The Energy of August 2012

Welcome to August!

Gold is considered by many cultures to be the master healer, stabilizer, harmonizer, balancer and grounder.

I didn’t think I would ever get this energy report finished and posted.  The clearing energy that my guides speak of in this energy report has hit me hard since the 1st of the month.

Many of us have moved forward in July.  Whether that’s forward into a new understanding or literally into a new step out into the world, either way, we are now integrating that leap and the energies of August helping to clear out the old dust that held us back in the first place.

We also have a month of not one, but two full moons, which really brings in the energy of release and clearing.  The planet of communication, Mercury, is also retrograde until the 8th of August, which means communications of all kinds, phones, email, conversations, etc., can feel disconnected and out of alignment.

Hold on though, cause I’ve been hearing that September is promising to be quite amazing!

Don’t forget to check out the important dates in August to be aware of towards the end of this post, the Cosmic Energy Report of August and a special message from my guide Artemis about the energy and potential global happenings during this month.


August Is The Balance Point

My guides are saying that the planetary energies this month are both helping and hindering, as this month is in essence a balance point.  A seesaw, if you will, that will tip one way for some and another for others.  The energies on both sides are equal in intensity.

Some of you who thought you were on the, “right” side of the see-saw, so to speak, will be astonished to see the left side’s energies arise within you;

“We say the “right” side as many of you think there is a right or wrong side.  The opposite will come forward this month and startle you for a reason – to show you that this idea, this notion, of wrong and right can be released.

Do not fear when you are integrating this new understanding and someone approaches you and tells you at some level that what you are doing at that moment is wrong.  They are reflecting this energy back to you at this point in time.  The wrong notion is all but an illusion.” – The Akashic Records

A New Penny

They are also showing me that the beginning of the month the energy feels roughly like being given a new penny.  The penny is shiny, bright and full of potential and possibilities, but the penny is also void of feeling.  As the penny gets used and assimilated by us, the energy of the penny embodies within us, but the penny becomes dark with being touched and used.  This darkness, they are saying, is the energy we all feel at different times of the day:

“The energy of ineptitude, of feeling imbalanced is your dark outer layer that is coming to surface to help embody your penny with the feeling of home and being known.

We send you the message that all is well and this energy has intention, as the earth is about collecting experiences.  If you think about this energy in these terms, then all is well.”  – Artemis

The Past Is An Opportunity

The past is also surfacing again this month in order to show you how you’ve been holding onto the belief of right and wrong.  When these experiences surface, it is another opportunity to release the notion of right and wrong in your life;

“The past will be affecting many of you, but all differently.  The commonality is that the past is the notion of right and wrong in your life to some degree.

There is no such thing as a wrong path or a right path.  There are just experiences and paths that you choose at times when you need to choose them.  That is all this energy is bringing.  It is your cleansing team of helpers and guides.”  – The Akashic Records


For many of you this energy, they are saying, may bring in more tiredness in your daily life.   At the same time there is a desire to ignore this and push yourself to be and do what you think you should be doing.  Even this tiredness is reflecting the bigger picture of right and wrong:

“Many of you automatically label this energy of tiredness as something you did not do right or that you made a wrong turn somewhere in your day; you didn’t eat the right food or you went to bed at the wrong time, etc.  This will continue to be the case if you see the day through this lens of right and wrong choices.  Your tiredness helps you understand how you label things.

We see that this energy will help you to better align with your true being that says to you, ‘it is time to sleep if you so choose.  This body is in need of sleep, that is all.  Stay up if you will and we will send you the tired message stronger at another time if you like.  It is just the simple action of sleeping that is necessary.’

You have the choice this month to see things in this new light of simplicity.  To stop beating yourself up for something you thought you should have dome or some punishment you are attaching to this pure voice.  As you spend your days this month, remember that this energy is here to help clear out old paradigms in beliefs.  The belief of right and wrong, should or could, of I tried and failed.  All these are the same and help us spin a story onto an experience.” – The Akashic Records

Full Moon(s) & Clearing

The two full moons during this month are helping to clear those moments that were holding you back and needed to be brought into the light (read more about the Blue moon in the “Important Dates” section below):

“We see this full moon (the 1st) to be bright in its effects.  Those are the lasting shifts that are taking place for you and those around the earth.  We see that the moon’s energy is a cleansing one this month and shaking up the dirt and dust that has been lying dormant until this point.

For when you stepped through the new understanding in the powerful month of July, you, in essence, signaled a cleaning crew to come in and make their presence known.  So do not fear the thoughts and fears that were old and held in the far recesses of your mind.  They are there for a reason and to be cleared during this time.” –  The Akashic Records

Fear Drives A Bus

They are telling me that there are a number of people on earth and energies that are affecting us in regards to understanding why we are on the earth at this time.  These energies don’t have the best interest in mind for the collective of humanity and want to see 2012 play out like a bad Hollywood movie.

They liken these energies to a bus driver who only knows one route and thinks they are here to drive to point A, but in fact you are asking them to drive you to Point B.  They know no better, they have been trained to think in this way, and it is not your job to change their mind.  It is your choice whether to stay on the bus with them and go with them on their direction and path or to very gently step off the bus.

“You need not fear them, but they will be more present this month as these energies of right and wrong hit the planet to help release these notions and integrate a more fluid approach to living and being fully in your body and world.  Leave them be and remember your own truth and voice.  This integration is part of the process, for when one steps more fully into their being, the energies move to bring that knowledge to every cell of being and every thought in consciousness. “ – The Akashic Records

Ways to Work With The Energies of August

Be In The Flow

They are also showing a higher perspective this month of being and flowing in the experiences that come your way.  Let these things move through you and don’t attach any story of right and wrong to them:

“See if this helps, as those messages will grow stronger for you who are getting stuck in ‘did I do something wrong to deserve this?’  No you didn’t, this is just the energetic equivalent to a cleaning and clearing so that you align more with where you are headed as your spirit integrates and aligns more fully into your being.”  – Artemis

Releasing Emotions

Do what helps you to get back into the flow or feel the flow of life.  For many of you, they are saying, you have no idea what this means.  Simply taking a bath or being in water is great for restoring your body’s understanding of what your spirit already knows about flowing with life:

“We suggest taking a bath or being in water, moving your body, feeling the current being made and knowing this is made by you.  Let your body move with it and feel that flow.  The energetic vibration of this feeling will imprint into the body.

The body understands energy through feelings.  The vibrations of feelings hold the currents to imprint understanding.  That is why going to therapy or any other modality where you consciously feel the stuck areas of your body open and release is valuable to shifting your understandings.

Not being afraid of truly feeling is a higher energy vibration which imprints into your being when you openly release stuck areas through emotional resonance and retraining.  We suggest working with this understanding in some way this month as well.”  – Artemis

Prioritize With Your Heart

They also warn about taking too much on this month, as the energy of change is strong.  They suggest prioritizing by checking in with your heart as to what is most important to actively participate in:

“We suggest picking and choosing what is important to you at the moment and moving with the flow of your heart energy on major matters.  Check in by placing a hand on your heart.  This will help center yourself in understanding.” –  Artemis

Work With Your Endrocrine System

They are sharing that there are light beings and energies of light available this month to help humanity with the body’s endocrine system, which have been taxed by the last month of July.  The endocrine system not only regulates your hormones and the energies of your hormones, but the energies of the outside environment as well.

To work with these energies, take a deep breath into your chest at the heart chakra to align and then ask these energies to come in and realign the metabolism and adrenal glands that are working overtime for you:

“The stresses that are a part of everyday life are taking a bigger toll on your endocrine system.  This is to be expected as a lot of you have made the next step into your divine blueprint of being and that step has integrated a new understanding.

The energies that took you to this higher level of understanding, this phenomenon that occurred during July and allowed you to step into your new power, at the same time addressed the cause of why your power has not been stepped into before and created undue stress.” – The Akashic Records

Significant energy dates for August in red.

Important Dates

1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th

These dates hold the energies of what my guides termed an “alliance”.  A new alliance is forming within us and we are the ones to address this new energy consciously in order to make the most of this time.  Here are my guide’s tips for us and our pets on how to best handle this clearing energy:

“We see this beginning of this month to hold the pagan holiday of Lamass along with the full moon of the 1st.  This is a powerful beginning to this month and one that will carry you through a huge tide of clearing energy, which is strong during these dates.

What do you want to align yourself with?  This question will come to the surface during this time.  The energies being cleared are the ones that tell you this is right or this is wrong.   During this clearing energy ask yourself is this right and wrong really true for you?  Is this what you want to hold onto? To feel?  Is this what your future holds?  It is a choice of fear or love.  Do you embrace the flow or fear it?

This is a trying time for many of you and we can only say to trust this experience to be the best for each of you.  In your own way you are weeding out what is true, what is right for you and what is really a necessity.

You many find at the end of this time that nothing is true and all is an illusion.  That can be very freeing as all illusions open doors to choosing your new understanding.  Own it and be it this week.  If confusion abounds know you are not alone and those that are filled with confusion will come to some clarity by the end of the week. That is the nature of clearing and cleansing.

Animals may be frantic during this time as many of you are clearing energies and flinging them around you.  Your animals may pick up these dropped off energies and communication with your pets about what is going on will help with this process.” – The Akashic Records

14th, 15th and 16th

These are important astrological dates that will be instrumental in helping to clear the energies around the environmental impact on the planet, a huge energy of a planetary house cleaning if you will.  These energies are helping to put into motion new energies of love for the earth and its inhabitants, a changing of the guards in terms of politics and a nurturing of the essential energies of the planet:

“Your job during this time can be one of nurturing yourself and showing the earth that there is a remembrance of her through your own self-care; as you all are each your own planet earth inside.

Do not fret when someone and if someone comes up to you to preach or pray for your sins.  An old energy of damnation and condemnation may arise to be released.  These are part of the shifting energies. Bless them in your own way.” – The Akashic Records


This date holds the energy imprint of time and space and the essence of being in time and space.  Questions may arise asking you to look at how you realize time in your daily existence.  How does your consciousness and ego assimilate that there is no logical or linear time?

“This day may bring you a feeling of timelessness and a shorter or longer understanding of the feeling of time. Things may be sped way up or slowed way down.  It is the message of this day that you can ask for whatever type of time you like.

For example if you are running late, today is great day to channel the essence of time and work with this linear understanding to tweak it, so to speak.  To offer the world a new perspective and ask that time is what you want it to be.  You have the ability to slow down time so you can speed up in it and get to your meeting on time.  Let this amaze you today and play with time in some way.

This exercise also helps your body to align with your spirit’s understanding of the truth of the universe, for you most of the time (no pun intended J) live in two realities at once.  One that your body is trying to integrate, which holds onto the notion of linear time, and the other in which your spirit knows that time and linear time is an illusion.  That is why you feel impatient.  The two understandings are competing with one another.  Your spirit says we can do this in an instant and your body says that is not so.  Let today be about merging the two and owning the ability to move time to your liking.” – The Akashic Records


This day holds the energy implant of formation – the manifesting potential of your understandings and new awarenesses.

“Build something today. Whether that is a tangible thing or an idea in your head, utilize the Jupiter notion of inventiveness today and take a new approach to an old idea. This will come in handy for the next month of September when you get to revisit this idea and it aids you well.  It has the power to act as a catalyst.” – The Akashic Records

31st – Second Full moon – The Blue moon

The two full moons that are occurring this month of August 2012 act as a clearing energy to bring you more fully into alignment with the truth of your purpose.  Your purpose is being held by these two events:

“The first full moon is to cleanse and recharge your batteries, so to speak, to clear out all the junk that is keeping your battery from it’s peak performance, to use the car analogy.

The second full moon is to push the reset button to integrate all you learned during the mid month and to recharge and restore your utmost functions.  The month of August is intended to restore and recharge.  It is a powerful but gentle cleanser.  It will never give you more than you can’t handle.” – The Akashic Records

Copyright © 2012 by Olivia Lundberg. All Rights Reserved. This material may be distributed in its entirety as long as the author’s name and website, is included.

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