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For those of you who won't be joining us for the meeting, here are all the worksheets and meeting recording for you to work with and listen to at your convenience.

Print out the PDF worksheets below and fill them out as you listen to the meeting recordings:

Click for the PDF worksheets...

Click for PART 1 MP3 of the meeting...

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This month our topic is...BUSINESS STRESS RELIEF!

We'll discuss how your ego is the #1 reason you've got stress in your business and how to release it, the perfectionism programs holding you back, the higher purpose of lean times and how to evaluate your to-do list so you don't go crazy and actually find more time for the things you love (get your work/life balance tuned to joy).

Our 5th meeting includes:

  • Challenges & Success - monthly evaluation
  • Working with Your Ego - understand what exactly is your ego, why it's here with you, get clear on the ways it trips you up and creates fear in your life and learn a simple tool you can use to let it go
  • Your Ego & Perfectionism - learn the most prevalent ways your ego hooks into the perfectionist programs you have to keep you feeling like a failure in your business and how to clear them once and for all
  • Higher Purpose of Lean Times - understand the higher purpose at play during your most stressful times in your business and how to set up a True Self aligned plan to keep you in flow for when it occurs
  • Prioritize Your To-Do List - work with your True Self to get clear on the most aligned actions on your list using this amazingly simple clarity question
  • Manifest - monthly evaluation to determine your manifesting "set point" in your business and shift into your manifesting mojo


Your Homework This Month:
  • Release your ego daily and notice when it's tripping you up
  • Clear your perfectionism programs you received during the meeting and use the Clarity Tool to clear
  • Follow the higher purpose of your business now and take aligned action on your to-do list and on the aligned guidance you received during the meeting
  • Keep connecting with your True Self daily and using the True Self Clarity Tool to clear any blocks/fears/false stories that come up for you


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Enjoy your month, your amazingness and your business!



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