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Hello Amazing Spirit!

It’s Olivia here with Spark Your Week!  Channeled Message & Meditation with my guides, The Councils of Light, and myself for April 21st - May 25th, 2020.

As always, Spark Your Week! is about empowerment and creating in this new earth - helping you align to and activate your truth, no matter what's going on around you.

Most of the topics in this detailed report are in your worksheet as shortened reminders. 

Remember...Spark Your Week! is geared to sparking your own insights and intuitive guidance.  

So be sure to take what resonates and download your worksheet (link above), print it out and work with it as a daily reminder. 

There's a lot going on this month, which is guaranteed to be magnificent in all it's multi-dimensional amazingness!

Wishing you and yours a fantastic month ahead as we create this new earth together...

Enjoy the latest Spark Your Week!



1 - New MP3's & Other Goodies

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Through our last report during the Coronavirus event, I've created new MP3 Series, channeled from the Universal Akashic Records and The Councils of Light, FREE just for you Spark Your Weeker's:

  1. Coronavirus Clearing Series
  2. Birthing the New Human
  3. Aligning to Your True Purpose
  4. Coming in June...Creating New Earth!  Our new MP3 series

The Councils are saying there will be more coming, as this month we've got a lot going on! ;)...so stay tuned.

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What's Inside this Report?

  • New Earth Message (what's happening behind the scenes with our Ascension)

  • Theme for the Week/s to Prioritize (to keep you aligned to the Truth of who you really are)

  • Artist Whose Work Embodies This Current Energy (get inspired by an artist, alive or dead, whose work touches upon our true timeline)

  • New Earth Energy Tools (energetic tools that will clear, reset and align you easily in this New Earth)

  • Creation Code Download (to bring you back to your Original/Organic Divine Blueprint)

  • Mission Activation for Specific Lightworkers (it's time to shine!)

  • Major Lightcodes (your Superpowers) activating this year within your body

  • The Councils of Light Message with Embedded Activation Codes (so you never forget who you truly are ever again)

  • New Earth Elemental Companion to Work With (the earth is embodying higher dimensional elements we can work with now)

  • Meditation (written version below, MP3 version in the links section above) to Align to True Creatorship & Empowerment (keeping your channel of True Self/Source aligned and empowered)



Let’s dive into what The Councils of Light told me...


New Earth Message:

(this section is where the Councils relay their thoughts and ideas about the activations happening and where we are currently in the ascension process)

It's time to be self-aligned as you come out of hibernation.

It's not the time to play small, for you'll always be considered 'magnificent' from here on out.

It's your time to truly shine, as you dust off the cobwebs and venture back out into the newly birthed world around you.

To do this with ease and grace...

We suggest taking time out each day to spend a moment in contemplation.

Contemplate what it is you're here to do next.

Contemplate if this brings you happiness.

Contemplate what it is that lights you up.

You don't need to have all the answers, just spend some time each day relating back to your truth of who you are in this New World.

Life will never be the same and now's the time for aligned action to make a new world possible in the physical.

If life will never be the same again...

Isn't it important to make sure you're creating anew and only with the things, experiences and people that light you up on the inside?

We think so.

And to do this now, it's vitally important that whatever you do:

Must light you up on the inside.

This new energy that you've walked into is all about a new depth of understanding...

Knowing intimately the subsequent layers to your inner world.

You'll be more adept now at the subtle understanding of where your inspiration arises from....

Is it coming from the outer layers of your being?

Is it coming from the inner layers of your center?

We suggest only taking action on inspiration when it's aligned with your inner layers of your center.

Take a moment and just notice your light inside.

When you have inspiration, this is where you will find it if it is aligned to your truth and something to take action upon.

If it is not aligned...

When you check in on where the inspiration truly is...

It will be anywhere else in your body or around you than in your center.

It's that simple.

All you have to do is go within and ask:

"Show me where this inspiration is coming from."

Anything outside of yourself, is not your truth.

This also means, if your inspiration is coming from another being outside of yourself:

  • someone in the physical
  • a spirit guide
  • an angel
  • anything else not born of your True Self/Source

It is still not your truth, until you find it in your center.

Someone close to you could be giving you a message that feels true for you...

But until that message lands in your center, or comes from your center, it's not aligned for you to take action upon.

It will be easier and easier to know the difference over the coming days and weeks.

Just start working with this and noticing this now.

This new energy is all about alignment and discernment.

To build this New Earth:

All actions must flow from your truth and be in alignment with your truth from within your center, as your new human form.

No longer is it acceptable to just throw out creations willy nilly - as Nike says, to "just do it!"

This "just do it!" societal motto is what has tripped you Lightworkers up for so long...

Through this pain broadcast, you worried you:

  • Weren't fast enough
  • Not doing enough
  • Not getting yourself out there enough
  • Were missing opportunities

This is all created from the false timeline born of lack and fear, which resulted in a people who's "go, go, going" attitude created more chaos and drama and spiraled easily into even deeper creations of fear and lack.

The good news is these false timelines are no longer able to be worked with by you anymore.

Now you're in the aligned timeline you always knew existed, but society around you never validated or worked from before.

Because it was always you that came here for this moment to birth this new timeline of what it means to live from Source.

Free to flow.

Free to BE.

Free to exist.

Yes, you will still feel the collective fears within you as you venture out into the world.

You are a honing beacon and nuturer of creation.

And like a mother, you will feel the heart pangs of your children as they venture out and learn.

But, your heart and your needs will be aligned to the mature understanding of what needs to happen now:

  • To be courageous
  • To believe in yourself
  • To do things that have never been done before, but are important to do

This is where your discernment tool will be key and help you immensely create in this new earth in the aligned ways only you know how.

It's your time to shine and bring forth your aligned vision of the world.

To manifest it now.

But only in the aligned time that your true self within knows.

Go forth and create an Aligned New Earth together!


Theme for the Week/s:

(this section outlines your Source priorities to work with now, which will keep you aligned to the Truth of who you really are)

Trust & Hope

Trust and hope are states of being, which usually dominate your landscape during times of immense fear.

We would like to suggest that this way of being has seen its last leg on this earth.

Now it's time to bring the words trust and hope up to the higher vibrations of what they really mean.

They co-exist no matter what is around you.

You don't need to be in dire straits to connect to these inner states of Source.

Trust and hope operate in a new way now upon this new earth.

This theme is here to remind you that all is shifting.

  • True grace is coming online now in more ways never know to you before.
  • Trust and hope are your birthrights and are the very definitions of support and safety.

Your root chakra is undergoing an immense collective restructuring at the moment and through these next few weeks.

Trust and hope are getting rewired within you and it's important to remember you're safe and supported at all times. 

Not just in the best of times.

This will get easier to embody at deeper and deeper levels now and moving forward.

To work with these themes, it is up to you to connect with trust and hope throughout your day:

"I trust that this will all work out."

"I trust that dinner will be ready."

"I trust that all is in divine timing."

And the hope portion is holding faith in the future unfolding in exactly the way it has always been - evolving, moving forward, creating, expanding.

"I am hopeful for the future." "I see great things on the horizon, which I am blessed to be a part of."


Artist Whose Work Embodies This Current Energy...

(In each report you'll receive an artist (in all disciplines of that word) and one piece of their work The Councils of Light feel connects with the energy we're in currently.  Get inspired with this section, as each artist will open those dormant artist cells in your body.  You know, the ones you turned off because some schmuck said you weren't an artist.  Well your New Earth Artistic Self is alive and in full swing now!)

Jeff Koons

(b. January 21, 1955 in York, PA) is an American artist recognized for his work dealing with popular culture and his sculptures depicting everyday objects, including balloon animals – produced in stainless steel with mirror-finish surfaces. 

I was trying to make art that my son could look on in the future and would realize I was thinking about him very much during these times... that he can look and see my dad's thinking about me, but to also embed in these things something that is bigger than all of us.
Read more at https://www.brainyquote.com/authors/jeff-koons-quotes
I was trying to make art that my son could look on in the future and would realize I was thinking about him very much during these times... that he can look and see my dad's thinking about me, but to also embed in these things something that is bigger than all of us.
Read more at https://www.brainyquote.com/authors/jeff-koons-quotes
I was trying to make art that my son could look on in the future and would realize I was thinking about him very much during these times... that he can look and see my dad's thinking about me, but to also embed in these things something that is bigger than all of us.
Read more at https://www.brainyquote.com/authors/jeff-koons-quote
I am for an art that takes into account the direct effect of the elements as they exist from day to day
Read more at https://www.brainyquote.com/authors/robert-smithson-quotes
I am for an art that takes into account the direct effect of the elements as they exist from day to day
Read more at https://www.brainyquote.com/authors/robert-smithson-quote"

One of his pieces, which visualizes the frequency present now: 


Balloon Dog (Magenta), executed in 1994-2000, mirror-polished stainless steel with transparent color coating, 307 x 363 x 114cm, one of five unique versions (Blue, Magenta, Orange, Red, Yellow), Château de Versailles, France, 2008


According to Jeff Koons:

"I was trying to make art that my son could look on in the future and would realize I was thinking about him very much during these times... that he can look and see my dad's thinking about me, but to also embed in these things something that is bigger than all of us."


Here's what the Council is saying about this piece and why it's significant to us now:

What is real?  What is imaginary?  What is if those two world collided for a moment and lasted throughout the test of time? 

That is what is happening now on your earth.

The real and the imaginary are combining together into new forms. 

Koons saw this coming and provided us with a roadmap to understand what that would be like when it happened.

How you view this sculpture represents how able you are to entertain the joy that is present in every moment and the ability to dream up new ways of being that you never thought possible.

Now is the time to make the impossible possible.

With joy.



New Earth Energy Tools:

(this section gives the energetic tools that will clear, reset and align you easily now in this New Earth)

We're getting back to basics this round...


    Tool #1: Breathe [Priming Your Creator Wellspring]

    It's so important to come back to the simple things that create life now.

    Life needs breath.  Needs rhythm.  Needs air and space to expand.

    As you breathe now, tune into a mantra...

    1. Breathe in - "Life"
    2. Breathe out - "Expansion"


    1. Breathe in - "I trust that this will all work out."
    2. Breathe out - "I am hopeful for the future."

    You are 'Priming Your Creator Wellspring'...

    Your ability to create in this New Earth is ramping up to heightening levels by doing this practice.

    This mantra breath practice awakens your creation abilities to their fullest.

    Tool #2: Root Chakra [Re]Creation

    As your root chakra restructures, your whole life is recreating itself into its truest form.

    It's time to enjoy your true form in its entirety...

    1. Take a deep breath and breathe it all the way down into your root chakra (you can use the breathe tool above with this as well).
    2. Make this a daily practice, until you receive the guidance to stop doing this.

    This practice breathes new life into your new form. 

    It may make you dizzy to begin doing this. 

    This is a good sign that you're making contact with parts of you coming online in new ways now.

    Breathing into your root chakra is recreating and aligning it the environment which you've been creating around you through this event. 

    The air that you breathe into your root chakra is filled with new lightcodes and earth/cosmic energies, which aligns with your new internal form and vibration to create an alchemical mixture of new life and creation.

    When this mixture is breathed into your root chakra, it fills it and transforms it into your New Earth connected root chakra.

    Notice the effects over the days and weeks as you do this. 

    It has the potential to shift your physical form into new ways of being and helps the three lightcodes coming in this month to anchor and integrate.


        Creation Code Download:

        (This section gives the frequencies of the specific light packets returning to you now to bring you back to your Original/Organic Divine Blueprint & Creator Self.  They contain parts of who you truly are that wish to come back to you now from your Source, so you can create more easily in your life.  Think of the number code sequences connected to them as pin #’s to access and open these Source Code Light Packets and call them in for yourself to activate within you.)

        Creation Matrix Code Number: 1-0-1-0-1234

        This is the code for bringing the creative dimensions into new levels of wholeness so we can create upon this New Earth with ease and joy.

        These specific numbers connect with the dimensions of our universe and bring these dimensions into the 'New Earth Creation Template' that is awakening at the moment. 

        As a True Creator in your New Human Form you are now able to work with the new templates for creation in this New Earth with ease. 

        But first, in order to do that, you need to have the first four dimensions of our New Earth Creation Templates activated and embodied by your New Human Form.

        This coding sequence is the creation code to align you to the creation templates you need to birth the new creations never seen before upon this earth.


        Each number is sequenced in a specific order to create the following....

        1 (God Source) -> 0 (Creative Potential/Portal) -> 1 (Source Coding entered) -> 0 (entryway into this earth plane opening) -> 1 (flowing into your 1st dimension creation template and activating) 2 (2nd dimension creation template activating) 3 (3rd dimension creation template activating) 4 (4th dimension creation template activating)

        This creation code also brings in the courageousness and confidence you need to start creating your truest versions of life upon this earth NOW.


        Steps to download:

        1. Connect with your True Self - the light within you.
        2. Tell your True Self/Light; “True Self, if this is for my highest good, activate and download creation code 1-0-1-0-1234 into my DNA and livelihood.  Thank you.”


        List of Past Creation Codes:

              • Matrix Code # 2417-860 - This is the code for amplifying that which is already present. (see March 1st-10th, 2020 report for more details)
              • Matrix Code # 111111110 - This is the code for releasing the false programing, gaslighting, holographic false visioning and mind control matrices that have kept you from connecting to your Source, Sovereign BE-ing & True Freedom. (see February 7th-24th, 2020 report for more details)
              • Matrix Code # 12-24-78 - This is the code for activating immediate enlightenment for all (not just for one, but for the many).  (see January 23rd-Feb 4th, 2020 report for more details)
              • Matrix Code # 1-11-24 - This is the code for entering into the domain of the unknown with ease and grace. (see January 6th-20th, 2020 report for more details)

                    [Group] Mission Activation for Specific Lightworkers:

                    (this section describes the new soul missions activating and which group of lightworkers are receiving this mission)

                    Specific lightworkers are gathering in spiritual conference during dream states to undergo a soul mission re-evaluation period...

                    Finding out and examining what missions would be best suited to whom in order for this next evolutionary journey and ascension cycle in this New Earth.

                    The specific group of Lightworkers receiving this NEW mission activation are:

                    Those who are aligned to communications (like a cosmic satellite, picking up deep stellar broadcasts and anchoring them onto the planet when needed).

                    The Councils lovingly call you the 'spiritual support team' or the 'crew'. 

                    The soul mission activating for this group...

                    Which you all decided to undertake, in alignment with your own soul is this:

                    You're now posted in the aligned geographies and locations in order to broadcast the love signals needed to open new creative avenues upon this earth.

                    For those of you in this group, it's important that you not move your home base at this time.  Do not sell your homes or move out of your current locations (in business and in living situations).

                    You're all in the exact right place now to do bring this in for the earth.

                    This is important for you all to know now because your specific location and geographies:

                    • Are not a coincidence
                    • Were pre-planned and picked by you

                    You all are in positions connected to one another now.

                    Together you form a scared geometrical living breathing 'love broadcast' that moves together as you breath love together upon this New Earth.

                    This will become more clear to you in the days and weeks ahead.

                    You may feel:

                    • The presence of the other Lightworkers in this group mission.
                    • A yearning to meet one another.

                    But you are to be kept at a distance for now in order to do this important work.

                    Once the love broadcasts are activated and anchored completely into your location, you will be given the green light to meet one another, if it is in your high good to do so.

                    But for now, know that there are several sub groups within this mission. 

                    You may know people who are doing this around you, but if you know them already, they are in a separate soul sub group than yours.

                    You are not connected to them in this way - as a sacred geometry of love.

                    Your specific group which creates a specific broadcast and sacred geometry will not meet until the broadcasts are complete.

                    To work with this mission, we suggest:

                    1. Connecting with your True Self within and asking how you need to bring in the broadcast of love into your location.
                    2. It is extremely important that you ground during this time.  You're literally creating this broadcast using your body as a portal to anchor it into the earth. Your job is to ground this broadcast into the earth, until the earth can hold and broadcast it on its own.
                    3. If you perform land clearings, this would be a beneficial thing to implement now for the land around you and everywhere you travel to.

                    We see setting up a crystal grid to be useful to help your anchor the broadcast. 

                    But, you need to remember, it is your own body that is broadcasting and anchoring this now. 

                    The grid or crystal you use cannot anchor this or do this mission for you. 

                    If you do use a crystal or crystal grid, please know it is there to help you with your soul mission - to give you the boost you need to complete it for the earth.

                    You'll find your specific way to work this mission.  You already know how to do it. 

                    We have full faith and trust in your amazing ability to do this and we thank you for this mission. 


                    To find out if this is you:

                    1. Go into your True Self/light within your body.
                    2. Ask your True Self/light, "Am I in this group of lightworkers?"
                    3. You'll receive a visual sign, auditory message, knowingness, or feeling that you are and this soul mission is activating for you now.

                    If this is you..

                    Get ready for some divine soul mission inspiration coming in during these next two weeks and beyond. 

                    Follow this inspiration and take aligned action, which will be easy to do because you can’t do anything else. :)


                    List of Past Soul Missions that Have Activated:

                      • Those who are receiving individual and unique missions. - Your own special blend of skills and abilities that are needed now. (see March 19th-April 6th, 2020 report for more details)
                      • Those who assist the frequency codes coming in from the higher dimensions through the use of sound. - Bring in the specific frequencies of light and sound now to assist in the new forms of creation magnifying on this New Earth plane. (see March 1st-10th, 2020 report for more details)
                      • Those whose home base is in the 12th Dimension - To bring in the frequencies to support the Original Divine Blueprint, through clearing artificial and manipulated timelines based in fear and control. (see February 7th-24th, 2020 report for more details)
                      • Those who are here to carry and disseminate the light of creation through the playfulness and joy that is at its essence - To elevate and enliven the whole through excitement and authenticity in the form of dance, humor, theater, arts and "wisdom with joy".  (see January 23rd - February 4th, 2020 report for more details)

                      • Those who work with the Elohim - To search out the truth in all forms and ready it for the world to see.  (see January 6th-20th, 2020 report for more details)

                            Major Lightcodes Downloading:

                            (this section lets you know when and how the 11 major internal Lightcode Activations of your Superhero Abilities from your True Divine DNA will be happening for the year - from the 2020 Report - how to work with them and what they do)

                            !!!! AGAIN...We have three Lightcodes activating over the next four weeks... !!!!


                            1st - Lightcode #8: False Self Awareness

                            Turns on and amplifies your ability to understand when anything is created from the false self, which helps identify people who are motivated by their false self, opportunities that are illusionary and not in alignment and anything else born of the false self.

                            *This Lightcode will be activating over the next month and overlapping with the other Lightcodes, which are set to occur as well. 

                            This Lightcode is here to help you understand when and with whom to create.

                            It is imperative now to be discerning in who you follow and who you trust to communicate your deepest creations with at this time.

                            There are those with whom you can share your new creations and there are people with whom you are not meant to.

                            That is not because they will trip you up or cause conflict or any other 3D motivation born of lack and fear.

                            It is because... to tell another of your creations, is to ignite within them a specific frequency of creative ability and new creations that connect you to them in powerful ways.

                            When you connect through creating now...there is true vulnerability and responsibility at this level.

                            You need people who value and understand the sacredness and power of true vulnerability and responsibility.

                            People are now coming online with new innovations and creations to be born over the next few weeks, months and years...

                            If they are connected to and sharing these gestating creations with people who are not aligned to the connection and depth created from true vulnerability and responsibility, they may not be created in the way they need to - at their truest form.

                            It is important to discern and trust your own inner guidance.

                            The New Earth is holding the door open for all to step up and create in bigger ways.

                            To diminish your creations becuase you've received advice or resistance from someone not aligned, is to lose a momentous opportunity.

                            The earth needs "all hands on deck" now.

                            Each one of you holds the unique creations and new ways of being on this planet to lift her up to new levels of connection, joy and ease.

                            Each of you will be creating in your unique ways.

                            You need people who:

                            • Hold no judgment
                            • Are open to the sacred connection
                            • Are able to observe and assist you in creating from the truth within you

                            You need people around you who believe in the freedom of each person to create in the way they need to.

                            You do not need people who:

                            • Believe there is not enough to go around
                            • Become jealous of your creations (whether they say so or feel it within them)
                            • Do not take responsibility for their emotional landscape

                            This lightcode is coming online now as your creative abilities are coming online now, so it will become easy to discern those you need to connect with in order to truly get your creations birthed upon this New Earth.

                            Because the New Earth needs you now to create.


                            2nd - Lightcode #10: Crowning of Your New Light

                            The pivotal moment of this 2020 where you are adorned with the multi-dimensional light field emanating from your crown chakra shining down around you and within you illuminating your true being-ness in the cosmos and signaling you've come home, finally anchored into your truth and ready to embark on the next journey, without leaving your body - signaling a whole new level of your life awaits.

                            *This Lightcode will be activating over the next month and overlapping with the other Lightcodes, which are set to occur as well. 

                            This Lightcode is a marker of your time now upon this New Earth.

                            Like the earth, you have been reborn.  And as such, your infant state is delicate and powerful.

                            The crowning of your New Light is at one an embodiment and at another a shielding or protection of your New Light.

                            It does both now and will transform over the coming years as you grow.

                            Right now, it is activating.

                            This crown acts as a receiver and beacon to your Source Light.

                            It connects you to this Source light within you to make sure all of your Divine Physical Body is protected in this light and working from this light.

                            You have gotten this far in physical form on the densest planet in your cosmos.  This is to be celebrated.

                            This activation will bring in this bliss of celebration. 

                            As it anchors in over the coming days and weeks for you, expect this to be a truly blissful event.

                            This lightcode's bliss, protection and feelings of sanctuary are helping the other lightcodes activate as well. 

                            This is the foundational lightcode that guides the rest to follow.


                            3rd - Lightcode #11: Mastery of Gifts at this Level

                            Remembering your true mastery in the physical is not tied to your thoughts about your mastery or your ego's perspective of mastery, but the mastery of being able to flow multi-dimensional energies and wisdom throughout time and space and all lower dimensions.

                            *This Lightcode will be activating over the next month and overlapping with the other Lightcodes, which are set to occur as well. 

                            This Lightcode is all about acheiving the grace that is required as a true master of creative abilities in your new form.

                            You have graduated...and this graduation is imbuing you with the tools you need to succeed no matter where you are or how far you've come already.

                            Get ready for a major boost to your creative abilities! 

                            There is a catapult energy with this ligthcode...

                            Once this anchors, activates and integrates within you, you have the ability to fly far, dream big and manifest it with ease now.

                            In full joy and bliss.

                            Because the grace that is the miracle energy - the scalar waves of creation - is with you now.

                            Not beside you, but within you.

                            You are fully activated and aligned to create.

                            The remaining lightcodes throughout the year are embelishments...fine tuning for these major first half of the year lightcodes you've all received.

                            Get ready for magic! :D

                            You've been elevated!


                            What to do to help these Lightcodes activate...

                            Dream big!  Keep a journal or notes on your phone handy where you write down whatever comes to you to create now.  No dream is too big.  No destination too far.

                            It's time to plan and dream which will open the door for these lightcodes to be received in your body and cellular/DNA level activations can occur easily.


                            You can also use the Lightcode Support Tool below...


                            2020 Tool: Lightcode Support (from the 2020 Report)

                            There are 11 Lightcodes coming in for you this year which require you to create as you receive them.  If you ignore their promptings and inspirations, they will build up within you and like a grand amount of light and energy, to contain it, will cause pain.

                            Light wants to travel and expand out, that is the true nature of light.  It must move and dance and have true freedom.

                            This is what we suggest for you, when the Lightcodes arrive...

                            1. You may feel antsy, depleted or drained when the Lightcodes activate within you from your True DNA.  This is your sign you're holding onto the light because you're being pulled out of your body a little to make room. 
                            2. When you feel this way, it is your sign to go within.  Imagine your light of your True Self within your body, go into this light and sit inside of it (no other being can come into this space, it is completely yours, it's your truth).
                            3. In this space, tell your True Self/your light, "Show me how to best work with this new amount of light right now?"
                            4. Notice what comes to you and chances are you will receive a message to create with it.
                            5. Follow the promptings from your True self and take aligned and inspired action.


                            Past Lightcode Activations:

                            • Lightcode #6b: Rememberance of True Food* - Removal of the illusionary food programs you've inherited around survival patterns and eating, releasing the need to engage with false/illusionary food as a means to survive and moving into true foods as a means of pleasure and celebrating life. This Lightcode has been anchored and activated within you as of 4-6-20. (see March 19th-April 6th, 2020 report for more details)
                            • Lightcode #6a: Soul Gift Activation* - Higher dimensions of your gifts will be anchoring into your body and your life. This Lightcode has been anchored and activated within you as of 4-6-20. (see March 19th-April 6th, 2020 report for more details)
                              • Lightcode #3: Embodiment of Divinity* - Nothing is more powerful than yourself. This internal Lightcode releases all false illusionary power struggles and "power over you" energies, with the aha's to see through the veils others have put into place on this plane. This Lightcode has been anchored and activated within you as of 4-6-20. (see March 19th-April 6th, 2020 report for more details)
                              • Lightcode #4: Creation From a True Manifestation Space* - Brings in your alignment with your new creatorship abilities in Truth, not illusion, and the conviction/trust/confidence that you are truly this. This Lightcode has been anchored and activated within you as of 2-2-20. (see January 23rd - February 4th, 2020 report for more details)


                                  The Councils of Light Message:

                                  (The Councils of Light are now helping us remember what plans we’ve made in our dream state along with specific frequencies embedded within this message to help activate your own timeline and sense of knowing what is aligned to you now and what you need to do)

                                  “Welcome dear ones, we are with you now and forever.

                                  It is with a sad heart that we bring you this message...

                                  The old earth has finally passed on.

                                  It is no longer with us.  On this planet or in our universe.  It is a memory you will all hold, but like a memory it will fade with time.

                                  Just as you look back on historical events and historical dramas on television with a bit of a shock at how they lived or what was the norm...

                                  You too will look back on the past earth template with the same disdain.

                                  We are happy to announce, that as will all death, there is always new life!

                                  The New Earth is birthing itself and planning a big celebration in remembrance of the past, from which it came, and knowing of the future from which it truly belongs.

                                  The task at hand is now bringing the future New Earth into the present.

                                  This is no simple task, but simple for you Lightworkers who have been planning for this day since your inception into this universe.  You have all the tools you need now and the assistance and connection is anchored now.

                                  Dream big and bigger and remember to follow your inspiration from within you.

                                  With love in our hearts for you all.

                                  -The Councils of Light”


                                  Elemental Companion:

                                  (this section describes the ‘new earth’ multi-dimensional elements we all have access to and which are coming online for us to work with now)


                                  8D Flower Energy

                                  (from the 8th dimension of your Cosmic Heart)



                                  This is a fun one!

                                  Flower energy from the 8th dimension is joyful beyond imagine. 

                                  Imagine the joy you receive from seeing flowers in full bloom.  Now multiply that joy by 1,000 or more!

                                  That's the full effect of flower energy from the 8th dimension.

                                  As this energy is activated and utilized/remembered by you now, the flowers around you will anchor this 8th dimensional energy within themselves as well - uplifting all upon this earth.

                                  The earth is being elevated now with this elemental companion.

                                  To work with this energy:

                                  1. Imagine flowers aligning to your chakras (as in the photo above).
                                  2. Let their energy flow within you, as your new chakra system comes online with this activation from 8D flower energy.


                                  NOTE: This is our meditation below... :D


                                    Meditation to Align to Your True Creatorship & Empowerment:

                                    (this section takes one of the above tools/understandings and anchors it in/activates it for yourself through a guided meditation which helps you step into more of your truth and empowerment and aligns you to a life you LOVE)

                                    'Your New Chakra System' Meditation

                                    Hello Amazing Spirit, It's Olivia here with your New Earth Meditation to align you to your true creatorship and empowerment so you can create a life you LOVE in this New Earth.

                                    Your chakra system is upgrading to a new level now and the energy of flowers from the 8th dimension are here to help you align to your new chakra system with joy and ease.

                                    Get ready to bring in some lovely flower energy and enjoy your new chakra system, with it's upleveled ability to manifest and connect with this New Earth that's being birthed now...

                                    When you're ready, sit back, relax and enjoy!:


                                    Take some deep breathes into your belly and close your eyes.

                                    Imagine the light within you - your True Self.

                                    Notice what it’s like for you - color, feel, sound, size.

                                    This light connects you to your Source, the infinite power within you to create universes.

                                    You are now sitting within your Source and True Self.

                                    It is enveloping you in such light and love, that it clears all darkness and illusion.

                                    Notice what this is like for you.


                                    As you relax in this light, your light brings you to your True Heart.

                                    Notice what this is like for you.


                                    Your True/Cosmic Heart hold the portal to your 8th dimension and the 8D energy of flowers.

                                    Go ahead and tell your heart to open this door and bring in the energy of 8D flowers.


                                    As the energy of 8D flowers comes in, each type of flower aligns to each of your chakras.

                                    Be with this process and notice what this is like for you.

                                    When the flowers are in place, your true heart asks if you would like them to activate your new up-leveled New Earth Chakra System.

                                    Notice what answer you give.


                                    If you are being led to wait on activating this now, just be with the energy of flowers in your chakras through this. Come back to this meditation in the future when you are ready.


                                    If you said yes and got the green light to activate this new chakra system, go ahead and let them know you'd like them to activate this now.

                                    Notice what this is like for you as your new chakra system comes online.

                                    You'll know when this has been done.


                                    Once it has been activated, go ahead and ask your heart to integrate this into your wholeness of all creation.

                                    Notice what this is like for you and you'll know when it's been activated fully.



                                    When you are ready, go ahead and ask your new chakra system what message it has for you.

                                    Notice what comes to you.

                                    Take a moment and BE with this.  Letting this message integrate within you.


                                    When you’re ready, come on back into your light within your body and your own space. 

                                    Tell your light to center and ground you.

                                    You can imagine energy moving from the top of your head, down into your body and out into the earth to help ground you.

                                    Take a big deep breath, open your eyes and move back into your beautiful body.


                                    Congratulations!  You’ve just attuned to your Creatorship in this New Earth and charged up with the energies you need to create a life you LOVE!


                                    All Past 'New Earth Meditations'...

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                                    Thank you so much for tuning in!

                                    This has been Olivia, with Spark Your Week! Channeled message and meditation.

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