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Opening Message:

It's the week of reframe…reframe your thoughts to match the week you want to have.  Don’t try to bend the world around you to your mercy or what you want to occur.  It’s just not possible this week.  

You’re now in the truth of quantum creation this week; “so within, as without.” You create from your inner world.  

It’s time to get your inner world in’ve been doing this over the years, but now it’s time to up the ante and become mindfully aware and conscious of what you’re feeding your body (the experiences, people around you), your emotions (who is feeling what) and your mind (what subconscious beliefs is the world around you bringing to the surface to be consciously examined and released).  

It’s time to do the inner work this week, as your inner plane is the portal to your outer manifestations.  It’s time to clean house and get to work building back your light.  

This goes for all of the collective.  Some will not do this work and their world will become increasingly despondent and dark, as it becomes a reflection of the unhealed wounds trapped beneath the surface screaming to be looked at. Their world will become difficult and hard and shadow territory.  

Those of you who work this week with consciousness, releasing the untruths and replacing them with your light, will start to see your outer world lining up with ease and grace.  

It’s time.. it’s always been time.  Now it’s primed for this to be easy to look at.  Expect many aha’s this week for those of you consciously examining what’s coming up for you. Talk to a trusted friend, but trust yourself.  

It is you this process and consciousness is getting you back in alignment with. No one else.

And when you’re in alignment and partnered with your true self, nothing can stop your creations from manifesting in the physical plane. This is your point of power.

This is also the week of the anniversary of the solar eclipse of 2017.  The eclipse energy has lifted and your work through the shadow of the past two years through the portal of the eclipse energy has come to an end.  

You are now working the light within you to release and heal the wounded remaining areas.  This was the purpose of the eclipse.  

What have you learned from the last two years?  It’s a great time to write down those things that have transpired since August 21st, 2017 and what aha’s have you learned about yourself, your creations and the world around you.

How to Spark your Week! - Manifesting Tool:
Stay aligned tool:

Trust In Your Creations:
  1. Create a dream life dictionary or journal this week, start collecting all the things and experiences you want to have in your life.  
  2. Make it as elaborate and fun as you can!  Enjoy!

Reframe and Aligned Thoughts


"It is safe to be in my body and aligned to my truth.”  

“It is safe for me to see clearly the truth within me."

Message from the Manifesting a New Soul Aligned Relationship Cosmic Ray:

      (I see energy flowing down powerfully in a diagonal to the earth and then bouncing back up scattering out like a fireworks display.)  "Anyone who is in need of the faith and trust that authentic and genuine love is awaiting them will receive this energy and it will transform their world from the inside out.  

      It is much quicker than you anticipate.  Be kind to yourself this week. Date yourself this week. Bring your attention back to your beautiful true self and light inside of you when you are feeling lonely and remorseful.  

      There is nothing to go out and get. Let the relationship and world come to you based upon your vibration of inner peace with yourself.  Fall in love with yourself this week and be ok being with the amazing you that you are.  

      Let yourself have some freedom and play as you walk in your world on the most beautiful date with yourself."

        Message from the Manifesting More Love Cosmic Ray:

          (I see fairy dust like energy - slow and graceful like snow falling.)  "It’s amazing what love can do when it’s used for good.  Let love in this week, by consciously shining your light out from within.

          Imagine your true self within having a light that grows and grows.  It is from within yourself that you experience love. Not the other way around. 

          Remember this this week. And work inner to outer."


              Message from the Manifesting More Prosperity Cosmic Ray:

                "Come back home to yourself. You know that you are the center of your creative existence?  Let the abundance flow forth from within yourself.

                If you are scared or nervous about your finances, check in to see what belief about the world around you is rising to the surface of your mind to be released and reframed.  

                If you’re having a hard time trusting that money is flowing to you, check your belief.  Are you feeling sacred about the consequences of having more than enough?  Of losing friends or acquaintances? Of making yourself bigger and being seen and the fear of being attacked or targeted?  

                What is it that is your fear?  Breath it in and let it grow within you, fill yourself up with this fear and then breath it out and tell it to release. Ask the universe to fill yourself up with your true self and light and align you to this light."


                    Channeled Message:

                    "Welcome dear ones, we are with you now and forever.

                    You’re doing great. All of you. Many of you are having hard times and expressing your desire to have a different reality.

                    It is being seen and felt on the higher planes and energies are currently being sent to each one of you from your higher dimensional selves to assist and shift your reality.

                    This means that aha’s and awakenings and new openings are here for you instantly, if you want them and accept them.

                    Coincidences will continue to grow stronger. And as you know coincidences are really synchronicities, which are really soul promptings, which are really portals of energy and doorways you walk through as you recognize them.

                    Walk through your portals to your dreams.

                    Notice the signs and synchronicities around you as you awaken to your most trusted friend, ally and manifesting expert - yourself.

                    With love in our hearts for you all, -The Councils of Light"

                    Special Object:

                    Red Iron Oxide Earth - Clay - Pottery - It is important to align with the red iron oxide of the life giving earth beneath your feet at this time. To smear yourself in clay and awaken your senses. Imagine this if you cannot do this this week, as it opens your lower chakras and aligns you to your amazing senses and sexuality, which is your creative power source. It’s time to take back what is yours and the earth is here to help you retrieve and align to you this week.


                    I hope you enjoyed tuning in this week.  Take only what resonates and remember to choose a tool and work it to see what happens. 

                    If you haven’t already, go ahead and download this week’s PDF and print it out to use.  And be sure to tune in next week to help LOVE the life you have and create a life you LOVE!

                    With lots of love for you and a big hug, Thank you so much for becoming a member and joining me each week!  Enjoy your week! 



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