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For those of you who won't be joining us for the meeting, here are all the worksheets and meeting recording for you to work with and listen to at your convenience.

Get out a sheet of paper and a pen to take notes as you listen to the meeting:

Click to listen to the recording of our meeting...

This month is our last meeting of our Empathic Lightworker Business Group...you've got all the tools you need to go forward and implement.

Today's meeting is focused on getting you clear and aligned to your New Soul Mission of your business upon this New Earth that is currently being birthed.

Because you and your business are super important during these times.


Our 6th and final meeting includes:

  • Business Tips During These Uncertain Times - given to me by my guides, welcome to the New Earth transition and tips that will help you maintain focus now and keep you connected to your community
  • Aligned New Earth Roadmap - receive a meditation with your True Self and learn:
    • What your current soul mission is now
    • What your ideal clients need from you
    • The prime offerings you need to focus on now
    • How to stay in balance through this event
    • How to stay aligned to your True Self
    • What to focus on this week
    • How to bring in your new Spirit Guides Support Team
    • To activate your dormant Source Superpowers
    • The messages you need right now
  • How Far You've Come - your True Self will show you just how far you've come during this time of alignment of your business to your True Self


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*I will do my best to respond within 24 hours

**Please feel free to respond to others in the group as well through our Facebook Group


Enjoy your month, your amazingness and your business upon this New Earth!



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