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For those of you who won't be joining us for the meeting, here are all the worksheets and meeting recording for you to work with and listen to at your convenience.

Print out the PDF worksheets below and fill them out as you listen to the meeting recording:

Click for the PDF worksheets...

Click for the MP3 of the meeting...

This month our topic is...ALIGNED MARKETING!

We'll discuss how connecting to your True Self, communicating from your authentic voice and marketing through joy, play and creativity as an Empath is your key to marketing - creating True Connection and attracting your Soul Tribe of Ideal Clients.

Our 4th meeting includes:

  • Challenges & Success - monthly evaluation
  • Clear the #1 Empath Marketing Block - To open up the Truth of the abundant Universe that Source is always bringing aligned people and experiences to you, no matter what you do or don't do.
  • Tune Up Your Marketing - Learn how to make your marketing fun and inspiring
  • Receive the Aligned Words Your Ideal Clients Want - Connect to your personal story, your Why of your business and the True Self aligned words that hold your unique resonance so your ideal clients recognize you and want to work with you
  • Find Your Aligned Marketing Strategies - Your True Self knows which marketing strategies are truly aligned to your beautiful gifts and offerings, find out which ones to focus on
  • Learn How to Connect With Your Audience Easily - Understand how to leverage the "know, like and trust" factor in marketing to create True Connection using your magic Empathic Lightworker Gifts
  • Receive My Resources of Experts - Through the 10+ years in business, here are my go-to's for the "how to's" of marketing strategies, along with the "work with me" page layout that really works!
  • Create a Marketing Strategy for the Month - Focus your energy and efforts into the easiest Aligned Marketing Strategy this month using your True Self as your guide!
  • Manifest - monthly evaluation to determine your manifesting "set point" in your business and shift into your manifesting mojo


Your Homework This Month:
  • Take the steps for marketing you received during the meeting and use the Clarity Tool to clear the #1 Empath Marketing Block through the process
  • Keep telling people about your program and offer a free 20 minute phone consult to discuss if it's right for them
  • Keep connecting with your True Self daily and using the True Self Clarity Tool to clear any blocks/fears/false stories that come up for you


COMMUNITY & SUPPORT - Head on over to our private Facebook Group to gain support and share how you're doing with the group and myself:


*I will do my best to respond within 24 hours

**Please feel free to respond to others in the group as well through our Facebook Group


Enjoy your month, your amazingness and your business!



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