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For those of you who won't be joining us for the meeting, here are all the worksheets and meeting recording for you to work with and listen to at your convenience.

Print out the PDF worksheets below and fill them out as you listen to the meeting recording:

Click for the PDF worksheets...

Click for the MP3 of the meeting...

This month our topic is...ALIGNED MONEY!

We'll discuss what's keeping you from allowing money to flow to you, dreaming big and taking aligned action in your business as an Empath.

Our 2nd meeting includes:

  • Challenges & Success - monthly evaluation
  • Homework:
    • Take the aligned actions you received for your business and for your Money Goal this month
    • Check in on any actions you want to take and see if True Self says to get rid of or dream bigger
    • Clear the Money Blocks survival programs
    • Track all money and value you receive this month on the Money Tracker Sheet
    • Keep connecting with your True Self daily and using the True Self Clarity Tool to clear any blocks/fears/false stories that come up for you
  • NEW Add-On to True Self Clarity Tool - Clearing your S.T.U.F.F
  • Money Blocks - clear the two major money survival program blocks as an Empath in business
  • Money Drains - Learn how to work with your True Self to take aligned action in your business
  • Money Goals & "Set Points" - Figure out what your True Self knows about how much month you'll be making this month and future timelines, then clear your money 'set points' (what cap you have on the amount of money you can make) and set clear attainable money goals for your business this month
  • Money Tracking Sheet - Track your actual money and "evidence" money is coming to you in your business
  • Manifest - monthly evaluation to determine your manifesting "set point" in your business and shift into your manifesting mojo


COMMUNITY & SUPPORT - Head on over to our private Facebook Group to gain support and share how you're doing with the group and myself:


Please leave at least one comment each week on any of the following:

  • How your month is going, since the meeting.
  • What challenges/questions you may have with the homework.
  • How the True Self Clarity Tool is working for you.
  • Any aha's you've had or awarenesses around your business/self.
  • How you're getting along with your True Self.
  • Celebrations and wins you've had since the meeting.
  • Miracles or manifestations that have opened for you.
  • Resources you'd like to share with the group.


*I will do my best to respond within 24 hours

**Please feel free to respond to others in the group as well through our Facebook Group


Enjoy your month, your amazingness and your business!



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