in More LOVE and Creating Prosperity

  • Nature element to use that's aligned to this week's energies

  • Along with access to all past week's messages and meditations!


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