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Here is the detailed channeled message from my guides, The Councils of Light...enjoy!

Opening Message:

This week, my guides are saying, it’s time…It’s time to get together, to have fun again, to get down to brass tacks - to find the balance this week in the ups and downs. 

To come into yourself and believe in your birthright - to align to what is truly yours and create a life you love.

It’s the week of divine miracles.  That which you thought wouldn’t work out and you gave up on, comes through this week.  Don’t second guess it.  Believe in your ability to create what you need.  

It may look like it’s gone away, but that is an illusion created by you to test your resolve, faith and love in yourself…can you love yourself when things are rough and tumble?  When things aren’t coming in?  

Can you have faith in your light to bring what you need to you with ease and grace?

Just because things don’t appear right away doesn’t mean it’s not coming to you eventually.  Stay in the belief that it is coming and let it go to come to you.  

Come back to your center this week and tell your light what you want to create, see what happens and the inspiration will flow to you.  Act on the impulses of inspiration. 

Some actions will stick and some inspiration will be stepping stones to the eventual outcome. Have faith this week. This is the week of miracluous manifestations. :)

How to Spark your Week! - Manifesting Tool:
Stay aligned tool:

Stay focused on your light:

  1. Imagine the light within you as your birthright and divine manifesting agent.  Talk to this light. Tell it what you want to create. Align to it every moment of your day. 
  2. Come back to this light when you are frantic and feel out of sorts. It will always give you what you need.  
  3. If you’re looking for people to nurture and care for you, come back to your light and ask it to nurture and care for you, imagine it doing that and the feeling will grow of being nurtured and cared for inside of yourself.  
  4. The only place you can feel loved truly is inside of yourself.  Then once you tap into that space and feeling, you can create it around you in everything. That is the secret. Enjoy!

Balance & Faith


“I am grateful for my wonderfully supportive and loving true self.”

“No one has the power to control me or affect my life, I am the powerful creator of myself and my happiness."

Message from the Manifesting a New Soul Aligned Relationship Cosmic Ray:

      (I see this energy raining down sporadically but powerfully when it does - bursts of intense energy - purging comes to mind.)

      "For those of you looking for authentic and genuine loving connection, we are here with our energy to burst through your shell of outward appearances, outdated modes of thinking and other defensive and outdated programs/scripts that are running within you and attracting the false people.  

      We are clearing them out this week to make room for the true people to come in, so your inner world aligns to that which you seek.  Enjoy the purging and clearing, as if you went to a high end spa and got your spa treatments this week to align you to the love of your life.  

      If that resonates for you, a spa day would be a great thing to bring in our energy and set the intention while there that you are aligning to authentic true loving and healthy individuals.

      “Only good, healthy and available people enter my life."

        Message from the Manifesting More Love Cosmic Ray:
            (I see a magnetic pull coming towards you at your heart and torso area - like a beautiful and gentle wind blowing dandelions in the breeze.) 
            "We are here with you now to help you understand the true meaning of the word love.  It is first and foremost a natural occurrence in all parts of the universe and with great attention to the well being of all of creation.  It is protective in nature and abundant in source.  
            There is no end to this energy. It reproduces itself in every breath you take. You literally breath in love at every moment of your day, but do you realize that you are love and you are loved?  That is the biggest human trick/illusion…not many truly believe that they are made of love, breath love and are truly loved in every ounce of their being.
            That is why you incarnate  - to return to the source and truth of that message - which is you.  Can you return and align to the love within you this week? The question really is do you want to?  If you do, we are here and coming into you in every breath. Imagine you are breathing love and notice how love grows and creates itself around you.
            “I breath love in every breath. Love is around me and within me always. Love is the most abundant element of the entire universe."


                  Message from the Manifesting More Prosperity Cosmic Ray:
                      (I see a bright light raining down like lightening bolts, but less electric.) 
                      "It is with great pleasure that we assist you this week.  We’re here for whatever you need.  Make a list of all the things/goals you have that you would like to achieve and experience that requires money.  
                      Don’t ask or tell how that will come in, just make the list and give it to yourself. Mail it to yourself and notice how many of those things on the list have come in when you receive it in the mail.  
                      That is a fun and fascinating adventure.  Don’t just write a list, do something with the list and see what happens."


                            Channeled Message:

                            "Welcome dear ones, we are with you now and forever.

                            It is with great honor that we address you - dear humans in disguise. Yes, you are in disguise, wondering if you’re able to come out of your shell, your disguise, the thing that keeps you safe.  We say with a resounding reply, YES!

                            Yes! It’s time to fully emerge from your transformation you’ve endured this year and the years prior.  The time has come to emerge.  To share your gifts, to come back to yourself. It is the week of no chances, but only advances.  

                            There is advancement energy present if you desire to work with it.  The way to do this is simple. Emerge. Walk through your doorways with the intention it emerges you.  With every step know you are emerging from your cocoon.  

                            And that it is safe to emerge out into the world. The world is ready for you.  

                            Keep aligned to your light and true self and nothing will steer you in the wrong direction. Keep loving yourself as you emerge, keep holding your own hand with love. 

                            Keep being you - the wonderful you, you were always meant to be…and are. 

                            With love in our hearts for you all, -The Councils of Light"

                            Special Object:

                            Mountain Energy - Mountain energy is a state of pure bliss where nothing around you can shake you out of your truth.  Mountain energy is strong and balanced.  It helps you feel deeply about something without being knocked off your center by it; remaining calm and centered in the midst of any turmoil in your life. The mountain absorbs the sun in the same way that it takes in the rain, the wind, and the snow. It doesn't care what the weather is. No matter what is going on around it, the mountain is still the mountain, even-tempered and unaffected by outside influences.


                            I hope you enjoyed tuning in this week.  Take only what resonates and remember to choose a tool and work it to see what happens. 

                            If you haven’t already, go ahead and download this week’s PDF and print it out to use.  And be sure to tune in next week to help LOVE the life you have and create a life you LOVE!

                            With lots of love for you and a big hug, Thank you so much for becoming a member and joining me each week!  Enjoy your week! 



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