The Energy of June; A Tarot & Angel Card Reading

Here is a clairvoyant Tarot and Angel Card reading in which I examined the energies present in June 2012 and received some advice on how to best traverse this month.  Enjoy!

What is the overarching energy for this month?

Earth Angel card from Angel Therapy Deck

The Devil (reversed) from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck

Shining Your Light Into the Darkness

The Devil (reversed): I see a person walking happily in a sunny green pasture with a blue sky.  The scene is split into two halves.  The half on the right is the person walking in the sun.  The half on the left is a black, dark area with a mouth on the bottom.

The halves are connected and as the person is moving, the dark half is getting closer and the mouth starts to try to bite their heels.  The person is oblivious, but the distance between them and the dark half is getting smaller and smaller, until the person is completely in the darkness.

The person represents us this month.  The sunny half represents our conscious mind and the dark half represents our subconscious/shadow self.  Facing our shadow in some way will be unavoidable this month and I see us trying to ignore this inevitable reality.

I then see the person in the darkness turn around, strongly and confidently, and face the darkness.  Looking at our darkness head on, they are showing me, is better than being caught from behind.

There is power in this choice.  When this person faces the dark half courageously, the darkness en-lightens and things aren’t that scary.  The mouth becomes small and non-existent and I see the darkness become a void that is more at peace and able to be traversed.

Archangel Azriel

Earth Angel: I see the woman in the card hovering above the scene mentioned previously in the Devil card.  She sprinkles light down upon the scene, helping this process of facing our darkness unfold with more understanding and compassion.

She then turns into an energy being of light who tells me their name is Archangel Azriel and says they help with the process of bringing light to the shadow and transmuting pain into love.  Azriel’s message for us during this time is, “remember you are here to learn and experience.  All will be well.”

You can call on Archangel Azriel when you are experiencing the pain of carrying your memories of darkness in your life.  Azriel not only helps with the transition into the afterworld, but also helps us on the earth plane transmute the grief of seeing the shadow parts of ourselves into understanding and love.

What is the advice for traversing this energy for our highest good?

Heart Chakra card from the Angel Therapy deck

Two of Pentacles from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck

Take Good Care of Yourself

Two of Pentacles: I see the man in the card trying to juggle many things unsuccessfully and they all fall to the ground. He has a sad look on his face and feels like a failure.

I see him then try to juggle them again, but this time he feels joyous as he juggles and he succeeds.  I hear the words, “It will be difficult to know when to stop this month, but finding the peace, joy and excitement of the situation will help get the tasks done that need to be done.”

The suggestion is that when  you work from joy, things that don’t matter get weeded out and life becomes easier; “With so much on your plate, loving your self will help immensely. Go easy on yourself this month and know that all you get done will be the most important at the time.”

Heart Chakra: I see the male angel in the card.  His heart area is filled with light and I see his heart beating strongly.  Then this image transforms into a heart that has a metal handcuff around it.  The handcuff looks like a shackle from the medieval ages.

The shackle represents the words “tortured soul”.  I hear these words: “We all have been tortured in a past life and some of us in the present life.  These memories are holding the heart back.”  I see the angel in the card enveloping the person who’s heart is shackled.  The angel raises the person’s hand, which is holding a key, and helps the person unlock the shackle.

The key represents love, nurturing and self care.  I hear the words:  ” To open the heart this month, take good care of yourself.”  Self love will see these energies move more smoothly.  The angels can also be called on to help with this.


****On a side note, I am always amazed at the intelligence of the pulled cards and how they speak to one another through the images.  What I once thought were interesting coincidences, now reinforce the importance of the message and make reading the cards much more interesting and fun.

Take a look at the similarity in design of each of the two cards pulled:

The Devil (reversed) card and the Earth Angel image mimic one another.  The two upside-down people in The Devil card are like the wings of the Earth Angel, the body of the devil is like the shape of the angel and the black shape around the devil’s head is like the angel’s crystal ball.  Same with the people in the two of Pentacles and the Heart Chakra card.  They are both in the same position.

Copyright © 2012 by Olivia Lundberg. All Rights Reserved. This material may be distributed in its entirety as long as the author’s name and website, is included.

2 thoughts on “The Energy of June; A Tarot & Angel Card Reading

  1. Very interesting! Yesterday a friend told me about a meditation for a calm heart. I’m going to do a 40 day sadhana. My birthday is in two days so I will start it then.

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